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Blockchain, public service,MT blockchain public service platform

Time : 14/07/2022 Author : w2qdtv Click : + -
        Changsha high tech Zone blockchain public service platform, aiming at the digital asset packages of 8000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the high tech Zone, adopts blockchain technology to build a public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, and mainly builds an enterprise digital asset depository service platform in advance. Through blockchain, big data and other information technology support, improve the certification, ownership and circulation of digital assets of small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to improve the efficiency of the use of financial support funds and the circulation of digital assets of enterprises, enhance the credibility and commercial credit of enterprise brands, reduce the cost of mutual trust of enterprises, improve the efficiency of enterprise operations, build a new government management and service model, and better serve the economy of the jurisdiction.
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