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Our institute was invited to attend the first meeting of "Hebei blockchain development management coordination mechanism" and make a theme report

Time : 04/01/2022 Author : 0n2b1p Click : + -
        The first meeting of "Hebei blockchain development and management coordination mechanism". On behalf of Hebei blockchain alliance, Cui Yanjun made a report on the development status and development path of blockchain in Hebei Province. Combined with the content of the Hebei blockchain special action plan (2020-2022), the report combs the current situation of the development of blockchain in our province, and puts forward development suggestions on the development of blockchain in our province in terms of policy, industry, talent, environment and so on. Zhang Yanping, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Hebei provincial Party committee and director of the network information office of Hebei provincial Party committee, fully affirmed the work of Hebei blockchain alliance in his concluding speech. He stressed that we should deeply understand the significance of developing blockchain and resolutely implement the important decisions of the Central Committee, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.
        We should strengthen coordination, make good use of advantageous resources, give full play to their respective functions, reach consensus and form a joint force, and give full play to the role of the overall planning and coordination mechanism. We should adhere to demand orientation and problem orientation, emancipate the mind, try first, and effectively promote the development and growth of typical blockchain applications and leading enterprises in our province. We should strengthen normative guidance, ensure safety and reliability, and strive to build a good ecosystem for the development of blockchain.
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