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Blockchain finance Video Explanation,Yu Jianing of Huo coin University: the overall acceleration of DFI distributed financial innovation has become a new outlet in the blockchain industry

Time : 16/09/2021 Author : giup1k Click : + -
        In 2020, the rapid rise of DFI (decentralized Finance) has become a new frontier in the blockchain industry. As a representative application and the fastest-growing field in the blockchain field, defi has received extensive attention from the financial industry and is also considered to be the frontier of innovation models in the financial technology field. "The essence of defi is a new smart business, which indicates that a new wave of blockchain applications is coming." Yu Jianing, President of Huo coin University, doctor of Finance and authoritative expert of blockchain, said that as a new model of digital finance, DFI is becoming the "main track" for public chains to find practical applications, and will also become the "base" of open finance. It is expected to produce a number of great projects with epoch-making significance, which contain huge wealth opportunities.
        Yu Jianing believes that the high intelligence and transparency of the blockchain platform based on DFI will bring a new round of reform storm to the global financial system. In the future, with the maturity of the mode of defi and the iteration of blockchain technology, it is even possible to dominate the new financial system of the future "code world". However, defi is a "new species" of the financial industry. Its business form, operation rules and development rules are relatively unique, which are quite different from traditional financial businesses and blockchain projects. If you want to seize this wave of wealth opportunities, you must conduct in-depth research. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and master defi at the right time. So, what exactly is defi? Can it become a killer application of blockchain and bring a new wave of wealth opportunities? To this end, huocoin University will hold an online themed live broadcast class at 8:30 p.m. on July 21. Yu Jianing, as the lecturer of this class, will focus on the value logic of distributed finance in combination with the classified cases and trends in the field of DFI during the live broadcast, and will elaborate on cutting-edge concepts and hot topics such as "liquidity mining".
        Yu Jianing emphasized that defi has comprehensively used innovative elements such as blockchain intelligent logic, token model, algorithm incentive, community model, etc., effectively formed a highly ecological operation system, and effectively integrated the innovative characteristics of cutting-edge technology, intelligent commerce, open organization, and digital finance, forming a very sophisticated business system. In addition, the evolution direction of defi is open finance, which is the future form of the financial industry and the fundamental direction of the transformation of financial institutions. At present, it is a good time to learn industry knowledge and explore future models. If you want to understand the new opportunities faced by the financial industry under such a technological storm, the key is to change your mind and master blockchain thinking.
        In addition, as an industry education institution focusing on blockchain applications and the development of digital economy, Huo coin university has opened the training of blockchain technology, market, operation and management talents. According to the needs of different groups, huocoin university has opened more than 10 online and offline courses, such as "blockchain outstanding talents special training camp (authoritative online live special training course)", "global blockchain leader course (GBLP)" (industry recognized top blockchain offline courses), "comprehensive blockchain learning course" (audio and video courses), "blockchain technology new air". At the same time, huocoin University will launch an authoritative online live course &mdash& mdash; "Blockchain excellent talent training camp" (Phase V), based on the latest application practice cases in the blockchain industry at home and abroad, covers all-round fields such as industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, application models, token economy, digital assets, etc.
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