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Soaring 112% in two days: thunderbolt in transformation

Time : 01/01/2022 Author : wlmbci Click : + -
        Blockchain concept stocks in U.S. stocks continued to be popular. After soaring 107% last Friday, setting the largest one-day increase since its listing, Xunlei ( continued to rise 28.63% before the U.S. stock market on Monday, and closed at $5.7, up as much as 18.26%, again leading the U.S. blockchain concept stocks. Among the Chinese concept stocks listed in the U.S. capital market, not a few companies have set foot in the blockchain, including Baidu and Alibaba, which have released corresponding products, but why does capital prefer Xunlei? Analysts from gelonghui said that Xunlei is the only blockchain company in China that dares to allin blockchain and has independently developed blockchain core technology.
        The history of Xunlei can be explained by slightly older Internet users: thanks to the advanced P2P accelerated download technology, Xunlei easily replaced the Internet ant and Internet Express as the necessary file download software for PC installation. Even Tencent, which has a huge user base, failed to seize the share of Xunlei in the download market with QQ whirlwind after all. The former was shut down last September. Xunlei is almost the only download software on the Chinese Internet. Today's thunder is a fantastic existence. At least since the first sprint for IPO in 2011, Xunlei has been planning how to tear off the label of "download tool" for many years. In the past eight years, Xunlei has made many transformation attempts, and the latest direction is blockchain.
        But looking back on history, it is not difficult to find that every attempt of Xunlei is not particularly successful, and the all in blockchain may be Xunlei's last hope. At the end of October, blockchain concept stocks represented by Xunlei received positive results due to high-level speeches. The media said that the country's attention to blockchain technological innovation this time was "epic positive". In August, 2009, China Unicom signed the iPhone entry contract and officially commercialized the 3G network, opening the prelude to the transfer of hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users from PCs to smartphones. At that time, Xunlei was preparing for listing in the United States under the leadership of its founder zoushenglong. Download itself involves many gray areas. Xunlei makes some new attempts almost every year, ranging from search engines, video websites to online disks, live broadcasts and even Internet finance, but all of them end in failure.
        In 2011, the video website and client Xunlei, which focuses on HD, went online. Xunlei's online disk was renamed Xunlei ark, which encourages users to share resources, and was closed in less than two years. In 2014, Xunlei was successfully listed in the "anti pornography and anti illegal · net action", and its share price soon broke. In the same year, netheart Technology launched the thunderbolt crystal plan to reduce the cost of CDN (PC version of gamecloud) by using users' idle bandwidth. In 2015, Xunlei was sold, and netheart officially launched its shared computing business, launching two generations of moneymaking hardware and star domain CDN. Xunlei also dabbled in live broadcasting and VR. In 2017, Zou Shenglong stepped down, Xunlei released the sharing economy + blockchain intelligent hardware gamer cloud, CEO Chen Lei announced the all in blockchain, and Xiaomi co-founder Wang Chuan became the chairman of Xunlei.
        In 2018, Xunlei officially launched the underlying blockchain technology platform &mdash& mdash; Xunlei chain, and successively released Xunlei chain open platform, Xunlei chain file system TCFs, etc. According to the description of the official website, Xunlei chain is a trusted blockchain expert, providing services such as smart contract development, blockchain application landing, blockchain business ecosystem construction, etc; Reach all walks of life including physical industry, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and life science. In November 2014, zoushenglong, introduced by Xiaomi Leijun, appointed Chen Lei, a senior executive who jumped from Tencent cloud, as the first CTO of Xunlei, and also served as the CEO of its subsidiary, netheart technology.
        During Tencent cloud, Chen Lei has realized the importance of CDN (content distribution network) business cost control. At that time, the price war of cloud computing has been fought for several rounds. Tencent cloud, Alibaba cloud, baidu cloud and a group of cloud computing start-ups competed to reduce prices to attract enterprise customers. However, the cost of deploying centralized nodes and operation and maintenance of traditional CDN is rigid, and the price reduction space is limited and unsustainable. At this time, Xunlei has launched a project called projectcrystal through netheart technology to verify whether it can use users' idle bandwidth and storage space to build a complete set of CDN services.
