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Blockchain app store source code,How to develop a digital collection system with superior quality?

Time : 13/02/2022 Author : iel673 Click : + -
        Traditional access to ant chain, Zhixin chain, Chang'an chain, etc. will have many transaction restrictions (for example, secondary transactions cannot be done) and relatively high issuance and cooperation costs (for example, ant chain costs 5 yuan a cost, and the starting threshold of Zhixin chain is 1million). However, wechat Sanyun software company adopts Tencent tbass's bottom self-developed blockchain NFT smart contract new chain (parallel to Zhixin chain), and there is no daily transaction volume limit, There is no fixed cost and gas fee for the transaction and issuance of NFT. It can open up secondary market transactions, operate independently and have a strong openness. The unique source code +saas sub account mode can help customers operate their own platforms, and incubate more vertical ecological NFT industry platforms, such as music NFT sub platform, Museum collection sub platform, calligraphy art sub platform, antique NFT sub platform, jade NFT sub platform, etc, Later, it can be upgraded to a common ecological digital collection exchange on different platforms, and NFT independently issued by different sub accounts can be traded on the same platform with the same wallet address.
        NFT digital collection DAPP mall platform software development, NFT digital collection DAPP system mode development, NFT digital collection DAPP system digital collection development, professional development digital collection trading platform mode development, NFT digital collection DAPP secondary market trading platform system development, NFT digital collection DAPP secondary market system development and construction, NFT digital collection DAPP mall system mode development how much is it. For example, wechat 3 cloud directly uses the bottom layer of the cloud platform, which costs more than 60 million yuan. Through technical means such as performance elastic expansion, load balancing, spike level architecture design, and in-depth optimization of order processing, it perfectly solves the problem of high bursts when NFT is in rush buying (for example, last month, a customer spent more than 1 million yuan to buy three external systems, which can't solve this problem, and then it cooperates with wechat 3 cloud to operate successfully).
        The third is the marketing solution, which is the problem of the import marketing mode. The direct cloud platform has developed more than 200 innovative marketing models, including blind box goods, group competition, second kill, and bargaining. Smashing golden eggs, scraping cards, large turntables, short videos, live broadcasts, membership, gift cards, second-hand barter, integral mall, consignment, crowdfunding, pre-sale, auction, spell purchase rebate, social blind box, payment gift, appointment, white list, short position, NFT synthesis, etc., to help enterprises better sell NFT of pre-sale digital collections. The fourth is payment solutions. You can use the cloud platform mall as the front-end entrance to pay for legitimate shopping without risk control. At the same time, you can support wechat payment, Alipay payment, connect payment, convergence payment, Shande payment, bill of lading payment, blockchain payment, and give shopping currency / digital points and other assets through normal mall payment. You can exchange shopping currency or digital points for digital collections, so as to solve the risk control and restriction of NFT transactions by the payment channel.
        NFT trading apps are difficult to get on the app store and Apple App store, and even need to handle blockchain related filing certificates with a very low pass rate. Native super apps make it easy for customers to get on the store in any application market. Embedded in the digital collection platform, they also solve the problem of cross platform secondary login, so that the platform of digital collection users can get on the store without handling blockchain related certificates, so that users can download directly in the application market, It is convenient for platform operation and promotion, and many peer systems are either H5 form apps that cannot be put on the shelves, or DAPP form apps that can only be opened in the wallet app browser, which is not convenient for domestic users to promote. Summary: to develop a good digital collection system, we need to do a comprehensive and in-depth optimization from the top-level structure of the system, the bottom of the system, high burst processing, marketing, payment, APP launch and other aspects, so as to provide the most professional NFT platform system source code for the industry masters.
        The development of NFT project can only be completed by NFT platform development company. This statement is not exaggerated at all. If a company wants to develop NFT cultural art platform, it must find a professional NFT platform development company, because such enterprises usually master the NFT technology released in the market, and can give better suggestions to the company, improve the later development planning, and provide greater suggestions for your development. Another point is that such enterprises have strong NFT development strength, so it is more appropriate to develop NFT cultural art platform. The so-called digital collection refers to the data credentials generated corresponding to specific works based on cutting-edge blockchain applications. It is a confirmatory digital currency. The digital collection combines the reality and the unreal world, with a sense of modernity and future. It is the product of the rapid development of the digital economy.
        As a new cultural way, digital collections can inherit artistic and cultural works at a younger age. Digital collection development allows customers to carry out data culture artworks on the digital collection platform, including publishing, purchase and sales. The principle of digital collection development is to create an account on the digital collection platform, submit the presentation of digital art, pricing, sales and other processes. Some people say that everything can be a "digital collection". Cultural relics, tickets, trend games, blind boxes, literary and artistic creation, photographic pictures, emoticons &hellip& hellip; Can be made into digital collections. Every combination is a new breakthrough, and every design is flashing with youthful inspiration.
        According to the survey, the conversion of the campus market of digital collections is more than that of everyone's market, and the conversion rate will be very high. There are special target audiences, and the competition is relatively small. At present, the basic functions of digital collection development are sales and gifts. You can also add customization functions according to the needs of your platform, such as blind box, invitation, pre purchase, air drop, etc. At present, the inner blind box and what is short are also the digital collections created by many small and medium-sized enterprises. Digital collections are digital works, handicrafts or products created by blockchain applications. They can be expressed in various ways. There are Alipay payment code skin and NFT avatar in the front, and famous animation IP and game IP in the back.
        Digital collections seem to be embracing young people all the time. Blockchain applications endow digital collections with natural scarcity. Each digital collection has a number of 1, which cannot be forged or replaced. This enables digital collections to stimulate young people's desire to buy according to the "limited edition" marketing method.
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