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24-hour hot spot (March 16): Tencent closed its QQ group for money speculation; Bitcoin mining is nearly unprofitable; Analysts said

Time : 16/01/2022 Author : fsibqn Click : + -
        The spacechain SPC (spacechain) ICO project completed a private placement of 1billion yuan in one day. Relying on the platforms of a large number of tycoons such as Xue Manzi, Yan Yan and shuachu, it was packaged with a pile of high-tech keywords such as "quantum", "space" and "satellite", but it immediately fell below the issuance price within one month, and the market value was close to zero. Many investors asked for an investigation into the issue of money refund and rights protection. Yan Yan responded to the media about the space chain platform: "I have nothing to do with the space chain. I don't even know what the space chain is. I have entrusted a lawyer to contact them.". Just now, the relevant person in charge of Tencent's Public Relations Department responded to the media that online and foreign media rumors said that Tencent would invest $2billion in Swiss coins, which was false.
        The person in charge also said in the circle of friends: "pony (Ma Huateng) has long said that there are many risks in ICO and digital currency. Therefore, don't be self hi YY, absolutely false news, we are not interested.". According to media reports, Tencent forcibly suspended some QQ groups for money speculation on the evening of March 15. Screenshots of some users show that the message indicates that the group has been permanently suspended due to relevant regulations. It is understood that Tencent has previously suspended some official account that abet money speculation. At present, the reason for the suspension is unclear. The China Meteorological Administration forwarded an article on the official website of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC) yesterday. In specific application practice, we can use blockchain technology to enhance the monitoring, reporting and verification of the impact of climate action; Improve the transparency, traceability and cost-effectiveness of climate action; Building trust among climate action participants; Let the incentive mechanism of climate action benefit the least developed countries.
        Blockchain can be used to improve the carbon emissions trading system, promote clean energy trade, enhance climate finance flows, better track and report greenhouse gas emissions reductions and avoid double counting. On the morning of March 16, Alibaba music officially announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Merlin, an independent music digital copyright agency. Ali music said that it would uphold the Internet openness spirit of "win-win cooperation", study AI and blockchain technology, provide comprehensive protection for the legitimate rights and interests of independent music companies, musicians and music works, further standardize the industry and market, and promote the healthy development of the music industry. On March 15, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter obtained an exclusive confirmation from the CBRC that the CBRC led 16 financial institutions to establish a financial cloud company &mdash& mdash; Ronglian Yiyun financial information service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ronglian Yiyun"), however, the financial cloud company has not yet carried out business, and its business direction is to provide public technology services, such as public cloud services, public big data services, public blockchain services, public risk management services, etc.
        Bloomberg technical analysis warned on March 16 that the current 50 day moving average of bitcoin price has fallen to the closest to its 200 day moving average in nine months. Once it breaks through, it may form a classic bearish "death cross". Bloomberg said that although many cryptocurrency investors do not value technical analysis, as digital currency attracts the interest of professional traders, these professional traders pay more and more attention to technical indicators after reaching a record high in December. After studying the market situation in 2013, paulday, a technical analyst at marketsecuritiesdubai, said that if the tragedy repeats, bitcoin may fall as much as 76% from the peak in late February, which may be as low as $2800 at that time.
        According to coindesk, the crown prince of Liechtenstein is considering investing $5billion in cryptocurrencies through private equity and venture capital funds. Crown prince aloisphilipmaria said that investing in cryptocurrency could help stabilize the wealth of the royal family. Nevertheless, the crown prince said: his family currently lacks the expertise to directly invest in cryptocurrency, and is uncertain about the future trend of cryptocurrency. However, he believes that blockchain technology is very interesting and can change many fields. He will suggest his government to use this technology to make management more efficient. According to foreign media, Southeast Asian low-cost airlines — Asian airlines is analyzing the possibility of launching its own cryptocurrency and carrying out ICO, so as to raise funds and take an important step into the field of financial services.
        Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, said that AirAsia was in a strong position in government relations and airline regulation. So far, Southeast Asia has not been involved in ICO regulation. Recently, the city government of Berkeley, California, USA issued a document saying that it intended to launch ICO. Ben ·, a member of Berkeley City Council; Bartlett explained that this move, as a new form of financing, is mainly aimed at homeless people, so that they can afford housing. By the end of last year, the city had 1000 homeless people, and this number is expected to rise this year. This morning, ripplenews, which specializes in the news of ripplecoin Tech sent a message saying, "according to sources, Tencent approved the application for investment in ripple (XRP) technology at the senior management and board meeting held in Hong Kong, and will invest $2billion to buy XRP in the next 12 months".
        After this message was forwarded by the major media, XRP's volume increased by 5.44% in 30 minutes on the Huo coin pro. Then, The relevant person in charge of Tencent's public relations department told coin world (in response to the false news of investing in Ruibo coin). Previously, XRP also rose sharply twice due to the rumor that "coinbase may be launched". On March 5, XRP rose by 16% due to the rumor. On March 6 and 7, coinbase officials denied twice, and XRP fell by 8.26%. On January 3, it was also rumored that XRP might be launched into coinbase, XRP rose by 19.63%, and coinbase officials specifically denied on January 5 "No new digital currencies will be added", XRP fell 7.75%.
