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Will blockchain technology solve food safety problems?

Time : 13/01/2022 Author : suoteb Click : + -
        As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people. Throughout the country, in addition to infrastructure, the most suitable and most appropriate problem to be solved by blockchain technology should be "food safety". If food is not safe, then human development will be out of the question. "Safe food is crucial to promoting health and eradicating hunger. Without food security, there will be no food security. In today's world, the food supply chain has become increasingly complex, and any food safety incident may have a negative impact on public health, trade and economy." The world health group once said. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the means to solve these problems. It is not a specific demand of an industry, but a common requirement of digital reform.
        In response, Hexiu group said that the existing food safety traceability system has some unavoidable defects, such as relying on a unified central database, and there will be information tampering in the storage, transmission, display and other links of data; The system is still in manual operation in many links, which may shield the basic information unfavorable to the information provider; The system traceability mostly stays in the production and processing links, lacking the data information of downstream sales links, etc. By introducing blockchain technology, intelligent information registration without human intervention can be carried out through sensors in various links such as breeding, processing and manufacturing, sales and logistics, and recorded into a safe and trusted distributed database through blockchain technology, so as to ensure the openness and transparency of information, so as to truly solve the trust problem of consumers.
        Blockchain technology has multiple functions, such as decentralization, tamperability, traceability to the source and process, and trust endorsement by the algorithm itself. If it is used in the food industry, it can realize the certificate storage of all links of the food supply chain, including food production, processing, sales and preparation, so as to facilitate subsequent traceability, and can greatly reduce the food safety risks in the whole food chain. Using blockchain technology, we can effectively promote cross sectoral cooperation between public health, animal health and agricultural departments, ensure the authenticity of each link, make every grain on the table bear the word "conscience", and effectively eliminate more than 200 diseases, from diarrhea to cancer, caused by unsafe food.
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