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Domestic blockchain games, invited the general manager of Beijing yumeide to be a guest to exchange blockchain applications and cooperation

Time : 03/11/2021 Author : 352qev Click : + -
        On July 15, 2022, Xu Tingxu, general manager of Beijing yumeide intellectual property services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing yumeide"), and his delegation were invited by people's daily to the new media building of people's daily. Yang Cheng, CEO of people's spiritual people's Art Museum of people's daily, also attended the exchange event and had an in-depth discussion with Xu Tingxu on relevant cooperation. Xu Tingxu also introduced the development plan of entertainment virtue and the development status of legend. Xu Tingxu introduced the development history of entertainment virtue. Entertainment virtue was founded in 2000 and completed the research and development of the famous online game legend in the same year. Since its introduction into China in 2001, the popularity of legend has never decreased, and it has developed from a game to an IP, while entertainment virtue has also developed into a multinational company, with its business covering game development, distribution, investment, blockchain, etc.
        Yumeide also continued to develop some follow-up products of legend. In 2020, legend 4 was launched in South Korea, causing a boom; After the launch of the international version of legend 4 last year, million people were online at the same time worldwide, almost three times the number of people who were online at the same time when legend of blood was at its peak in China. Xu Tingxu introduced that the main reason why the international version of legend 4 is so successful is its combination with blockchain technology. Legend 4 International Edition launched NFT for characters, and also NFT some of the main assets in the game. Entertainment virtue provides a special platform for uploading NFT digital cards for players to hold.
        The success of the international version of legend 4 has also accelerated the pace of improving its metauniverse plan. It has launched a new blockchain game platform, wemixplay, and hopes that it will become the pillar of the service-oriented ecosystem of blockchain games produced by global game companies. Entertainment virtue recently added nine games to wemixplay blockchain game platform, which enables developers to launch blockchain games without too much knowledge of Web3, and connects game developers and players more closely through past centralization. Yumeide hopes to launch online at wemixplay by the end of 2022.
        In addition to focusing on the development and application of blockchain technology, Emmet also made 22 investments in blockchain projects worldwide this year. When talking about the blockchain field, Yang Cheng not only introduced Lingjing people's Art Museum, but also put forward suggestions on cooperation with entertainment virtue. Lingjing people's art museum was officially launched by in January this year, aiming to provide a digital platform for artists and excellent art works, provide services for digital copyright protection, digital publishing, digital transformation, digital authentication (blockchain) of art works, and use digital technology to serve mass art. The distribution of digital collections of Lingjing people's art museum will focus on art, performance, film and television, public welfare and other fields, and try to distribute digital collections related to Chinese culture overseas, open up a new path for Chinese culture to go global, explore new forms of overseas communication of Chinese culture, and let Chinese excellent traditional culture become an important source of literary and artistic innovation with the help of new technological means.
        "Legend" as a familiar IP, whether it is story or character art, there are many places worth developing, and "legend" IP is also highly consistent with the theme of Lingjing people's Art Museum. In the future, entertainment virtue can authorize Lingjing people's Art Museum, and then Lingjing people's art museum will digitize the relevant achievements of "legend" IP, and then develop relevant derivatives to enrich the work Library of the platform. At the same time, the development of this product can attract more people to pay attention to the story and scene of the game, and even become a new game player, forming a complete chain of mutual promotion. The two sides have also launched more imagination for possible in-depth cooperation, which is also very worthy of expectation.
        After years of development, China's domestic game market has risen rapidly, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. For Chinese game companies, it is urgent for games to go to sea. Over the years, entertainment virtue has also been hoping to help Chinese small and medium-sized game enterprises go to sea and support more game works to go abroad through its rich distribution experience. As the most successful blockchain game company at present, many games have been launched on the entertainment virtue blockchain game platform wemixplay. Xu Tingxu hopes that in the future, games developed by Chinese enterprises can be launched through wemixplay platform, so that it is easier to enter the global market and take a new development path.
        Xu Tingxu said that for entertainment virtue, the Chinese game market is the most important market. Entertainment virtue also plans a number of measures to support Chinese game manufacturers, hoping to bring vitality to the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and create new ideas for the game industry in terms of IP value maximization and game operation. In addition, entertainment virtue also actively participates in projects beneficial to China's social and cultural development, and grows together with Chinese enterprises. The goal of entertainment virtue is to become a cooperative body that can grow together with most Chinese game enterprises. Legend game has achieved great success in China, with many users and huge volume. The huge benefits brought by the Legend game market have also led to the endless emergence of piracy and other infringement phenomena.
        As a game development company, entertainment virtue has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. Through prosecution, complaint and reporting, and joint efforts with local governments, yumeide has achieved good results in safeguarding rights. So far, yumeide has won more than 20 lawsuits, and more than 3000 legendary infringement games have been removed from the shelves. Xu Tingxu introduced that after obtaining the authorization to maintain the intellectual property rights of the works of "Legend of blood" within the scope of Chinese Mainland, Beijing yumeide actively carried out rights protection activities, and cooperated with the public security organs and relevant departments to crack down on the infringement involving the game of "legend". In the future, the businesses related to "legend" IP, including rights confirmation and authorization, will be completed by Beijing yumeide.
        The success and value of "legend" IP is the embodiment of the R & D strength of entertainment virtue. The exploration and practice of entertainment virtue in the blockchain field also presents more possibilities for the development of games and other industries. I believe that people's network can establish in-depth cooperation with entertainment virtue based on "legend" IP, develop more forms of excellent works, and explore and create a new development direction in the cultural field.
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