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What does the basic Q & a tell you about blockchain? (top)

Time : 19/03/2022 Author : h7azrk Click : + -
        In the previous article, you also have a simple understanding of blockchain and a general introduction to the development history of blockchain. But it may not be very clear. After all, with the development and deepening of the industry, professional terms of the industry have also emerged. For terms, babies are also learning. Today, let's talk about what blockchain is through question and answer. Of course, we will also avoid professional terms, and we don't need any background in finance and technology to solve our doubts. Back to business, let's work together!. A: blockchain technology is a decentralized distributed ledger database. Decentralization, that is, different from the traditional way of centralization, there is no center here, or everyone is the center; Distributed ledger database means that the accounting method is not only to store the ledger data in each node, but also to share and copy the data of the whole ledger synchronously.
        That is to say, this database is equivalent to a big ledger. Everyone can participate in bookkeeping, and the system will match the person who remembers the best and fastest ledger, and then transfer it to the big ledger, which will also be copied to everyone for backup, that is, bookkeeping behavior that everyone can participate in. In this way, everyone in the system has a complete account book. This technology is blockchain. A: this way can greatly achieve great security. First of all, there is a large central account book, so it cannot be destroyed. Everyone has an identical account book in their hands, and they have equal rights. The rules that cannot be tampered with cannot cheat. In other words, it's useless to change the data of your node, unless you modify everyone's account books, then the computer will refer to most people's data to feel the real result, and the effort will not pay off.
        Moreover, because there is no centralized intermediary, everything runs automatically according to its own trajectory, which can not only reduce costs, but also improve efficiency. Since everyone has the same account book, it can also ensure the openness and transparency of the account book process and reduce the corruption rate. The most important thing of blockchain is to solve the intermediary credit problem. In the past, the lender and the borrower had to rely on a third party to reach an agreement. Banks and Alipay are a good example. But now, through blockchain technology, bitcoin is the first time that human beings have realized the transfer behavior of mutual trust without the participation of any intermediary. This is the charm of blockchain.
        A: blockchain technology does not need intermediary participation. The process is open and transparent, with high security and low cost. So now, as long as it meets these requirements, it can be infiltrated into this technology. A: the main advantage of blockchain is to decentralize and reduce costs. The financial industry also conforms to the characteristics of blockchain. The first is to remove centralization, solve credit problems, reduce costs, save the tedious and troublesome audit process, and improve efficiency. The tamper proof attribute of blockchain can also be open and transparent, reduce corruption in the financial system, and enable the industry to develop steadily, intensively and rapidly. In the past, traditional finance was completed through central settlement, and now work efficiency can be improved through this technology. Now, when bitcoin applies blockchain technology, it can also carry out real-time settlement and clearing under the condition of complete decentralization, and there has not been an account error, so this technology will also improve global financial efficiency and change the global economic and financial pattern.
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