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Tencent tore open the "fig leaf" of China's NFT

Time : 01/07/2021 Author : 9pwj6r Click : + -
        On July 20, 2022, a news shocked the blockchain industry: Tencent will turn off magic core, which is one of the largest NFT platforms in China. Subsequently (July 21), phantom nuclear told the reporter of Huaxia times that it had not received the notice and did not deny whether the phantom nuclear would be abolished. But these don't seem to matter. People suddenly realized that even the largest NFT platform in China could not guarantee that the NFT purchased by users would not suddenly disappear. Those users who buy domestic digital collections suddenly find that the NFT they buy does not belong to them from beginning to end. China's NFT industry began in June 2021, when ant group sounded its first call, and Tencent, bytecs, Baidu,, B station, xiaohongshu... Almost all major Internet companies "rushed forward" to enter the NFT industry.
        Among them, the largest volume is also the NFT platform whale detection under ant group and the NFT platform phantom core under Tencent. At the peak of NFT, millions of users pour into these two NFT platforms every day. Until now, there have been more than 600 NFT platforms in China. However, the popularity of the industry cannot hide the embarrassment of domestic NFT platforms. What they actually do has nothing to do with NFT under the name of NFT. The news that Tencent plans to shut down phantom core once again exposes the dilemma of this industry to people. Whether Tencent will turn off magic core is not important. Importantly, Tencent can choose to turn off the magic core at will, and users cannot choose NFT to belong to themselves.
        NFT (non homogenous token), an asset that can be transferred online, is characterized by the fact that each NFT is unique, and each NFT can only have one owner. Based on these characteristics, NFT can create an Internet world where people have data rights, and a more real and immersive Internet world. The specific performance is: when you are in the real world, your computer, your car, your house, your paintings... Every work of the creator is profitable. At the same time, the paintings, music, videos, virtual cars created by people in the online world... Also belong to the creator.
        One of the problems that NFT solves is to make every Internet creator (laborer who works on the network) earn money from work like every laborer in the real world. What NFT wants to achieve is to enable every creator to have the right to create their own data, which can be owned by themselves or resold to others. Foreign NFT platforms are moving in this direction, whether Nike, Adidas, Puma and other sports shoe manufacturers; Mainstream media such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times; Or BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and other car companies are choosing to try the exploration in the direction of NFT. Without exception, they upload every NFT they make to the public chain, so as to ensure that every NFT will not be controlled by a giant.
        Decentralization ensures the uniqueness, scarcity and security of NFT. The digital collection released by Tencent magic core is a non NFT form of data, and its data is still maintained by Tencent and other centralized giants. In short, phantom core is a platform for selling pictures. Each picture ranges from 10 yuan to 100 yuan. Each same picture can sell 10000 copies. Like all the pictures on the Internet, these pictures have no value. Phantom core uploads pictures to Tencent's blockchain, and Tencent can still change or remove this blockchain at will. This makes data chaining unnecessary. In fact, data in the form of NFT, once owned by users, can be owned for life. It is as unique as all offline assets of people.
        It's like Picasso's painting, Jay Chou's first limited edition music album, and your friend's notebook... Each one is unique and unique. The difference is that NFT only exists online. Why do people buy these pictures, music and videos? Collection is a kind of behavior rooted in human heart. For a rare and precious thing, people can't help collecting it. The birth of the Internet has made a large number of creative activities happen on the Internet. The Internet allows every creation to be forwarded infinitely, which leads to an illusion that people seem to have no interest in collecting online things. The characteristics of NFT make it possible for people to realize their wishes and needs to collect digital artworks, which will also greatly promote the creative passion of Internet creators.
        In the future, Van Gogh may not paint on canvas, but create on the Internet; Michelangelo in the future may no longer use clay and stones as raw materials for sculpture, but online D production; While the great musicians and writers of this era can spread their works around the world for free on the Internet, they don't have to worry about not receiving the cost of creation. As long as they are good enough, fans will buy the NFT version of their unique music or books, which will be of great collection value. People collect because of the scarcity and uniqueness of collected items. However, the NFT launched by the domestic NFT platform can be easily copied and taken away because of the centralized platform control, which also makes the value of its collection close to 0.
        This is also the reason why many domestic NFT entrepreneurs are confused at present. What they do is not real NFT, but with the help of the mentality of users who do not understand and speculate. Even NFT launched by some NFT platforms are not linked, but directly hang pictures on Web pages for people to buy. This is undoubtedly a kind of deception. If you go in the wrong direction, you can't reach your destination no matter how far you run. Nowadays, China's NFT industry is going in a direction away from its destination. These foam like innovations do not seem to be beneficial to the goal of building a digital society and releasing data value. Data, as the fifth largest factor of production, has become an indispensable part of productivity in today's world.
        In the history of human economic and social development, production and labor are the most basic factors of production. With the progress of the times, capital and technology have become new factors of production, and they have had a revolutionary impact on productivity. As a kind of authentic and valuable data, NFT is gaining more and more attention and layout in the industry. It confirms the right of data through technology, which has become a key factor to release the value of data.
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