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The second bullet of blockchain 315: blockchain media has many problems, and even contradictions will move forward

Time : 17/09/2021 Author : pmfrqz Click : + -
        Any great technology invented will experience the process of self cognition in the contradiction of indifference - opposition - pursuit - rationality. Blockchain technology is considered to be another disruptive technological breakthrough after steam engine, electricity and Internet. Since the concept was put forward in 2008, few people have paid attention to it until 2016. Until the foam inflated in 2017, it has become a hot topic of sudden wealth among the people. Even square dancing aunt will be asked "what is blockchain?". Where eyes are focused, there must be money. At a time when blockchain has triggered capital carnivals again and again, thousands of blockchain media have sprung up since 2017. However, strictly speaking, it cannot be called "blockchain media" in its entirety, because according to relevant regulations, only those who hold relevant qualifications such as the newspaper publishing license of the people's Republic of China and the Internet news information service license can be regarded as legal media.
        At present, most blockchain media are just blockchain information integration platforms, but this is not the key point. The most incredible thing is that they are doing marketing activities under the name of media. The first is the marketing quotation. The price of the manuscript reports is clearly marked, and there are even package services. The actual income of some media can reach up to 20million yuan to 30million yuan. Then it plans news, and plans false news based on the media's own interests to confuse the public. For example, when a chain was listed, a finance and economics department made an in-depth news report on the project, including the basic information of the project, the analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, the project team, and the future development time track of the project. In addition to the frequent words of praise, it never mentioned the real risk of the project. In this way, the news with strong planning attribute is likely to affect the thinking and behavior of readers. The biggest risk of unknown project risk is empty handed.
        Moreover, blockchain media has become an investment attraction platform for business interaction in the currency circle, or the financier of blockchain media itself is the currency circle company. The ownership of the media belongs to an individual or a capital party, and the fairness, impartiality and objectivity of the media itself will be questioned. The guilt of blockchain media is no secret. It has become a clear fact for practitioners. Lei Lei, the founder of the true story plan, once worked as a reporter for Southern Weekend and GQ. In his view, most of the so-called "blockchain media" are not media, but a part of the transaction. Too many people are waiting for the "blockchain technology revolution" to bring a new business carnival, and too many people are waiting for their dream of becoming rich overnight in digital currency.
        As the information gathering place of buyers and sellers, blockchain media is likely to become an industry indicator. Naturally, blockchain media has become the focus of the spotlight. If it cannot shoulder the heavy responsibility of media credibility, it will of course be "denounced" by everyone. However, from another perspective, the initial development of media in any form or carrier is irrational, extremely profitable and contrary to industry ethics, but in the development process of a certain period of time, it will form an industry ecosystem of rational scientific norms integrating self-criticism, industry norms and social supervision. As a pure journalist, running financial reporters cannot help thinking of the history of the world's newspaper industry when they see this scene. Simply speaking of the sun, which was once operated by the newspaper tycoon Murdoch news group, the main means by which this small daily newspaper could open sales at that time were fake news, hype and three page girls. They opened sales with vulgarity and non-income, occupying a large number of advertising shares, in order to maximize profits.
        But the British are proud of another serious newspaper, also owned by News Corporation — The times. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the history of the world's newspaper industry, but the peak of the world's newspaper industry is reached step by step between the mainstream and non mainstream, vulgar and serious, public opinion regulation and self-criticism. In the early days of online media, all mainstream portals are now considered to have lost media credibility in the early days of the 21st world, and even impacted the normal development of China's journalism. However, the existence is reasonable. In order to comprehensively standardize, the "Regulations on the administration of Internet news information services" came out. Therefore, there is no need to demonize the current status of blockchain media, nor to use the word "chaos".
        Nowadays, blockchain media that lacks credibility may be a chaotic period that the industry will inevitably experience in the early stage of development, so it will also carry out self-evaluation, industry norms and public opinion supervision, eliminate the false and retain the true, and finally leave the real blockchain vertical media. Although there is a regular law of mature industry development, we can't ignore the bad impact of marketing activities in the name of the media. Media institutions are not administrative institutions, nor judicial institutions, nor commercial institutions. They are the extension of the public's right to know and the right to social supervision. Blockchain media should be the supervisor of the blockchain industry and the "watchdog" of leeks. Adhering to an objective and fair position, it does not favor any interested parties, let alone speak for them. Air currency, fake teams, and black projects need to be exposed, and project white papers need to be tracked and reported. This is the professional industry media.
        "Taking people's hands is short, eating people's mouth is soft." if you charge money and plan news and do tendentious reports without conscience, that is to give up self-regulation and treatment. However, the industry itself is developing, and there will be norms if there is development, and there will be supervision if there is a problem. When the whole society forms a supervision mechanism and legal norms, and the industry forms self-criticism and norms, as a vertical media, it has not been standardized. At that time, you will be abandoned by the industry and readers. If blockchain media is a lesson of old rattan, the above behavior of "selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head" is the root of the withered and damaged tree, and the blockchain media without a professional collection, editing and evaluation team is the broken branches and leaves of withered rattan. Therefore, what we see is the unprofessional and error prone blockchain reports.
        When almost everyone is criticizing blockchain media's heavy recruitment, running financial reporters think it is not necessarily a bad thing. As the saying goes, "there must be brave men under heavy money". The temptation of high salary will surely lead to senior journalists and editors from traditional media to join the blockchain industry. The more professional journalists enter the industry, the more likely they are to standardize this informal industry. Those who have experience in traditional media and are willing to join the blockchain are likely to drive the normalization of blockchain media. Although "blockchain media recruits journalists with an annual salary of 600000", it does seem a little scary, but it can also prove from the side how lacking professional media people are in this industry. Must the so-called professional media people be senior editors and journalists who have worked for 20 or 30 years? In the future, the main force of the collection, editing and evaluation team of blockchain media is likely to be a courageous, enterprising and professional young generation. Wang Zijian, the editor in chief of "China's youngest", although he is a post-95 generation, is already a columnist of dozens of well-known media, such as tiger sniff, I dark horse, and venture state.
        Wang Zijian said, "only by retaining the most valuable user group with a good reputation can we maintain our core competitiveness and a media go further". As a media, we must keep in mind that the authenticity and objectivity of the report are far more important than short-term profits, although the blockchain media industry as a whole has made operational directionality mistakes that cannot be ignored. Only in this way can we make further progress. Focus on industry chaos and restore the truth; Insight into technology trends and promote positive media energy. Run financial blockchain 315 series of special reports, we will continue to report and expose the "inside story", expel the industry "black sheep", welcome to disclose!.
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