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An overview of the investment territory of Unicorn animoca, brands of metauniverse Technology

Time : 07/01/2022 Author : u74wxh Click : + -
        Animocabrands is a Hong Kong mobile game company founded in 2014. It began to set foot in the blockchain and NFT markets in 2017, and after several years of rapid growth. Animocabrands has developed into a unicorn enterprise of blockchain technology, and it is also a giant enterprise of metauniverse. Reviewing the market value changes of animocabrands in the past two years, we can find that this enterprise has a very high growth. In March 2020, the market value of the company was only about $100million. With strong management ability and market grasp, after several rounds of investment and financing, the current market value of the company has exceeded $5.9 billion.
        The largest financing occurred in January this year. Animocabrands received a financing of $358.8 million led by libertycityventures. The participating institutions include "financial giant" Soros Fund Management Company and Sequoia China, which has invested in half of China's Internet. Recently, animocabrands announced the main unaudited financial and business highlights from the last three months of 2021 to the first four months of 2022. According to the data, animocabrands has more than 340 investment projects, with a total investment of US $1.5 billion. Investment projects mainly involve blockchain games, e-sports, guilds, metauniverse, art, markets, decentralized finance, infrastructure, encrypted wallets and other types.
        From the distribution of investment projects led by animocabrands, among the 312 projects, there are 84 projects led by animocabrands and 119 projects participated in. The number of projects participating in strategic investment and becoming partners and the number of acquisition projects are 90 and 18 respectively. In addition, we counted the number of investment projects of animocabrands every month after 2021. The reason for the statistics of these two years is that, first, animocabrands began to lay out the encryption market in 2017, but the pace of investment was really accelerated in these two years, and the number of investment projects in previous years was relatively small; Second, 2021 is called the year of "NFT", and the encryption field has witnessed explosive growth.
        In terms of investment activity, the number of investment projects of animocabrands in the first half of 2022 was higher than that in 2021, and the activity increased significantly, of which March and April 2022 were the most active.
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