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Hairy child tied to blockchain? Latin American entrepreneurs attack blockchain + Internet of things from pet tracker

Time : 15/06/2021 Author : ushi0p Click : + -
        In the blockchain technology implementation project, many people think that blockchain and the Internet of things (IOT) are the best combination. What about pet chain? Costa Rica blockchain company wise is cooperating with pettracker in the United States to apply chips that support blockchain technology to pet trackers and use blockchains to record pet related information. Of course, in addition to locating pets, the greater opportunity is business opportunities derived from these data, including pet health care, pet insurance, etc. Pablogonzalez, the founder of wise, who proposed this project, can be said to be a well-known serial entrepreneur in Latin America.
        Costa Rica, located in Central America, is a hub connecting North America and Latin America. In addition, the local government has set up a freetradezone to attract enterprise investment. Technology companies can even enjoy a 10-year tax exemption. In the past, many technology companies such as IBM and HP set up customer service centers here. Pablogonzalez first established a company specializing in callcanter, In four years, he grew the company from the initial four employees to more than 4000 people. Later, he also founded his own sports brand and beverage company. In recent years, blockchain has become his main force, and his business has extended to many fields. He founded tokenize IT company in Costa Rica, which mainly provides blockchain services to help customers convert the rights of assets into digital tokens, such as equity, debt, real estate, commodities and even art. In order to obtain the legal compliance of selling and trading these tokens, Tokenize it has obtained the broker of the local commoditieexchange — Broker dealer license.
        Meanwhile, pablogonzalez obtained the license of currency exchange through acquisition to ensure that all services of tokenize it operate under the legal framework. Wise, on the other hand, is a start-up company that is separated from tokenize it incubation and locks in blockchain + Internet of things + artificial intelligence. At first glance, it may feel a little wonderful to hear about pets being on the chain. However, the pet economy is an emerging business opportunity in the world. Even Xiaomi has recently launched pet tracker. In the past, such products were mostly used to prevent pets from getting lost. However, if blockchain is added to store the information of each pet, and it is combined with the government's pet management principles, medical care, insurance, etc., there is a chance to develop into a niche blockchain application, However, for pablogonzlez, this is actually only the first step in his attempt to combine blockchain with the Internet of things. "The nature of the test market is large, and the real vision is to make more Internet of things devices available in the future," he said in an interview with DT Jun.
        Figure | tokenize it is a blockchain service company in Costa Rica, with the license of the local commodity exchange broker dealer and currency exchange exchange (picture source: tokenize it official website). To put IOT devices on the chain, chips have to support blockchain. Wise's partner is gopherprotocol, an American listed company, which specializes in the development of microchips and AI technology for the Internet of things. It assists wise in developing IOT chips that support blockchain. Pablogonzalez points out that the chip has been developed, wise has obtained a five-year authorization, and its first customer is ECs, an American Pet tracker, A pet tracker equipped with this chip will be launched to provide the owner blockchain recording function, which is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2019.
        He further pointed out that the combination of blockchain and pet tracker is the first pilot project, which aims to test technology and market. The main goal of wise is to combine AI, Internet of things and blockchain, and embed the chip into various devices, especially consumer products, such as laptops, smart watches, etc. At present, the Internet of things is facing security, interoperability and privacy issues. For equipment manufacturers, blockchain can help solve the problems of data security and privacy. At the same time, it can create many new applications and attract users to adopt them, such as computing power sharing, data trading, etc., under the incentive of digital token economy. Cryptocurrency is in a bear market, which has a positive and negative impact on the blockchain industry. The negative is that venture capital has become quite cautious about investing in blockchain. The positive is that the industry has finally faced up to technology rather than currency price.
        For the current development of the blockchain industry, pablogonzalez said bluntly: "if your business plan depends heavily on the price of token, then be prepared to encounter trouble!", However, he also believes that the positive impact of this time is actually greater than the negative, which makes the team focusing on technology research and development and value implementation begin to be valued and favored by venture capital, and wise plans to announce the first round of financing results at the end of 2018. In addition, the Costa Rican government is a relatively friendly region to cryptocurrency. The government regards cryptocurrency as commodity rather than security. Not long ago, the government also allowed enterprises in the country to use cryptocurrency as one of the methods to pay wages, but still stressed that the "minimum wage" must be paid in legal currency, "physical wage" refers to when employees' income exceeds the minimum wage, The difference can be paid in cryptocurrency.
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