        Zoushenglong also introduced the crystal plan in Xunlei's financial report and analysts' conference call, and placed high hopes on it. From the technical level, P2P and P2SP networks themselves have the attribute of decentralization. If the bandwidth and storage resources of users can be collected, and the content to be distributed can be pre stored in the node closest to the user by using the algorithm, the bandwidth cost of CDN can be greatly reduced in theory, and the resource loading / response speed can be improved at the same time. This is the basic working principle of P2P CDN. In 2015, with the slogan of "lying down can make money", nething technology has successively released two types of Xunlei money making treasure, which are hard to find by making an appointment.
        In 2017, the "free and enjoyable private cloud disk" was launched, and blockchain technology was added as a trust mechanism. The number of appointments soon exceeded 35million. Strictly speaking, moneymaking treasure and gamecloud are not mining machines, and the internal algorithm is also significantly different from mining machine mining algorithm. As the terminal CDN node, the main function of Alipay and gamecloud is to find the correct fragment data and transmit it to the correct user demand side. After the release of the first generation of Xunlei moneymaking treasure, position C of Xiaomi Leijun station, zoushenglong, the founder of Xunlei, and Chen Lei, the CEO of netheart technology jointly released CDN products for enterprise customers &mdash& mdash; Star domain CDN, the slogan is as ambitious as Xiaomi: redefine CDN.
        According to the statistics of blockbeats, star CDN has reduced prices many times in the past three years since its release, pulling down the overall market. At the end of 2018, Xunlei announced that it would package the businesses of linklink, linklink mall, linklink wallet and so on together and sell them for a fee to a Beijing company invested by new continent group, and the related businesses of linklink would be operated by this company. In the view of the outside world, this is to separate the gray income business and reduce the policy risk of the company's operation. In many media reports, the company that took over linklink is also known as the "national team" because of the participation of many state-owned assets. It can be seen that Xunlei has faced great government regulatory pressure on the operation of linklink.
        The change of management rights can avoid the situation that Xunlei is both a referee and an athlete, while the lucrative gamecloud and Xunlei chain are retained. According to incomplete statistics, since the launch of Xunlei chain in April 2018, there have been nearly 30 business application cases, involving travel, traceability, public welfare, copyright and other industries and vertical fields. Taking the domestic professional anti-counterfeiting and traceability service provider Qiaozi cloud code as an example, it uses the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain to provide enterprise customers in the food, beauty, pharmaceutical and other industries with solutions such as commodity anti-counterfeiting, security traceability, channel management and control. In March this year, the China Copyright Protection Center jointly released the China digital copyright unique identity (DCI) standard alliance chain with sina Weibo, Xunlei, JD mall and other domestic heavyweight Internet platforms.
        As the pioneer of domestic blockchain technology, Xunlei provides blockchain technical support for DCI system and jointly creates a new ecosystem of copyright services. At the same time, Xunlei chain also won the bid for the blockchain founding node system construction project under Guangdong Southern new media, which will be used to assist enterprises in building alliance chains. This also means that Xunlei chain technology has been recognized by state-owned enterprises. Blockbeats is fortunate to see that the technology accumulation and the construction of distributed technology infrastructure of Xunlei over the years are shining brightly on the Xunlei chain, giving the blockchain industry, which has been gloomy for a long time, a new hope for development. In addition to the previously mentioned technical performance, development experience and application landing, Xunlei is also actively promoting the prosperity and development of the industry ecology with an open attitude.
        In May, 2018, Xunlei chain open platform launched a series of support policies for developers, such as technology, mode, capital, etc; The blockchain application competition for the world attracted more than 2000 developers to participate, which was known as an industry event at that time; The technology salons that have successively landed in seven cities have brought dawn and direction to countless confused developers. These seemingly ordinary things contain Xunlei's boxing heart for the whole blockchain technology development ecosystem. Looking at the global blockchain underlying platform market, Xunlei has not only achieved innovation in its own business, but also successfully took the lead in blockchain + business model, becoming the weathervane enterprise representative in the blockchain main chain market in 2019.
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