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Blockchain talent has ushered in a big explosion!

Time : 12/07/2022 Author : iv6jck Click : + -
        With the increasingly popular concept of blockchain, blockchain technology has become a key with great potential in the future. In the recent period of time, we will find such a phenomenon that more and more large companies have entered blockchain technology, striving to become the "leader" in this emerging field. Among them, many companies, such as Tencent, Alibaba,, etc., have begun to urgently recruit technical talents in the blockchain field. In fact, to put it bluntly, in this information age with the Internet as the core, the competition among large companies in the final analysis lies in the competition for talents. Especially when the emerging blockchain technology is emerging, all major companies have thrown olive branches to blockchain talents, and their interest in blockchain technology is also rising.
        Whether at home or abroad, blockchain technicians are now "hot buns". According to the information on major domestic recruitment websites, blockchain technical talents occupy a high salary. From the recruitment websites such as Zhilian recruitment, the monthly salary of blockchain development engineers mostly ranges from 20K-40K per month, at least not less than 10k. The following figure is the recruitment information of blockchain architects that Xiaobian saw on a website. The editor also saw such a report before that "a real estate Co., Ltd." even offered an annual salary of 30million to recruit blockchain business managers. Although this may be a little unrealistic, from another perspective, it is indeed a common phenomenon that blockchain technology earns millions a year.
        According to the data of a large career recruitment website in the United States, the number of blockchain related jobs released recently shows a significant increase trend. Many large enterprises have offered offer to blockchain experts. Of course, not only technicians, but also other related positions are in great demand. In addition to development technicians and architecture engineers, writers, traders, business analysts, strategic and technical consultants are also very popular occupations. With the increasingly strong market demand for blockchain technology, top talents in this field are hard to find. At present, the biggest bottleneck in the whole blockchain field lies in the shortage of blockchain talents at home and abroad.
        This is largely due to the blockchain technology itself, which integrates cryptography, Internet technology, programming, etc. Mastering blockchain technology requires a large number of scattered knowledge to be summarized, so as to gradually build a knowledge architecture and integrate it into a relatively complete blockchain knowledge system. Finally, it needs to be applied on the ground, which can be described as highly professional. Although we all know that blockchain technology has great potential and will bring revolutionary changes to many industries in the future. However, the current situation is that the knowledge reserve specializing in relevant technologies in the blockchain field is very scarce, which undoubtedly caused the panic of blockchain talents. Many large companies spend hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of annual salaries to recruit really excellent professionals.
        This is the bottleneck that restricts the rapid development of the blockchain industry in the short term. A blockchain insider said, "now in Silicon Valley, the salary of engineers who understand blockchain can reach $1.5 million a year.". Burgess ·, founder of a talent agency company; Burgess Kelly also said: "there is a shortage of talents in new fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Talents with a blockchain doctorate can easily earn 500 to 1500 pounds a day, which can be said to be a lot of money every day.". Oliver middot, founder of a consulting company; Oliverbussmann also said: "even ordinary blockchain engineers earn between 200000 and 300000 pounds a year.
        These talents are few, but the market demand is quite large, and you have to pay a lot of money to recruit these experts. ". Based on the current situation that talent in the blockchain field is in short supply, universities around the world are trying to fill the education gap, hoping to train students by providing courses combined with the actual use cases of blockchain, and add blockchain courses to help students lay a good knowledge foundation. In the United States, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of technology and the University of California, Berkeley have begun to provide courses related to blockchain or digital currency. In addition, many online courses and large-scale open online courses have also begun to provide relevant training services. It is true that blockchain technology, as a "young" technology, is bound to be the main force of future development.
        However, at present, many practitioners in the blockchain industry are self-taught, without systematic professional knowledge training, or just unilateral talents in cryptography, programming, Internet technology and so on. Blockchain technology pays more attention to compound talents with multiple technologies, which may be the internal reason why blockchain talents are increasingly becoming rigid needs. In 2018, blockchain technical talents seem to have become career upstarts, are highly sought after, and can also have high salaries that others envy. The gradual improvement and development of blockchain technology is bound to make talents in this field more popular. We can predict that blockchain talents will rise with the strong demand of the global market in both China and the world.
        So, do you want to "charge" yourself from now on and become one of the talents in the blockchain boom?. Blockchain finance publishes this information every day to spread more information, which has nothing to do with the position of this website. Part of the content comes from the Internet, which does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, integrity, effectiveness, timeliness and originality of the information (including but not limited to words, pictures, charts and data). If you inadvertently infringe the media or personal intellectual property rights, please call or write in time, and this website will delete it at the first time. If the unconfirmed information is for reference only, it will not make any investment and transaction basis. Therefore, the operation will be carried out at its own risk.
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