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Eliminate ignorance, save panic, and strive to become a comprehensive service platform for high-end industrial talents

Time : 11/07/2022 Author : fp85k1 Click : + -
        As everyone knows, without a clear understanding of the blockchain industry and the encryption market, you simply can't see through the trend, business opportunities and projects. On the contrary, the slightly tired market has become the best time for individuals to get ready. Only by expanding the scope of self-awareness, increasing personal knowledge reserves, and insight into the latest trends in the industry, can you control, make correct judgments, and don't miss opportunities. As an old blockchain in-depth media, Runfa finance always pays attention to the industry development vane, understands the most urgent needs of vertical users, helps all people interested in blockchain not to fall behind due to the rapid development of the industry, follows the pace of industry development, and explores a learning platform suitable for all kinds of people.
        Run finance and economics and China enterprise chain cloud jointly build a professional education platform in the blockchain field &mdash& mdash; Lighting education provides blockchain courses at different levels for users who lack basic industry knowledge, are eager to have an insight into the latest trends in the industry, and improve personal application skills and technologies. It also actively launched learning resources for new tracks such as NFT, defi, metauniverse, and is committed to becoming the preferred learning platform for all kinds of people in the blockchain field. Running finance has also joined forces with more authoritative units and professional institutions to ensure that all users who enter the light education can learn real and useful knowledge and skills, bring together the top experts and practitioners in the blockchain field, and provide users with links to networking resources, rather than organizing three or five seemingly lively lectures to collect money from "missing anxiety".
        Based on the current market demand of the industry, lightlight education establishes a professional education and skill certification training system, from basic entry, advanced, and then to famous experts' sharing and teaching, so that users can understand the development trend of blockchain, solve various problems in the actual operation process hand in hand, and explain the encryption asset investment logic in practice. At the same time, it also provides users with systematic courses from software, hardware, services, applications and other aspects, and is qualified after graduation, National recognized professional certificates such as blockchain application development engineers will also be issued, so as to obtain more competitive employment opportunities. Lighting education builds three training systems, namely, grassroots professional talent output, practical management training, and enterprise level solutions, including four training modules: basic module, application module, practice module, and management module. It focuses on cultivating compound talents who already have blockchain expertise and are familiar with the operation and development of traditional enterprises and industrial chains, Meet the needs of middle and high-level enterprises who need to improve their professional quality and provide digital chain transformation solutions, and the expert team to serve the digital transformation of enterprises.
        In light education, national professional teachers help you establish a complete blockchain knowledge system, complement your weaknesses, expand your cognitive range, keep up with the latest trends and development trends in the industry, no longer blind, win value with your major, master customized professional skills, obtain a valuable employment certificate, and obtain broader employment opportunities. Users of lighting education have the opportunity to enjoy the national Ministry of industry and information technology — The National Center for digital chain reform of small and medium-sized enterprises, the high-tech industry branch of China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, and academicians and experts and scholars of blockchain at home and abroad are trained to become sophisticated talents proficient in blockchain technology, applications and scenarios by learning theory + practical applications.
        Lighting education also provides enterprises with the best solutions for industrial upgrading and transformation and enterprise digital chain reform. Together with Beijing Qinglian Huazhi Technology Co., Ltd. and xiong'an blockchain laboratory, it jointly initiated the establishment of Hebei Smart City Federation blockchain enabling entity application center, customized solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve Chain reform and digital transformation according to the current development situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, inquired and felt the pulse in the actual battle, found out the pain points of enterprise development, and effectively helped enterprises break through bottlenecks and improve efficiency. The core characteristics of blockchain technology are "autonomy" and "credibility". Creating value is the development requirement of blockchain technology. In the process of technology upgrading and application, it is found that the talent base is the most critical cornerstone.
        The official launch of the lightlight education app will be the best place for people in the blockchain industry to understand the latest developments in the industry, and it will also be the best tool to master professional skills. In the future, lightlight education will aggregate more industry resources, export applied, professional and composite talents for the blockchain industry, and become the most professional and authoritative education service platform in the blockchain field.
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