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Time : 10/10/2021 Author : 0crm2h Click : + -
        Kelvinkoh, co-founder of spartancapital, tweeted today that he would stop investing in Dao because many people are using it to avoid legal liability; Hasu, angel investor of makerdao, also said that Dao still has many huge defects at present. There is a conflict of interest between the holder and the manager, and the principle of maximizing the interests of governance tokens should be established. At the same time, larrycermak, vice president of theblock research, also agreed. Ethereum merger is coming. Timbeiko, the leading developer of merge, said recently that the merger is expected to start in the week of September 19.
        Vitalikbuterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, said that 90% of the merger progress had been completed when he attended the ethcc speech on August 21, while sassal.eth, the co-founder of ethhub, revealed that goerli test network would be merged from August 8 to 10.
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