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What are the characteristics of blockchain technology?

Time : 14/02/2022 Author : p39c1a Click : + -
        Decentralization means that the status of each node in the network is equal, the transmission content and transaction data no longer need to pass through a central node, and the data is no longer stored on the central node, which can prevent the risk caused by the power of the central node. In the blockchain mode, each node stores all the value exchange data in the data transaction, replacing the mode in which the central computer stores all the information. In addition, each node will not only participate in data storage, but also verify the correctness of the information recorded by other nodes. Only when the correctness of a record is recognized by most nodes, or the comparison results of all nodes are consistent, can it be written into the chain.
        At the same time, in order to protect the data information from being lost due to node attacks or other accidents, the blockchain will store all data in a distributed manner (store the data in each participating node in the network) and update it in real time, which greatly improves the security of the database. In the blockchain network, each participating node keeps a complete transaction history. In this way, if any node wants to tamper with these history records, other nodes can take out their own data backups for falsification. Therefore, once the information is written into the block, it cannot be changed or revoked. The projects and data in the blockchain are open and transparent. The blockchain project team will publicize the project information and project code, and the data in the block will be exposed on the blockchain after processing, which means that all transaction information is publicly visible.
        In a very short time, the block information will be sent to all nodes in the network to realize the data synchronization of the whole network, and each node can trace back all the past transaction information of both parties. In the whole blockchain system, both the provider and receiver of value can act as maintainers to jointly maintain the reliability of the information of the whole blockchain.
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