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Shandong released the innovative achievements of blockchain, and the autonomous and controllable Jinan government chain was enabled

Time : 18/02/2022 Author : emjhqc Click : + -
        On the morning of July 21, the 2022 data security summit forum and the results release of Shandong blockchain Research Institute were held in Jinan. This activity focused on data security and released the major innovative achievements of data security independently innovated by Shandong blockchain Research Institute. Based on the above innovative achievements, the autonomous and controllable Jinan government affairs chain will be launched at the same time, which will provide a high security, high credibility and privacy oriented data element circulation channel for thousands of industries such as government affairs, finance, insurance, medical treatment, energy, etc., and help Jinan City's four key actions of "data management", "data gathering", "data communication" and "data use", in order to promote the further opening and sharing of Jinan government affairs data Prosperous data application scenarios provide data security infrastructure.
        It is understood that in order to cultivate and expand the data element market and serve the major engineering applications of national new infrastructure, Jinan and Tsinghua University jointly established Shandong blockchain Research Institute. Over the past two years, the Institute has been committed to building a new cryptographic industry technology base, building cryptographic service infrastructure, providing independent, innovative, safe and efficient data security services for networks and information systems in important fields, and leading the development of China's new cryptographic industry. At present, the relevant products of the Institute have been applied in more than ten scenarios in key fields such as government affairs, finance, agriculture, energy, transportation, etc.
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