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For commodities, "ID card" on the "chain", blockchain helps cross-border e-commerce anti-counterfeiting and traceability

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : njoisz Click : + -
        Consumption daily online news (reporter Wang Yang) recently, Starbucks announced that it would launch a pilot project to integrate blockchain technology into its coffee supply chain. This means that the data of coffee producers will be more open from beans to cups. The reporter learned that Starbucks is only one of many companies that have introduced blockchain technology at present. With the popularity of bitcoin, blockchain, as its underlying technology and infrastructure, has been gradually applied to supply chain, finance, publishing and other scenarios with the characteristics of decentralization, traceability and tamper proof. Recently, many well-known domestic e-commerce companies are taking advantage of the intelligent and efficient anti-counterfeiting and traceability ability of blockchain technology to escort the quality of platform products, in order to make consumers feel more at ease.
        According to the report of cross border e-commerce consumer research and trend interpretation, more than 60% of consumers in China have experience in purchasing overseas goods. In the past year alone, more than 50% of consumers' spending on cross-border shopping has increased, of which nearly 60% of consumers' spending on cross-border shopping has increased by more than 30%, while the proportion of users who spend more than 10000 yuan a year on cross-border consumption has reached 34%. Consumer Miss Dong is one of the above-mentioned cross-border consumer groups. Buying more personalized goods through Haitao is an important reason why she chose this online shopping method. "Of course, I've been in the ‘ pit ’.
        Not only the product packaging box and shopping ticket are available, but also the logistics information and customs clearance information can be found, but in the end, after inspection, it turned out to be fake. I didn't expect that even logistics information can be fake. " When talking about the experience of overseas shopping with reporters, Miss Dong shared an experience of being cheated. The reporter learned that the troubles encountered by Miss Dong are not individual cases, and many consumers have had such experiences. 8.8 trillion, which is the figure given by a research institution when predicting the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China this year. It is reported that as more and more consumers join the army of cross-border online shopping, the number of overseas online shopping users in China may reach 74million this year.
        How to make consumers feel at ease in buying and using has become a problem that cross-border e-commerce needs to think about. Therefore, blockchain is favored by major e-commerce platforms with its decentralized, traceable and tamper proof characteristics. Recently, on the occasion of the third anniversary celebration of global shopping, announced that it has established a blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability solution that serves the boundless retail ecosystem, and will gradually cover global shopping business to achieve full chain blockchain technology traceability. Unlike other platforms, JD global purchase is characterized by "full traceability", that is, at the moment when the commodity is "born" from the brand, its identity information will be recorded through blockchain technology, until it has gone through a series of processes, such as entering overseas warehouses, export customs declaration, international logistics, entering bonded warehouses or direct mail to China Customs Port declaration and customs clearance, domestic sorting, JD own logistics distribution, and consumer receipt, It is convenient to make the "travel record" of each commodity more transparent, so as to put an end to the phenomena of "stealing beams and replacing pillars" and "shoddy goods with good ones".
        The reporter learned that JD global shopping is the world's first cross-border e-commerce platform that uses blockchain technology to trace its source in the whole chain. The application of blockchain technology enables users to shop more at ease. Coupled with rapid logistics and perfect after-sales service, JD global shopping has further improved user satisfaction. According to the report of "cross border e-commerce consumer research and trend interpretation", JD global purchase ranks first in the industry in terms of genuine goods, product fidelity, delivery speed, commodity packaging experience, after-sales service and other aspects. Of course, is not only interested in using blockchain technology to "upgrade the quality" of products. It is reported that the luxury platform of tmall luxuryppavilion has launched the authentic traceability function based on blockchain technology.
        Siku also said that it would use blockchain technology to solve the trust problem generated in the circulation of luxury goods. In addition, Gome is using blockchain technology to help employees' micro store retail channels, and Meitu makeup, which just started last year, is also exploring the application of blockchain technology in traceability. Nowadays, even though the blockchain concept is very popular, in practical application, many e-commerce platforms are also in the exploratory state. Then, what are the difficulties and difficulties of the major e-commerce platforms in comprehensively popularizing blockchain?. "The will of businesses is the main factor. There is also the basic information construction of the brand itself." Yang Ye, general manager of the global purchase business department of JD mall FMCG business group, gave such an answer in an interview with reporters.
        Yang Ye said that if the front-end of the brand has done information work, the platform and enterprises should get through the information, which is easy to operate in terms of technical means. "Technically, there is no unified solution on the market at present. After long-term experimental development, JD global purchase and Y business division have formed an information transmission process that can be connected with any technical solution." The reporter learned that even with JD's current domestic size, it is difficult to promote blockchain traceability to every category at present. At present, this technology is more applied to mother and baby products and fresh products on platform. Then, as an enterprise, what are the views of overseas brands on the traceability of blockchain promoted by major cross-border e-commerce companies? "From the perspective of brand, whether the main promotion of the platform or the spontaneous behavior of the enterprise, in the final analysis, is to give consumers a better experience and move in this direction together. Both sides must be able to find a compromise. After all, each brand has different ways of operation.
        From the front-end point of view, it must be an improvement in experience to allow consumers to see the flow of products they buy most intuitively. " Wu Yiming, head of e-commerce in Greater China of A2, an Australian high-end milk powder brand, said that taking imported infant formula milk powder as an example, various brands are more or less making tentative attempts. "If the brand is already doing the application of blockchain technology, and then combines it with the platform to promote it together, the promotion efficiency will be greatly improved." He told reporters.
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