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Publicity copy of blockchain,Baidu unveiled its first blockchain product "duuniverse"

Time : 06/10/2021 Author : nwbvd3 Click : + -
        It home news on June 8 today, baidu launched its first blockchain product "dueuniverse" official website, and its independent app may be released around the opening ceremony of the world cup on June 13. This is another blockchain project of Baidu after the release of Baidu super chain this month and the launch of the new version of "totem". It is reported that Du universe will create a digital universe composed of elements, gravitation and stars for users. Users can obtain the "elements" of the universe and create and expand their own planets. In the process of the gradual increase of the quality of users' planets, many new functions will be gradually opened. The official website copy shows that Du universe is a magical world composed of various rare elements.
        Here, you will have your own unique planet, starting from your own planet, crossing wormholes and starting Star Trek; During the journey, you can land on the planets you have explored at will, and there are all kinds of interesting opportunities on these planets. Public information shows that Baidu is gradually accelerating the pace of blockchain ecosystem layout. At the beginning of the year, Baidu search company established Baidu blockchain laboratory; In April, the blockchain original image service platform &mdash& mdash; Totems; At the end of May, the chain will be launched; In early June, Baidu's "super chain" was released.
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