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Time : 26/06/2021 Author : qpazcw Click : + -
        What is blockchain? I believe many people have heard of this term, but some people still can't fully understand it. In the book "blockchain changes the future" (published by people's Daily Press) written by Wang Youqiang and Tu Jing, it not only analyzes the concept and connotation of "blockchain", analyzes the application of blockchain in financial and non-financial fields and emerging industries, but also expounds the development trends and future development trends of "blockchain" in China. In recent years, the new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, Internet and artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day, and digitalization, networking and intelligence are developing in depth. Blockchain is an institutional arrangement and design based on the Internet as infrastructure, combined with cryptography, P2P network, algorithm technology, computer advanced language technology, etc., and learning from each other.
        The author believes that the entrepreneurial trend led by "Internet +" has become the mainstream of the current and future economy, and "blockchain +" is the deepening of "Internet +" in a certain field. Blockchain technology and its application architecture system were born naturally for the convenience and technology of financial means. In the book, the author introduces the development status of "blockchain +" in traditional financial industries such as securities, equity, capital market, financial derivatives and insurance industry. For example, data shows that among the ongoing "blockchain +" exploration in the world, "blockchain + insurance" related scenario exploration accounts for 20%. Blockchain can use consensus algorithm to verify the data of the applicant and the insurance subject, and intelligently and automatically perform the claim settlement business. Based on the large database, insurance companies can quickly evaluate people's health and accurately quote.
        The author also predicts that the future trend should be the timely launch of "blockchain + insurance" full scene one-stop service products. This book collects a large number of practical application cases of e-government, product traceability, digital medicine, sharing economy, e-commerce and future emerging industries, and analyzes the development status of blockchain applications in detail. For example, in daily consumption, we find that many commodities can be scanned for product traceability, especially in agricultural products that consumers are generally concerned about. "Blockchain + agricultural product traceability" provides an interactive network of data and information for all parties. Retailers, wholesalers, agricultural product quality testing institutions, seed merchants, farmers, etc. can enjoy the convenience brought by blockchain through real-time data sharing on the chain Increased efficiency and trust.
        The author introduces that many large enterprises at home and abroad are laying out "blockchain + agricultural product traceability" one after another. At the same time, product traceability will be better combined with new e-commerce, supply chain finance, Internet of things, etc., forming a larger industrial ecosystem. With the vigorous development of Internet financial technology and its supporting technologies, the sharing economy is in a state of barbaric growth. According to the monitoring data of the e-commerce research center, the areas involved in the sharing economy have included catering, logistics, travel, second-hand sharing platforms, etc. Although it is developing rapidly, there are also practical problems such as resource waste. The author believes that blockchain is the most likely solution to the current pain point of the sharing economy.
        First, the complete point-to-point service created by the blockchain platform can satisfactorily solve the problem of process resource allocation. Secondly, blockchain technology can solve the problem of responsibility between nodes. In recent years, with the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles, speech recognition, virtual reality (VR), autonomous driving and face recognition into our lives, artificial intelligence has begun to change our way of life. At the same time, its development has also brought a series of challenges to human society, such as privacy, security and fairness. What role will blockchain play in the future era led by artificial intelligence? The author believes that the top-down business logic of AI and the bottom-up of blockchain strongly complement each other, and can form an intelligent collaborative group with multi Industry Alliance in any industry.
        In this book, the author introduces the domestic blockchain technology application institutions and major achievements, and also expounds the development status of blockchain technology and "blockchain +" in major universities and education systems. The author believes that blockchain technology will play a more prominent and critical role in the future.
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