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How can sealsc empower enterprises when blockchain becomes a national strategy?

Time : 07/01/2022 Author : q798wo Click : + -
        On October 31, sealscco founder Li yingxuan visited the online Salon of Shenzhen chain school, focusing on "how can sealsc empower enterprises when blockchain has become a national strategy?" Share this topic. The following is the sharing record, which is slightly sorted out by Shenzhen chain finance. As a middleware cloud platform linking the Internet and blockchain networks. Sealsc aims to enable users and enterprises to build DAPP without barriers, connect the current major public chains, and realize cross chain integration, value circulation, data exchange and other services. Sealsc's team is composed of leaders, core development engineers and community developers from leading blockchain enterprise projects such as onchain, ontology, Tron and bitkeep. These people have rich technical accumulation and in-depth understanding in the blockchain field.
        Blockchain, as a cutting-edge technology focused by the state, is gradually being known by the broad masses of the people. It can be expected that in the future, blockchain will take root in all walks of life, so as to truly realize the interconnection and integration of blockchain +. So, what preparations and achievements have sealsc, which is deeply engaged in blockchain +, made for this blockchain boom?. Li yingxuan: compared with other public chains, sealsc does not take the public chain as the core. Our public chain is only a necessary service in the platform. Sealsc is an intelligent and complete middleware platform based on the full business process xaas of blockchain and integrating technologies such as lightweight Oracle network, multi chain fusion system and unified protocol gateway.
        Our goal is to integrate all major public chain systems, provide unified protocol specifications, open up the channels between various industries and blockchains in society, and reduce the threshold for enterprises to use blockchain technology. Shenzhen Chain Finance: at present, the global blockchain technology is in rapid development, and has become the core technology supported by the state in China. What changes can sealsc bring to society and our lives?. As an intelligent cloud platform, sealsc allows the real economy and real enterprises to easily deploy their own blockchain, business smart contracts, issue compliant assets, build decentralized applications and other business scenario needs through sealsc, so that enterprises can easily use blockchain technology without blockchain teams and high learning costs to achieve cost reduction and efficiency gains.
        The sealblockchainprotocolfamily developed by us realizes a set of blockchain whole process technical services - xaas, that is, everything is a service. It can provide the development and deployment of various smart contracts and dapps in the fields of education, employment, pension, precision poverty eradication, medical and health care, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance, etc., including the provision of complete modules such as dapis & dsdks, Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle, etc., to meet the "blockchain +" needs of various business scenarios. One of the characteristics of sealsc is the natural cross chain. The seamless cross chain interoperability (CAAS) protocol in xaas can not only realize the rapid, convenient and safe cross chain interoperability of information, assets (tokens) and data between entities and enterprises, as well as between governments and cities, and even between the Internet and blockchain. Not only blockchain users, but also enterprise users, government systems, and C-end users can use the complete middleware of sealsc, Realizing the cross chain demand of interoperability between each other can also truly open up the path of various industries and blockchains in society, and truly realize the digitalization and digital asset interconnection of information, capital, talents, credit reporting, etc.
        Deep Chain Finance: sealsc advocates the xaas service based on the whole business process, aiming to provide enterprises with more safe and convenient services. So where is this convenience embodied?. Liyingxuan: xaas we advocate, that is, everything is service. This is a comprehensive set of blockchain technology support services for enterprises and developers through the in-depth structure and recombination of blockchain technology and the use of high cohesion, low coupling and minimum service splitting. Xaas is a set of blockchain whole process technical services based on sealblockchainprotocolfamily developed by us. It consists of unified protocol oriented blockchain fast and smooth access (FAAS), one click deployment blockchain system (baas), seamless cross chain interoperability (CAAS), unified management and monitoring of heterogeneous blockchain networks (MAAS), lightweight Oracle network (OAAs), and coding free smart contract generation and deployment (SaaS), Unified protocol oriented Multi Chain access gateway (GaAs) and other services.
        For enterprises that do not want or need to build their own main chain, they can smoothly upgrade their existing businesses to the blockchain system by using xaas, simple and efficient access to blockchain technology, without changing the original business process, which greatly reduces the technology upgrading and maintenance costs of enterprises. For enterprises that want to build their own blockchain system, xaas can enable them to quickly integrate, deploy, manage and maintain their own blockchain system, just as it is simple for traditional enterprises to build an enterprise official website today. For enterprises that already have their own blockchain, xaas allows enterprises to quickly expand their blockchain system according to their business needs, access trusted data sources, and more efficient organization, management, monitoring, maintenance and operation.
        Liyingxuan: This is a question of perspective and timing. Both are very important, but at present, tob is a more appropriate time. Blockchain is still in the early stage of exploration and research of technology landing, and you haven't seen a very landing application scenario. At this stage, companies in the blockchain technology industry don't know much about the specific business of each b-end entity industry, and each b-end entity industry doesn't know much about blockchain technology. However, only when b-end understands blockchain technology and blockchain technology companies truly understand the needs of b-end can blockchain technology be better integrated into the business of physical enterprises and truly serve C-end users.
        It is from this perspective that sealsc chooses to cross fields with technology, connect the world with integration, and provide mature, stable, easy-to-use and low-cost block linking, deployment and landing services for entity enterprises through xaas whole process services, so as to explore the actual landing scenario of blockchain with entity enterprises. Deep Chain Finance: sealsc said in its previous publicity that it is difficult to really crack the "Impossible Triangle" simply through public chain or cross chain single technology research. Do you think the "Impossible Triangle" can be cracked? What is the method of cracking?. But we can try to separate the problems. A single blockchain system cannot provide features at the same time. We can connect multiple heterogeneous blockchain systems to make up for each other's shortcomings, so we don't need to use the same chain to solve all the problems.
        This is a cross chain interaction architecture. The only problem under this architecture is how to make heterogeneous blockchain systems trust each other. Because a blockchain system itself cannot verify the credibility of external data, whether the data is from the Internet, databases, or from another chain. To solve this problem, sealsc adopts a decentralized lightweight Oracle network to ensure the data Credibility under this architecture. Sealsc's Oracle network is a decentralized technology for trusted data collection, transmission and certificate storage. This technology not only provides part of the underlying data support for our xaas system, but also prepares to open it as a general service for enterprises and developers to provide highly available and secure Oracle data services for the entire industry.
        Li yingxuan: sealsc works with enterprises to study and explore the implementation of blockchain technology in specific business scenarios through the whole process of xaas services, perfect technical support, professional consulting advice, and targeted solution customization. In this process, entity enterprises will have a better understanding of the combination of blockchain technology and their own businesses, and sealsc will also have a better understanding of the business needs and pain points of enterprises. Sealsc will work together with entity enterprises to continuously promote the progress and application practice of blockchain technology, kick off an imperceptible social upgrading, and make blockchain become a real component of social foundation and integrate into all fields of society.
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