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Now the copywriting is perfect

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : 0ai72t Click : + -
        Do you feel it? Now the copywriting is all TM perfect. Even the advertisement for prostitution is so creative that it unexpectedly compares a young lady to a girlfriend. Through a series of parallelism sentences, it shows the troubles of a girlfriend or wife, arouses your anxiety and resonance, and then highlights your advantageous value. Such an industry with unhealthy values is so plausible that many people say, "it's impossible to refute". If you don't have a little defense, you'll really fall. Duanzi players have really penetrated into all walks of life. Prostitution may still be resisted, but most people can't resist making money. Look at the text of bitcoin. Although everyone knows it's hype, it's still strange.
        This version of the story of "straight male cancer Nemesis" has become a cliche of love stories. However, with the element of bitcoin, it suddenly has wings and spreads rapidly. Now, the concept of blockchain is really popular. Two days ago, Lenovo released a blockchain mobile phone. In fact, there is no practical application of blockchain. However, if you dare to call it that, anyway, the advertising law can't control it, and the result is spread everywhere. At least there is a story version of the above copy. People don't want the story version on Lenovo Mobile phones. They just need to type three words on the PPT, blockchain, and then it's hot. These unscrupulous businessmen are just trying to create copywriting. Who do you think this 110 is annoying, and the duanists can even get involved:.
        Hawking's brain hole is very big, creating the origin of the universe. This copywriter's brain hole is not bad, but it's a pity that others' brain hole is to contribute to science, and his brain hole is used to ridicule house prices. All hot spots can be used for ridicule. For example, a media recently ridiculed meituan for taking a taxi and put several Internet tycoons on it. It's really not a small brain hole:.
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