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Our province has released the blockchain industry development plan, forming a "1+3+n" industrial layout in three years

Time : 17/11/2021 Author : d68v75 Click : + -
        On the 10th, it was learned from the Provincial Department of industry and information technology that our province has issued the action plan for the development of blockchain industry in Jiangsu Province. The goal is that by 2023, the average annual growth rate of the blockchain industry will not be less than 15%, cultivate more than 10 backbone enterprises with national influence, build more than 10 blockchain innovation service platforms, and form a national blockchain development pilot demonstration area, three provincial blockchain industry development agglomeration areas "1+3+n" industrial layout of several blockchain technology innovation and application pilot areas. According to the plan, by 2023, our province will build five independent, safe and reliable underlying platforms with strong versatility and a large number of users, as well as several industry chains for key areas such as government affairs and justice; Organize and carry out at least 10 key technology research projects at all levels; Formulate and publish at least 5 standards and specifications of groups and above, and reward enterprises and institutions that take the lead in formulating blockchain standards at the provincial level and above; Build more than 10 provincial blockchain innovation service platforms and more than 5 blockchain research and application centers.
        By 2023, achieve the "ten hundred thousand" goals of the province: cultivate more than 10 blockchain backbone enterprises with national influence, 100 blockchain core enterprises, and 1000 blockchain related and application enterprises; Optimize and strengthen the industrial chain, with the number of warehousing products not less than 500 and excellent products not less than 50.
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