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When people gather firewood, the blockchain is really "on fire"

Time : 13/06/2021 Author : j1uswy Click : + -
        Blockchain has become a "new favorite" in the world this year, and is favored by all walks of life. With the status of blockchain rising to the national strategic level, government departments also regard blockchain as an important breakthrough in the current independent innovation of core technology. The concept of blockchain has really "caught fire" since then. Television, radio, social media, etc. are promoting blockchain in different ways. Now blockchain is really "everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high", and this curious subversive technology is pursued from top to bottom. Everyone has a different understanding of blockchain. At the collective learning conference of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, blockchain was valued by the national high-level. Professor Chen Chun, a professor of Zhejiang University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, gave a wonderful speech to the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.
        In his speech, Professor Chen mentioned the alliance chain many times and made an in-depth explanation of the technological breakthrough and future development direction of the alliance chain. He said that the alliance chain blockchain is not only regulatory friendly, but also has the characteristics of high performance, high availability and protection of security and privacy. Professor Chen said that the government departments benefited a lot, and they also had a new understanding of blockchain. However, blockchain can solve the difficulties of traditional Internet technology. Previously, the government had put forward the slogan "Let information run more, let people run less". So far, few government departments can really achieve this slogan, which also has a bad impact on the hearts of ordinary people. The development of blockchain technology is simply a piece of cake to solve this information island problem of non sharing and non exchange of data.
        Through the way of Distributed Accounting, the data of multiple parties can be shared. At the same time, all parties can still keep their own data, and the privacy of the data will not be revealed. For the government, they think that blockchain is an alliance chain, and blockchain has nothing to do with money. As we all know, Alibaba has launched ant blockchain, Tencent recently launched Tencent blockchain, and Baidu's super chain has long been under development. These Internet companies are launching their own blockchain, and they have not issued coins. Even if these blockchains do not issue coins, they can effectively solve the problem of information transmission between different organizations in their own ecosystem, and can make the cooperation between companies and between companies and customers more close.
        Although this year is the first year of public chain, there are few public chain applications on the market, not to mention alliance chain. However, projects known as blockchain are shining. In fact, the Central Bank of China has implemented a blockchain based cheque digitization system for a long time, which is mainly aimed at the bill financing discount behavior of enterprises. The system aims to combat financial fraud and reduce the cost of printing cheques. But the public information of the state is extremely scarce, which has a lot of reasons. In fact, it is not difficult to analyze. The biggest difference between this data bill system and the traditional bill system is that this system is loaded with smart contracts. In the words of the central bank:. "Based on the analysis of digital bills and their transaction characteristics, we have preliminarily completed a set of digital bill technology infrastructure based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.
        Each digital bill is a program code containing bill business logic and corresponding bill data information. These digital bills running on the blockchain have independent life cycle and self-maintenance business processing capabilities, and can support a series of core business types such as bill acceptance, endorsement transfer, discount, rediscount, and cashing. Various business rules can be realized through smart contract programming. ". It can be seen that although blockchain technology is applied in this system, it is only "smart contract", and the application of smart contract in bills is certainly taken for granted. At the same time, for blockchain technology, smart contracts can only be regarded as one element, not the real core element of blockchain.
        So, what are the other elements of a real blockchain besides smart contracts? Blockchain is actually rich in connotation, which can be said to be all inclusive, such as utxo, public-private key pairs, digital fingerprints, distributed accounting, workload proof, etc. Although they form a large set of technologies in blockchain technology, each technology can be used separately from blockchain. Utxo can change the traditional clearing method, realize the function of "transaction is clearing", liberate traditional finance from complex settlement and clearing links, reduce intermediate links, and make transactions more convenient. The workload proved that anti spam was first developed; For example, elliptic hyperbolic cryptosystem is used in many Internet encryption applications.
        However, there are many projects like this. Any project that uses one of these technologies claims to have applied blockchain technology, which can solve some application problems in the future, so as to increase the hype and attract the attention of customers and investors. The block is roughly composed of the following parts: transaction, block structure and random number. Here is a question. How do you think blocks are divided? In fact, it is not through time, the number of transactions in the block, or the size of the block, but through the workload proof to calculate the random number. In other words, blocks are divided by POW workload proof.
        So how are these blockchains linked? Through specific rules or protocols, each blockchain is combined to form a chain — Blockchain. In fact, the real chain formation is far more than these points. In the formation process, it is necessary to converge the different data of different nodes of the whole network into a certain and the same data process. At present, in the blockchain world, these geeks feel that only projects that use POW workload proof are the most orthodox blockchain projects. For them, blockchains are basically public chains, and other private chains and alliance chains are "pseudo blockchains". In the eyes of the public, blockchain is mainly a virtual world dominated by trading and digital currency.
        However, with the introduction of token economy, we have a new understanding of blockchain. Token economy is a very important concept in the field of blockchain. Many leaders are very optimistic about token economy. They believe that the most important thing that blockchain will ultimately contribute to society is token economy. In other words, token economy will provide people with a strong cooperation mode, accurately quantify the contribution of everyone in the system, so as to greatly stimulate the participation enthusiasm of every participant and greatly improve work efficiency, And the pass economy will eventually overturn the existing company system. For example, many content platforms have nothing to do with blockchain. They are a real centralized platform and have nothing to do with blockchain decentralization.
        What is similar to blockchain is that it issues a coin based on blockchain, that is, a token. At present, the vast majority of dapps in the currency circle are based on blockchain technology. In addition, they are no different from traditional Internet projects. Of course, the action of issuing coins is also of great significance. At a small scale, it makes each of us intuitively feel the existence of blockchain; Generally speaking, it can trigger a big wave of token economy. No matter who knows blockchain, it is only the knowledge in the past rumors. Those who really understand blockchain are concentrating on exploring the core of blockchain research and development. Today, blockchain has given the world a different face, so we should have a new understanding of blockchain and be full of confidence and expectation for the future of blockchain.
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