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I worked as a blockchain product manager for three years

Time : 10/12/2021 Author : 9kzund Click : + -
        Having been a blockchain product manager for three years, he has left the industry and engaged in the pet industry. He has witnessed the myth of getting rich overnight in the blockchain industry, and has also experienced the cunning of pyramid selling and the dark curtain of the industry. He has deeply realized that virtual currency is only a tool for cutting leeks, and in this industry, if he is not careful, he will be doomed. In short, when you send a dynamic message, it is equivalent to storing the information in a server, and blockchain is to store your information in 100 or even 1000 servers, so that no one can modify it unless you know your password (term: private key). If you want to change this information, you need to use your private key to verify and upload it to a server after the change. The other 99 servers will verify whether you modified it by yourself according to the rules. If more than half of the verification is (not necessarily half, according to the rules).
        That will synchronously store your information to all servers, which is called consensus. This is the general understanding of blockchain. Simply put, in the process of information storage, hash the data (which can be understood as encrypted code), and finally get the data block, that is, a channeling of information, that's all. A string of information is equal to a virtual currency. Is that useful? Yes, I'll talk about it later. At the end of 2017, I quit the game owner planning and wanted to be a pet industry myself. When I talked with an investor, I learned about blockchain. When I was communicating with a classmate in early 18, he happened to have a blockchain project in his hand and invited me to join.
        After a month's understanding of blockchain, I decided to join. And this decision almost put me in prison. At the beginning of the 18th century, I began to do blockchain, which is an anti-counterfeiting traceability project. For anti-counterfeiting customization for major enterprises, the medium used is a tag with antenna (also known as RFID, also known as chip). There are also different types on the market, but what we came into contact with at the beginning is the latest. There is an antenna on this chip. If the antenna is broken, it can be detected to judge whether this product is genuine. There are several major brands of wine that do not use this antenna, so a wine bottle can be recycled at a price of 500-1000.
        First of all, if the antenna on the anti-counterfeiting chip is broken, it is irreversible, so you can judge whether the commodity has been opened. This kind of chip is most suitable for wine bottles. If you buy a bottle of wine and find it opened by verifying the chip, although it may be damaged during transportation, it may also be fake wine, so you can choose not to buy it, which is especially applicable to unofficial sales and store sales. First, we build an anti-counterfeiting traceability platform. When an enterprise wants a chip, we generate data and hash the data (simply understood as encryption). The hash value is unique, and then write the data to the chip. Each chip has a number, which is also unique.
        We then bind the number and hash in both directions to get unique data, and upload the data to the blockchain to ensure that it cannot be tampered with. When users use the verification chip, they will directly check the data on the blockchain to ensure the authenticity of the data. The role of blockchain is to ensure the authenticity of data, and even the source of data can not be fake. (it's inconvenient to say more technical details here.). To be honest, it is possible, but it is basically unrealistic. I just said that each chip has a unique number, which is written and burned when leaving the factory (understood as like a brand, which cannot be modified). If this kind of chip is to be copied, it must at least have the same technology as the chip manufacturer. At that time, the chips we used were from internationally renowned brands and were in the world's leading position in the production of chips.
        If you want to imitate, you have to have this technology, but when you have this technology, do you still need to imitate?. Therefore, there can be different manufacturers and different types of chips on the market to achieve the same effect, but imitation is basically not good. And we also consider this situation, so after writing the data, we need to encrypt it again to get the final encrypted data. There are some in the market, but they are often seen in high-end goods. In short, they are expensive, such as bags of an international luxury goods, flying sky of a brand, etc., but blockchain is not used, so they can still be copied. When we did this, we also talked about cooperation with many enterprises, and the major brands were basically rejected.
        Only small enterprises that want to use blockchain anti-counterfeiting to open the market with gimmicks will try, but they generally fail. Why?. For consumers, they don't like anti-counterfeiting. They just want to be able to buy authentic products with confidence, without the trouble of judging real and fake goods. But this is basically impossible. Where there are people, there are fake Jianghu. But most people don't have the habit of verifying the truth. For enterprises, cost is the first consideration. Assuming that a chip costs 1 yuan, the cost will have to keep up with the production of tens of millions or billions that year. Therefore, many enterprises are only willing to do a simple two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, with a cost of less than a penny, and then tell consumers that they have anti-counterfeiting.
