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Will Tencent produce the next generation of sandbox games? Game code "Z" or related to the number one player

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : njwdbv Click : + -
        At the 2018 China "Internet +" Digital Economy Summit hosted by Tencent on April 12, caiyige, general manager of Tencent blockchain business, revealed that Tencent would release its first blockchain game on April 23. The majority of players and major media have speculated that the game named "Z" by Tencent is sacred, and whether it is related to the popular blockchain game movie "player 1". As the date of Tencent's blockchain game announcement is getting closer, some fake "Z" games have come out. Yesterday, a game called "Penguin continent" brushed through the circle of friends, almost confusing the fake with the real, and severely rubbed the hot spot of Tencent.
        Just now, it was only more than ten hours before Tencent released its first blockchain game, and a heavy message appeared on the secondary domain name of Tencent's official website: "block is coming! Tencent's next generation of block creation game"!!. See the title of "block coming! Tencent next generation box creation game", and then look at the secondary domain name "nextsandbox", which has the meaning of "next generation sandbox". Isn't this a similar concept to the Lok Kua game launched more than a month ago? And they are all called "blocks"! The concept of "LEGO on the chain" and "my world on the chain" was introduced at the beginning of the game. Is Tencent really going to play a game with the same concept as Le Kuai?.
        Look at the keywords in the source code, "sandbox game, circuit, mini, mod, pixel, building block", it seems that it is really necessary to make sandbox games such as LEGO on the chain and my world. A month ago, Shanghai thunderbeast technology took the lead in launching a blockchain game called "Le block, your LEGO City on the chain". The first sentence of the game introduction is: Le block is a game asset registered on the blockchain, and the goal is to become a "virtual Lego" on the blockchain. In LEGO games, players can build their own castles, cars, weapons, and all kinds of shapes in the blockchain world through assembly and combination, just like LEGO toys in childhood. It can be said that it is not only an online LEGO game, but also an online minecraft (my world) game, from which you can get real game fun.
        At present, there are five colors of Lok Kuai, which are different in rarity and advantages when participating in play methods. Players can use the basic element of music block to cast their favorite characters, favorite landscapes, favorite weapons and beloved accessories. Le Kuai provides a real and transparent game environment. The official is only responsible for building the platform, and the rest is done by users themselves. Players dig, exchange, fight, and form alliances here. With the development of Le Kuai, players can really "do whatever they want". The key is that the official cannot affect any data that players have been linked. The real difference of Lego is that Lego believes that the future game should be a real parallel world controlled by players, and the elements of blockchain and LEGO are just an epitome of our concept.
        I wonder how the next generation sandbox game launched by Penguin kingdom will be different from LEGO? Don't worry, "here comes the block". It's only a dozen hours before the announcement! Everything will be known soon!. There is no doubt that Lego on the chain, my world minecraft, is an excellent topic for blockchain games. Blockblocks are blocks, and the uniqueness of blockchain assets allows players to learn the essence of blockchain in the process of playing.
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