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What kind of sparks can blockchain + Games spark?

Time : 27/11/2021 Author : 2mrkft Click : + -
        Worldofwarcraft, once a popular game in the world, made many people immersed in it and couldn't extricate themselves. V God, the founder of Ethereum, was one of them. But one day, the game manufacturer revised his favorite character, but he was unable to do anything about it. For this, he had his own ideas about the monopoly of the game manufacturer, and finally united with others to create the Ethereum platform, trying to break this shackle. So is it possible to combine blockchain with games to create an alliance made by players. The development and revision of the game are decided by players' votes, and any independent individuals and organizations do not have permission to modify it, so as to generate a benign ecosystem?.
        History is always surprisingly similar. Whether it's traditional Internet technology or blockchain technology, games are always one of the earliest breakthroughs. Human nature eats, drinks and plays, "play" accounts for a large part, so the combination of blockchain and games has unique advantages and can be accepted by people in the early stage. The characteristics of blockchain, encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, data tamperability, decentralization, etc. these bright terms seem to give blockchain games more possibilities. Following these, it seems that the establishment of a successful blockchain game is a natural thing, but is it really as we think? At present, how many blockchain games are displayed in front of us.
        If the game is the breakthrough of technology, then gambling can be said to be the breakthrough of the game. A good gambling + game idea can even detonate a game IP instantly. In this regard, the most representative ones are "fomo3d" and "EOS pixel game". The specific rules of the game can be published separately. Both sides have attracted great attention in different periods. However, people criticize their drum beating and flower spreading fund tray playing method, which has not been positively evaluated by people. Take the playing method of "EOS pixel game", such as a classic case of game theory, "friction war", which tests human nature, A business school teacher auctioned a 20 yuan note in class. The starting price was one yuan. After the auction began, it could not stop unless you quit, and the person who quit handed in the corresponding money according to the previous auction price. When the last person took 20 yuan, it seemed very attractive, but the lowest one could take 20 yuan with one yuan. In this way, the auction began, "one yuan", someone began to bid. At this time, other people were thinking, It's not bad to take away 2 yuan, so someone bid again for "2 yuan". In this way, you can earn as long as you take it away at a price lower than 20 yuan. Until one person calls 20 yuan, he promises not to lose. If the next person bids at 21 yuan, he will lose 1 yuan, but don't forget that the process cannot stop. If he quits, he will lose the previous 19 yuan. At this time, reducing the loss becomes the focus, and the competition will continue, After reaching the critical point of stop loss, the fight for self-esteem became the focus again. Finally, the 20 yuan note was traded at an incredible price. As a result, except for the dealer teacher, all of them were profit losers.
        All kinds of gambling blockchain games take advantage of people's speculation and greed. The gambling nature of this game is far greater than its entertainment. In traditional games, entertainment and user experience are always in the first place, but today's DAPP games are still limited by current technology. The processing efficiency of distributed data storage is far less than that of centralized servers, even the most basic game experience, What game is it. I think it is a problem that needs to be considered carefully to add the pass economic model to the game. The game is a game. If you deliberately increase the pass reward, the game will become a tool to make money, lose its original attribute, and cannot bring about the stable and benign development of the game ecosystem.
        Blockchain plus games are very realistic and attractive, and there is also the possibility of large-scale implementation. Maybe the current gambling blockchain games are the only way for their development, and there may be higher-level development in the future, but the underlying technology is always a key point. Any project without technical support is all "pseudo concepts", and it is bound to produce no decent sparks. Blockchain is currently in the early stage of development, which is not known by most people. If all conditions are met, DAPP game will create a larger client for blockchain applications, and finally realize the transformation of users from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. This is both a breakthrough and a turning point. It is both an opportunity and a challenge!.
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