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Blockchain financial concept stock,A-share: this week focuses on the list of four "Internet finance" concept stocks with high outbreak + heavy institutional positions

Time : 23/10/2021 Author : r43zsm Click : + -
        The rise of the concept of Internet finance is also an emerging finance after the development of payment methods, cloud computing, social networking and other technologies in recent years. Internet finance is not a simple combination of Internet and finance, but a new model and business formed after being accepted by platform users in terms of secure mobile and other network technologies. The company is a digital service provider with the ability of the whole industry chain from Internet of things terminals, system platforms to big data applications. It focuses on the main track of the construction of new infrastructure of "Digital China", and is committed to building a digital ecosystem with digital commerce and digital identity as the core strategy, focusing on providing "payment +" and "digital identity authentication +" full scene solutions for governments, industry customers, small, medium and micro businesses, etc.
        As a leading enterprise in the fields of fintech, Internet of things, digital security and digital services in China, the company is committed to providing a complete set of solutions for fintech, Internet of things, digital security and digital services in the fields of banking, communications, government public service departments, defense, transportation and advanced manufacturing, from security devices to payment security, identity and privacy protection, mobile payment solutions, cloud authentication access services Intelligent device remote management, digital services, data security, blockchain technology, etc. The company is a leading smart banking solution provider with financial self-service equipment as the core in China. The company's experience in applying science and technology to the financial field has been gradually extended to government affairs, social security, medical treatment, transportation and other fields to achieve transformation, upgrading and development, and make the cause of "machine emancipation" more growth.
        The company is one of the first high-tech enterprises to research and develop financial electronic equipment in China. It has a municipal research and development center in Shenzhen. It is a designated unit for the research and development, production and sales of national commercial password products and the industrialization base of national financial payment information security products. It has accumulated strong technical research and development strength in the field of financial technology.
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