        The two-dimensional code, this anti-counterfeiting is too simple, can be copied casually. For one thing, no one knows whether this cost can promote sales. After all, the most important thing for enterprises is sales. When we do blockchain, after a long time, people in this circle will gradually know and come to the door. At first, we saw a young man who was originally engaged in insurance. At first, we bought 20000 virtual coins. At that time, each coin was only a few cents. Later, this coin rose to hundreds of dollars, making him a multimillionaire instantly. So I want to make virtual currency and come to us. Later, the price of this coin fluctuated greatly, cutting waves of leeks.
        We don't know whether that person escaped or not, because we refuse to cooperate. In addition, there are other currencies, etc. those who buy these currencies to get rich overnight are basically bought in the inner market, because the price is low, and they have not been listed on the exchange ((specially used to trade virtual currencies). The buyer began to cash out when the money was on the exchange, cutting the leeks in the secondary market. But more people were cut into leeks in the internal market, and the project party ran away without even going to the exchange. Typical fraud. It is typical to see a Taiwanese who has made a fake exchange in Taiwan and doesn't even know what blockchain is. Finally, after opening the exchange for a month, it closed and ran away, rolling up tens of millions.
        When communicating with us, while talking about their brainless investment in Taiwan, they showed their sense of achievement. Finally, we drove them away mercilessly. In addition, there are also MLM leaders who have told us that there are tens of thousands of members who want to issue virtual currencies and make plates. I have also seen shopping malls that want to consume with virtual currency under the banner of landing applications. Everyone said it implicitly and drew big cakes. If you are not careful, you will catch the road. At present, the world's largest virtual currencies, why is it a fraud? Because the exchange is at the top of the food chain, it will secretly manipulate the currency price for harvesting. When it feels that the form is wrong, it will even take the currency off the shelf, making you unable to trade.
        Even when some mainstream currencies are all down, pull the line directly and stop the network, so that everyone can't trade. One of the biggest scams is contract trading. The so-called contract trading is actually the futures trading of the stock market, and futures trading is expressly prohibited by the state. And contract trading is basically capital trading. The same situation is wrong. Unplug the Internet. Except for the exchange, everyone is leek. The state has also banned all domestic exchanges, which is very gratifying. I've seen several projects. Although I haven't seen many, I hope someone can see them. Don't be fooled by them. Many pyramid schemes for making virtual currencies are similar. First of all, the issuance of virtual currency is almost zero cost. As long as there is someone who knows the technology, it can be done in a few minutes. The issuance of 100 million, 10 billion, 10 billion can be done, just a string of data.
        Then, those who make pyramid schemes will package the virtual currency. The best thing is to write a business plan, draw the same big cake as the real one, and then promote the market. What's worse is to emphasize the return on investment. Then make the rules of the market, such as infinite direct push, matrix positioning, etc. the rule is that the more people you promote to invest, the more profits you can make, and when more people invest, you also need to invest more money if you want to get more income. And some obvious flaws will tell you that they are new ones, and those who come in first must make money. So I advise you that pyramid selling is a serious crime. If you lose money, it's useless to call the police and you can't recover it.
        And you can't really make money. The real role of blockchain lies in two aspects: one is to protect information security and prevent information from being tampered with; One is data sharing, breaking the island of information. Information security is most suitable in the financial field, such as banking system. Some banks have adopted blockchain technology to effectively protect users' information. Another is data sharing. For example, some medical systems have adopted blockchain to upload the cases of various hospitals to the blockchain, so as to realize the sharing of medical cases and other knowledge. Of course, in addition to these two points, blockchain is also used for electronic invoices, cross-border payments, etc. as for the effect, the focus is on the source. Blockchain is only a tool for entering data for storage, which is very important.
        Many people say that blockchain is born for digital currency (virtual currency), and digital currency is born for transactions. This is completely bullshit, and people who say this, nine times out of ten, are promoted. They search a lot on a certain place. They say it is tall, but they may not understand blockchain. They are all a bunch of money speculators, commonly known as currency circles. What people who really do technology say, you don't understand at all, are all kinds of professional terms, which belong to technical discussion, commonly known as chain circle. Blockchain may be popularized in the future, but as ordinary people, they won't know it, because it belongs to the technical level, and ordinary people won't touch it at all, and virtual currency, or digital currency. They are all tools for cutting leeks. As big as mainstream currencies, there is capital control behind them. As small as unknown currencies, they directly roll money and run away.
        Therefore, if you are an ordinary people and someone pushes blockchain with you, you can pull black. If you have too much money to spend and want to help others, please help me and don't fry money. For those who want to enter the blockchain industry, especially blockchain finance, I just want to say that you need to be careful. If you are not careful, you will go astray, especially when the boss asks you to do it and you have to do it, you will start to go astray. If you join a large company like bat to build a formal blockchain, then treat it as if I didn't say so.
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