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"My world" ban, NFT, and blockchain, blocked the Chinese game market in the first half of the year

Time : 12/01/2022 Author : gd0uh8 Click : + -
        Torch will launch the statue of Rani of the Eldon law ring, with a full height of 29cm. The sale date and price have not been announced yet. Mojang, the developer of my world, announced that blockchain and NFT technology are prohibited from being used in games, and game related NFT content is not allowed to be created. Src= they said that "my world" is a community where everyone can access the same content, and NFT and other blockchain technologies create digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which creates a scenario where rich and poor exist at the same time. This is inconsistent with the values of creativity, inclusiveness and common play of my world, so it is forbidden.
        Src= Diandian comments: it's good. Such a high degree of freedom and fun game should not be bound by these. Having fun with the game is over. The game Working Committee of China audio and digital Association, China Game Industry Research Institute and Gamma data jointly released the report on China's game industry in the first half of 2022. The report shows that due to the impact of the epidemic and other factors, the development of China's game market has been blocked, and the sales revenue and user scale have decreased slightly. src=· In China's game market, mobile games account for 74.75% of market revenue, client games account for 20.80%, and page games account for 1.83%. The proportion of mobile games decreased slightly compared with the same period last year.
        Src= Diandian comments: there are still many reasons for the decline. During the epidemic period, there is no desire to consume at all. I don't want to retaliate for consumption after unsealing. I feel that I can't be happy until the epidemic ends. Se launched "Final Fantasy 7 remaking" made by Claude, including movable and immovable versions. The price is 19580 yen (about 957 yuan). It is expected to ship on March 31, 2023. The game recommended today is the plot interactive game "sunset and dusk", which has been logged on the pc/xbox platform at present. The steam price is 89 yuan. It is first added to XGP, supports Chinese dubbing and subtitles, and can be played by up to 8 people.
        Src= you will explore the tangled lives of two families for 30 years. Since the robbery accident in 1998, the life of each character will depend on the choice you make. Src= uncompromising crime story, sacrifice and survival. Can you get rid of the bad influence of your family? How much sacrifice are you willing to make for the people you love? Can you walk out of the shadow of the past? Your decision will change the fate of the character.
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