        According to the fire coin Pro market, the current price of XRP was $0.69, up 3.45%. Playboy subsidiary announced that it will launch its own digital currency vit as part of its ongoing online payment wallet. The wallet will provide services for the company's digital media and leisure game businesses, and will accept digital currencies other than its own. According to the white paper, Vit has cooperated with penthouse, extras, Playmen, redhottv, skinnemaxhd, etc. Recently, the economist published an article saying that the Venezuelan petrocurrency could not achieve its expected effect. He believes that the Venezuelan government has undermined the public's trust in petrodollars.
        During the pre-sale period, it switched from the widely used Ethereum platform to NEM. NEM platform is smaller, and the computer network used to verify transactions and implement digital transaction rules is more centralized, which makes it easier for the Venezuelan government to control. Venezuela, the world's most unstable currency issuer, is suffering from hyperinflation, with prices doubling every month. According to the International Monetary Fund, by the end of 2018, economic output will be 40% lower than that in 2013. Maduro, the leader of the government, issued petrodollars in order to escape US sanctions and improve inflation. On Thursday, thomaslee of fundstrat, a strategic company, said that the current trading price of bitcoin was close to its cost, which was calculated according to their mining model.
        Samdoctor, head of quantitative data science at fundstrat, said that regular replacement of equipment accounted for more than half of the mining cost. When the electricity charge (assuming 6 cents per kilowatt hour) and other costs reached $8038, they would reach a break even point. Sam also said that the price at which most miners actually start closing their businesses is about $3000 to $4000 per bitcoin. He also pointed out that the transaction cost of bitcoin remained breakeven in January 2015, when the transaction price of cryptocurrency was close to $200. Shoneanstey, co-founder and President of blockchainintelligencegroup, said that miners in China can obtain very cheap electricity produced by hydropower. The rule of thumb to compete with Chinese miners is that the electricity charge per kilowatt hour is 4 cents or less.
        Fundstrat's break even model assumes a global average of 6 cents. According to charliehayter, CEO of cryptocompare, an industry data website, miners' income fell by about half from December due to the surge in interest in bitcoin mining. According to bitinfocharts' data, intermediate transaction fees &mdash& mdash; Another source of income for miners also fell to less than 50 cents from $34 in late December. These have led to a significant decline in mining revenue. According to foreign media, the New York Public Service Commission recently approved the New York Municipal Power Agency to raise prices for miners trying to use the state's low-cost Hydropower to mine digital currencies.
        The New York Public Service Commission is composed of 36 municipal power departments in the state of New York. According to its disclosure, in some cases, the power consumption of digital currency mining companies can account for one third of the demand of a municipal power department. Committee Chairman John · Johnrhodes said: if we do not take action, the electricity charges of existing residents and businesses in northern New York will increase significantly. According to ethnews, in order to curb the risk of digital currency, Dutch finance minister wopkehoekstra proposed four Implementation Paths: 1. We must close the gap between consumer and investor protection and take coordinated and non conflict measures; 2. The integrity of the financial system must be guaranteed; 3. We must protect the innovative technologies behind cryptocurrencies, such as cryptography and distributed ledger Technology (DLT); 4. The cross-border nature of cryptocurrency requires a common approach at the international level, and international rules that are difficult to maintain can easily be exploited.
        According to the data of market research company kantartns, at present, about 500000 Dutch families have cryptocurrencies. Hoekstra once warned that investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is not without risks. According to coindesk, although the discussion content of the G20 summit on cryptocurrency has not been released to the public, according to a public document, the discussion will focus on "the meaning of cryptocurrency and the potential application of its underlying technology", and hopes to reach a consensus on some regulatory schemes "without hindering innovation and reducing low risk". The document points out that blockchain has the potential to promote financial inclusiveness, but it is very important to analyze its impact on financial stability, tax evasion and financial illegal activities.
        The G20 group is scheduled to hold two discussions on cryptocurrency next Monday and next Tuesday to seek a "common response" from representatives to regulation. Please enter the backstage to reply "little secretary" and join the group. Share industry dry goods, receive the latest information, receive free selected materials, and share big coffee courses. Foley tried to reply to "blockchain revolution", "PricewaterhouseCoopers", "Harvard", "three o'clock", "dictionary", "e-book", "learning" in the background to obtain the latest selected information package. In depth Haowen bitcoin "brick movers" the predicted workload of ICO in 2018 proves that Venezuela's petrocoin bitcoin is lost. How does the boss "journey to the East" issue coins? Zhou Hongyi has read the best article on forking fire coins to vote.
        The boss said that Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng, sun Yuchen, Da Hongfei, couldn't sleep at 3 o'clock, blockchain group, Zhao CHANGPENG, Li Xiaolai, Zhu Xiaohu, Chen Weixing, Wang Feng asked Li Xiaolai ten times.
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