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Hypergraph (HGT) - the heaviest project of heco ecological chain released in March

Time : 07/01/2022 Author : wi5yuv Click : + -
        Hypergraph is a decentralized basic data service network, which provides high-speed data indexing and query services for application developers, users and infrastructure operators. After blockchain entered the era of 3.0, decentralized applications (dapps) have developed extremely rapidly. Taking Ethereum as an example, since 2020, the average block size of Ethereum has doubled, while the total amount of assets locked in defi applications has increased by as much as 25 times!. Various applications put forward extremely high requirements for data access and processing, such as the transaction price and trading volume of the exchange, the art auction price of NFT project, etc. due to the limitations of blockchain performance and storage mode, it is difficult for the project party to obtain relevant information in a timely and accurate manner and display it to users.
        However, users are very urgent to understand these information, which requires not only accurate data, but also timely. The emergence of high-performance blockchain such as heco has brought considerable challenges to data indexing and query. It is often easy to fall into a vicious circle if the data index is not updated in time. Hypergraph provides technical solutions for high-performance blockchain for these needs. The project party does not need to purchase servers to set up public chain nodes, nor does it need to run block analysis programs by itself. It can develop query programs for corresponding blocks, and programmers can deploy hypergraph solutions in three convenient ways: code package, GitHub link, API, etc., and display relevant information in their apps in time, which can greatly improve the user experience, At the same time, because it saves a lot of server costs and shortens the development cycle, it also reduces its own research and development costs.
        In the current situation of endless hybrid projects, hypergraph did not throw out a concept casually, and started mining first when the technology did not fall into the ground. Instead, it was unique, with technology research and development first, and mining activities only started after the technology had been commercialized. Among the projects supported by hypergraph, there are many high-quality projects such as dodoex. Even the mdex exchange itself has used hypergraph's technical support. The project has also received the support of heco star projects such as LHB and bags, and has signed up for the gold medal creator phase II of Huo coin ecological chain, becoming the core service project of Huo coin ecological chain infrastructure.
        Taking the mdex exchange transaction data display currently using hypergraph solution as an example, mdex data can be completely real-time, while the data delay of pancake exchange using similar solutions seems to be 9 minutes, and the actual delay is as high as several hours or even days, which shows the great advantage of hypergraph in the face of high-performance blockchain data processing. Hypergray can not only serve the data indexing and query of independent projects, but also hope to build standards to allow more projects and nodes to join in, index and query more business data, and truly build a data indexing network of high-performance blockchain.
        In the future, it will not only support the fire coin ecological chain accessed in the early stage, but also plan to support cross chain, that is, not only dapps on heco network can use hypergraph. All blockchain projects, whether running on Ethereum, BSC and other Ethernet series main networks, or decentralized applications running on wavefield, Polkadot and other different main networks, can access data index and query through the interface of hypergraph, Or provide data indexing services to earn HGT. Of course, if you use a high-performance blockchain such as heco, you can also enjoy low miner fees on the network (probably only 1% of Ethereum) and high-speed transfer performance (three second confirmation).
        We can say this: Google accesses the Internet by crawling, indexing and searching, and hypergraph accesses the blockchain by parsing the blockindex to query blockchain business data. Therefore, hypergraph plays a role in the entire blockchain industry, just like Google plays in search. The vision of hypergraph network is to build a high-performance blockchain index query network to support the serverless application &mdash& mdash; In this way, they will no longer rely on a server or database, but run on a network maintained by an incentive mechanism, so various applications will really run completely decentralized.
        Participants in the community can play a role in the hypergraph network, and also support a variety of roles to participate in the construction, while contributing to the network and earning corresponding income. As a heavyweight project of heco ecology, HGT has applied for the project. At present, it has applied for the second phase of gold medal creator of Huo coin ecological chain, which is also the core project of infrastructure services of Huo coin ecological chain. Index nodes are node service providers in hypergraph network. They pledge 100000 HGT to join the network and provide index and query processing services. Index nodes earn query fees and index service rewards from the service. The application developer can be the technical R & D personnel, data users or community members of the subgraph. They send instructions to the index node to indicate which subgraphs should be indexed by the hypergraph network.
        Application developers pledge HGT, send signals on specific subgraphs, and earn part of the query fee in the subgraphs they send signals; Since HGT revenue conforms to the curve distribution law, the earlier you participate, the greater the proportion of query costs obtained by application developers in this sub graph. In addition, when an application developer quits the service, it will get more HGT than it began to pledge. Miners are community members who volunteer to participate in the maintenance of hypergraph network, but are not convenient to run a hypergraph node by themselves. Miners entrust HGT to their trusted index nodes, and earn a part of the query fee and the reward share of index services.
        The miner will select the index node according to the reliability of the index node (such as query rate, running time, punishment times, etc.). It can also be said that the more index nodes supported by miners, the more reliable. Data users are users of hypergraph network. They query subgraphs and pay query fees to index nodes, application developers and miners. Data users are usually developers of smart contracts or a project party. Their DAPP uses the data services of hypergraph network, just like the current use of ECS requires paying server fees. A person can play multiple roles in hypergraph network at the same time. For example, you can be a miner, entrust HGT to the index node to earn HGT share reward, and at the same time, you will get HGT reward to buy hypergraph's query service and pay service fee.
        The vision of hypergraph network is to index all the data in the world, so there is no upper limit on the number of index nodes. Each index node participating in the network needs to mortgage at least 10000 HGTs to get the reward of query fee. And the income obtained by the node has a certain relationship with the number of mortgage HGT. If the income is high and there is less HGT mortgaged, the node will not be able to obtain all rewards until enough HGT is mortgaged. Nodes that lock warehouses generally need to provide data services for a long time, and rarely unlock them. 1% of the data query fee will be destroyed, and the destruction proportion can be adjusted by community voting.
        The more people use the network, the more HGT will be destroyed. HGT's first mining activity is about to start. This mining activity will last for 100 days, and a total of 8.8 million hgt2s will be released, accounting for only 5.8% of the total circulation. Early investors and teams followed the mining to unlock, and no mining will not unlock. It can be said that rare things are more expensive, so we must hurry to dig. In addition, as the first phase of publicity and promotion benefits, HGT will conduct a total of 100000 HGT airdrops for heco chain addresses holding more than 5HT or more than 5mdx. Interested partners must ensure that they have at least 5 HT or 5 mdx in their cold wallet before they can receive HGT airdrops.
        Because there are only 100000 pieces, they will be airdropped from high to low according to the HT or mdx holdings on the address. In order to prevent too many qualified addresses from being unavailable, try to put more HT or mdx in to ensure that you can get them. HGT has a total circulation of 500million pieces and a mining issuance of 250million pieces, all of which are produced by mining in stages. The first phase of mining produces 28800000 pieces. (the output of the first phase is enough for the mortgage of the initial node of the project, and it is expected that the mining of the second phase will not start in the near future). In the early stage, the investor and developer teams each accounted for 100million shares. With the same proportion of unlocking in mining, a total of 23040000 pieces were unlocked in the first 100 days.
        With a total amount of 500million, only about 50million pieces will be circulated in the early stage, and only 1/10 of the circulation plates. It can be said that hypergraph is not only a good project, but also a light project, which is worth participating in.
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