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2022 data security summit forum and Shandong blockchain Research Institute results release activities were held, Shandong,

Time : 27/06/2022 Author : 2idywk Click : + -
        On the morning of July 21, the 2022 data security summit forum with the theme of "new password, new security and new infrastructure" and the results release of Shandong blockchain Research Institute were held in Jinan. Liu Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong provincial Party committee and Secretary of Jinan municipal Party committee, Ling Wen, vice governor, Gu Binglin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the Institute of advanced studies of Tsinghua University, and Mu Changchun, director of the Institute of digital currency of the people's Bank of China attended the event. In his speech, Liu Qiang said that data security is related to national security. In order to cultivate and expand the data element market and serve the major engineering applications of national new infrastructure, Jinan City and Tsinghua University jointly established Shandong blockchain Research Institute. Under the leadership of Academician Wang Xiaoyun, the institute actively participated in the construction of major R & D platforms, gathered a group of high-level global talents, made major breakthroughs in core technology fields such as consensus algorithm, encryption algorithm and system architecture, and achieved a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements with international influence.
        In recent years, Jinan has coordinated development and security, vigorously promoted the collaborative protection of key information infrastructure, accelerated the construction of network security innovation system, and continued to improve the data governance system. In the next step, Jinan will increase its support for key core technology research, and strive to build a data security innovation ecosystem with data collection, storage and sharing throughout the life cycle; Further strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure, constantly expand the application of data in economic operation, government services and other fields, and build an efficient, intelligent, people-friendly and safe "digital Jinan"; We will further increase support for the transformation of cryptographic research achievements, build a commercial cryptographic industry cluster that radiates across the province and the country, and work together to make new and greater contributions to maintaining national data security and developing the cryptographic industry.
        Ling Wen said in his speech that the Shandong provincial Party committee and the Shandong provincial government attach great importance to the digital economy. In 2021, the digital economy in the province accounted for 43% of GDP, and the total scale ranked third in the country. This year is a key breakthrough year for the digital economy in Shandong Province. It is believed that the digital economy will gradually become the accelerator of the real economy and the main battlefield for the economic and social development of the province. The provincial government will, as always, support blockchain research institutes to carry out deeper research in cryptography and blockchain technology. It is hoped that Academician Wang Xiaoyun's team will form a complete, autonomous and controllable password and blockchain technology system with Chinese characteristics on the basis of the key technologies that have been obtained, deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, so as to make Shandong's due contribution to the construction of a digital China network power.
        Gu Binglin said in his speech that Tsinghua University, focusing on the major deployment and opportunities of digital transformation in Shandong Province, has given full play to its own advantages and has launched a series of cooperation with relevant departments in Shandong Province and Jinan City, universities, enterprises and institutions in the field of blockchain and cryptography. In the future, to further refine and deepen the industry university research cooperation of Tsinghua University in the password and blockchain industry in Shandong Province, we should pay close attention to scientific research and innovation, adhere to talent introduction and education innovation, constantly deepen the industry university research cooperation mode, and accelerate the implementation of achievements. This activity focused on data security, promoted cryptographic technology to play a key supporting role in the data security service system, and released major data security innovations such as "cryptographic service middleware, Dino chain 2.0, privacy computing middleware" independently innovated by Shandong blockchain Research Institute on the spot, so as to build a new type of cryptographic security infrastructure and deepen the digital transformation of the industry.
        Based on the above innovative achievements, the autonomous and controllable Jinan government affairs chain was officially launched at the meeting at the same time. It will provide a high security, high credibility and privacy oriented data element flow channel for government affairs, finance, insurance, medical treatment, energy and other industries, and help Jinan City take the four key actions of "data management", "data gathering", "data communication" and "data use", so as to promote the further opening and sharing of Jinan government affairs data Prosperous data application scenarios provide data security infrastructure. As a new R & D institution organized by Jinan municipal government and supported by Tsinghua University, Shandong blockchain Research Institute was inaugurated on July 21, 2020. Over the past two years, we have been committed to building a new technology base for the cryptographic industry, building cryptographic service infrastructure, providing independent, innovative, safe and efficient data security services for networks and information systems in important fields, and leading the development of China's new cryptographic industry.
        At present, the relevant products of the Institute have been applied in more than ten scenarios in key fields such as government affairs, finance, agriculture, energy, transportation, etc. In the future, Shandong blockchain Research Institute will, based on the results released this time, work with partners, face the major national needs, take blockchain as the traction, build an independent innovation and world-class data security service system, and empower the high-quality development of the digital economy.
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