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Product Manager (blockchain)

Time : 24/06/2022 Author : jt547h Click : + -
        1. Be responsible for the demand collation and prototype design of blockchain products, cooperate with the technical development team to complete the product creation, and participate in the management of the launch, operation and maintenance, and future iterations of these products;. 2. Be responsible for the whole life cycle management of products, mainly including: market user analysis, competitive product research, demand collection and planning, prototype design, writing product demand documents and implementation;. 3. Be able to prepare research reports, prototype drawings, logic diagrams and functional requirements description documents for specific products, and refine requirements with relevant business personnel;. 5. Be responsible for understanding user needs, collecting user feedback, analyzing user behavior and needs, and continuously optimizing products and improving user experience.
        1. He has been engaged in the tob end product manager position for at least 2 years, is familiar with blockchain technology, and has led the whole process development of b-end blockchain products and successfully listed cases;. 4. Have a keen market awareness, strong demand analysis ability, data analysis ability and product innovation ability, and good product documentation (MRD, PRD) writing ability;. 5. Have good interaction design ability, expression ability, certain aesthetic appreciation, understand relevant development technology, be able to communicate seamlessly with personnel in various positions without hindrance, have good cross departmental communication and project coordination ability, and be good at coordinating resources to promote project progress. CETC big data Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "big data Institute") was incorporated on September 28, 2016, headquartered in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. It was invested and established by China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Guizhou Province and Guiyang City as the construction carrier of "National Engineering Laboratory for improving government governance capacity and big data application technology".
        In May 2020, CETC transferred the equity of CETC big data Research Institute Co., Ltd. to CETC Taiji (Group) Co., Ltd. The National Engineering Laboratory for big data application technology (hereinafter referred to as "the laboratory") is a new collaborative innovation entity jointly established by China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Guizhou Province and Guiyang city to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's instructions of the 2016 digital Expo. It is the first National Engineering Laboratory approved for preparation and acceptance in the field of big data in China, It is also the only national engineering laboratory focusing on government big data. In December 2021, the laboratory passed the evaluation of the national development and Reform Commission and was included in the new sequence of the National Engineering Research Center.
        The big data Institute is mainly engaged in big data technology research, product development, big data achievement transformation services, data operation services and other businesses. Aiming at the core issues of open sharing and development and utilization of government data, it has successively broken through more than 40 core key technologies, such as non-invasive data collection, multimodal data fusion, data element circulation and trading, and trusted digital identity, and has published more than 100 papers, LED or participated in the preparation of more than 10 international and national standards, implemented a number of big data pilot demonstration projects such as the public security big data intelligent synthetic warfare platform and the public data resource development and utilization platform, and formed a series of solutions and products for "business data, data assets and Asset Services" around the "acquisition, storage, management and use" of government data, It has supported the construction and operation of the national technology standard innovation base (Guizhou big data), and explored the experience of first and first try in the construction of the first national big data comprehensive experimental zone.
        In the future, based on the construction of digital government, the big data Institute will strive to become a leader in the core competence of "digital government" and a high-end professional think tank in the field of "improving government governance capability based on big data" with the mission of "improving government governance capability through big data application technology".
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