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Do investors in blockchain data business different from "Internet +" recognize it?

Time : 13/07/2021 Author : gwxqh0 Click : + -
        Data "uploading" is a systematic project. In addition to the advantages of blockchain technology, the lack of technology application scenarios has once again divided the attitude of the investment community towards it. Although individual cases have begun to emerge in the market, the emerging vertical investment institutions are obviously out of step with traditional investors who pay attention to deterministic returns, based on the observation of the wind bias of broader markets and investment institutions. Detonating the capital investment blockchain may be the last kilometer away. The same sentence "what is the value of investing in blockchain?" The responses of different institutions are large but different. Compared with traditional investment institutions that pursue deterministic returns, investors in vertical emerging blockchain are more excited.
        Combined with the technology itself, blockchain is nothing more than recoding and filing information in the eyes of many investors. The unique identification similar to "ID card" is enabled in multiple application scenarios such as information, data, commodities, etc. However, when it comes to investment, it is still a consensus to pursue the principle of small and beautiful and minimizing the wind deflection coefficient, even for vertical institutions. For example, zhangmingjing, the founder of linkhing capital, said to reporters that linkhing capital has invested in many blockchain projects such as mytoken, Polkadot and klaytn. Although the market has not been fully recognized before, with the launch of the current new deal, it is believed that the development of blockchain in the future will enter a high light period of investment.
        According to the statistics of linktower think tank, by the end of 2018, in the summary of the distribution of investment rounds of the projects of the top 20 investment institutions in the blockchain industry included in the statistics, the angel round investment projects accounted for 46%, the a round (including pre-A and a+ rounds) accounted for 30%, and the ones involving the B round and later investment accounted for only 3%. Some insiders said that the data revolution based on the goal of building a credible system, whether industrial ecology or investment style, does not have blowout conditions in the short term, and the key to activating the driving force of capital is to return to whether the business model can be profitable. In an interview with the reporter of the daily economic news, a person from the investment community in Shanghai stressed that the core technology (encryption algorithm) is indeed a breakthrough difficulty, "while the underlying technology generally relies on imported products, and even needs the help of open source information fetchism, and there is little platform foundation for independent research and development".
        In his view, the continuous awesome of the current policy is also making up for the shortcomings of domestic technological development. "If there is no unified implementation standard, blockchain technology will lag behind in the application of business scenarios." He pointed out that, just as the domestic development of blockchain did not grasp the upstream resource reserve of technology, once the rules of the game change, the whole business logic of the enterprise needs to be overturned and restarted. For this reason, he gave the above-mentioned cautious attitude of investing in blockchain. In fact, with regard to the application of blockchain technology alone, the existing industrial pattern ecology has long been laid out, focusing on commodity traceability, original protection, digital identity authentication and supply chain finance.
        However, it is worth mentioning that due to the current limited coverage, even if you are interested in making "blockchain" improvements in security and efficiency, it is still a big mountain in front of enterprises and investors in terms of investment scale. How to cross is a problem. Huang Ping, chairman of the Guli capital investment decision-making committee, said in an interview with the reporter of the daily economic news that the model of institutionalized blockchain has actually taken shape in the existing administrative and financial system. "The comprehensive reporting and inspection of the account system set up by administrative institutions at all levels is still an example. Although there is a risk of being tampered with, due to the huge stock data, it is unrealistic to carry out global transition in a short time.". Of course, in the future, the blockchain industry is likely to develop as rapidly as artificial intelligence. For example, in the government financial system, even a simple clearing and settlement system can bring billions or even tens of billions of industries if it is forced to carry out blockchain transformation and adopt the technical architecture of blockchain.
        In this regard, zhangmingjing, founder of linkhing capital, believes that the core financial system will not be easily replaced without policy determination as a prerequisite. "So in the past, blockchain companies could only do POC systems, not core systems; now, the prospects will be very different.". It can be seen that vertical emerging investment institutions are more based on the prospects of technological development, and believe that there is a way to make money if there is a place to use; Even if traditional investment institutions agree with technological advantages, they tend to be conservative based on the constraints of real development. However, in the current blockchain investment pattern, there are indeed some subdivisions standing on the gold tuyere. According to the statistics of linktower think tank, by the end of 2018, blockchain platforms had borne the brunt of the industry distribution of investment projects of the top 20 investment institutions, accounting for nearly 44%.
        Unlike other divisions such as entertainment, life and social networking, the underlying technical support involved in platform projects is regarded as the core focus and the strongest strength of value generation. According to Zhang Mingjing, the attention to technology can be divided into two categories: one is the underlying technology, such as public chain technology or alliance chain technology, which is mainly for industrial infrastructure; The second type is blockchain applications, especially blockchain applications in finance such as supply chain finance and cross-border payment. In the past "double 11" Shopping Festival, tmall's sales data once again set a new record. Jiangguofei, vice president of ant financial, once said publicly that blockchain has fully participated in the "tmall double 11", playing a role in authentic product traceability, original "seller show" protection, serving small merchant loans and Global trade.
        It can be seen that the changes brought about by the data revolution are not only the improvement of safety and efficiency, but also the capitalization in the process of its circulation. But on the contrary, there is another platform development model, namely "coin blockchain". Many people in the currency circle admitted that the blockchain should be linked to the special currency year-on-year, "a blockchain without money is not perfect". However, the reporter also found that Guangzhou, which has the largest industrial capital landing at present, once carried out the process of "monetization" of the blockchain industry, and now Guangzhou Huangpu is welcoming the 1billion industrial fund support opportunity for the development of "coin free blockchain". In response, an employee in Shanghai told reporters, "what the government supports is technology, and what technology companies provide is similar to technology outsourcing services. At present, they don't make much money.
        What really makes money is the issue of money, but the issue of money is not allowed by the policy in China at present, and the official has also clearly set the tone before. Blockchain innovation is not equal to hyping virtual currency. ". Not long ago, the integrated application of blockchain technology played an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation, and the positioning that blockchain is an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology was clarified, which gave entrepreneurs and investors in the blockchain industry strong confidence, which can be seen in the investment style of some institutions. According to Zhang Mingjing, at present, investment institutions are divided into three states. The first is very sensitive and quick. Represented by the investment department of listed companies and some RMB funds with the background of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises.
        "These commercial sensitivities mainly come from political sensitivities." The second category is in a wait-and-see state, "institutions that attach great importance to blockchain, but are mainly in the stage of learning industry knowledge, mainly represented by the investment department of listed companies that are a little further away from the blockchain industry." The third category is dominated by dollar funds. "Their action is still a little slow, because they used to think that the technological progress of this industry may be slower, that the foam of the industry is relatively heavy, and that they should wait until the blockchain is mature before taking action.". It can be seen that institutional investors have different views on the application of blockchain technology. Although there is generally room for imagination about its future in overturning the ecology of many industries, it may be an excessive period of time in the early research and in-depth learning of technology for blockchain investment before seeing too much commercial value.
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