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Growth of smart xiongan, the city of the future on the cloud

Time : 07/04/2022 Author : 9gv301 Click : + -
        Xiong'an, the "city of the future" bearing the millennium plan, is also growing in large-scale development and construction. For the first time in the history of urban construction in China, xiong'an on the cloud has realized the synchronous construction of digital cities and real cities, and provided a "xiong'an plan" in the construction of digital government. At present, the first city level intelligent infrastructure platform in China has been basically completed here. Digital technology is making xiong'an more and more "smart", and intelligent application scenarios continue to appear. The reporter recently walked into xiong'an to experience the growth story of smart city. In the construction site office of China Merchants Shekou project in the start-up area of xiong'an new area, a digital version of the "twin construction site" is displayed on the computer screen.
        With the transformation of the angle of the three-dimensional building information model, the building location, drainage pipes, circuits and other three-dimensional presentation. A project leader said, "in reality, every pipe we bury will be synchronously drawn into the digital model before construction, and the construction can be carried out after it is verified that there is no collision.". Not only this construction site, xiong'an new area under construction has been all digital twins. "In other cities with relatively mature development, digital construction is more about transformation and superposition. The construction of xiong'an new area starts from scratch and has inherent advantages. Every building and street lamp in the real city correspond to each other in the digital city." Said Wang xianggai, senior product manager of digital xiongan CIM platform (urban information model).
        Staff debugged IOT equipment at the underground pipe gallery in Rongdong area, xiong'an New Area (photographed on March 30, 2022). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter zhuxudong. At present, as the first city level intelligent infrastructure platform in China, the "one center and four platforms" system has been basically completed. Xie Bingxin, Deputy Secretary General of xiong'an New Area Intelligent City Innovation Federation, described this: as a "city brain", the urban computing center has powerful data computing and cloud storage functions; CIM platform, Internet of things platform and video one-piece network platform collect and converge the basic information of urban construction, intelligent perception information and video monitoring information in a full amount, unify standards and share them; The block data platform catalogues and manages the data, which is convenient for open sharing.
        Hu Junjun, general manager of the R & D Department of Chinatelecom Digital City Technology Co., Ltd., who participated in the R & D and construction of the urban computing center, said that xiong'an is a good scene application testing ground for people engaged in technology R & D. However, the technology is constantly updated and iterated. Xiong'an's greater advantage lies in its systematic top-level design, as well as the innovation of business processes and models. A person in charge of the Management Committee of xiong'an new area said that building a smart city can be said to be crossing the river by feeling the stones. They adhere to the concept of giving priority to planning and specially issue special plans for smart city construction. In accordance with the requirements of the central government and Hebei Province, the smart city standard system has been established. At present, 22 standard achievements have been issued.
        Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that at present, the formulation of smart city construction standards in China has just started, and the specific standards guiding practice are not sufficient. Xiong'an new area, which is in the construction stage, has taken the initiative to study and formulate smart city construction standards suitable for the positioning of the new area, setting a model for the planning and management of future urban construction. At the construction site of the greening water system project in Rongxi area of xiong'an new area, workers are carrying out construction operations. "In the past, work was generally settled at the end of the year or quarterly. In xiong'an, it was paid in full and on time every month, and it was directly distributed in the form of digital RMB to a specific ‘ wallet &rsquo.
        ”Construction worker Chu Baoge said. Staff carried out VR safety experience at a smart site exhibition hall in xiong'an New Area (photographed on April 13, 2022). Issued by Xinhua News Agency (photographed by Gao Meng). Chu Baoge's steadfast heart benefits from the popularity of blockchain technology. Li Jun, deputy director of xiong'an blockchain laboratory, said that on the blockchain, the original data is solidified after uploading, and can only be added and checked, not deleted or modified. The data transmission and sharing process is subject to full supervision. It is equivalent to signing a "digital contract", which is implemented according to the designed process mode. You can see the progress and whereabouts of money, and prevent interception or misappropriation. "In the early stage of building a smart city, avoiding falling into ‘ data islands ’ is on the agenda.
        ”Zhang Qiang, chief information officer of xiong'an new area, said that blockchain is a good technology, but in the past, different industries used to have inconsistent technical routes and standards in their applications, which was easy to disrupt wars. Xiong'an has created a "jade plate" to hold the specific applications of blockchains as big and small as "pearls" to form a system. In the stage of large-scale construction, the financing demand is huge. On November 15 last year, xiong'an branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank issued the first batch of blockchain order financing of 6.4 million yuan, and the three material suppliers participating in the project construction received the loan. According to the introduction, on the blockchain platform, there is a complete project contract relationship chain, and the transaction information shows that the supplier has material accounts receivable, which has achieved data credit enhancement and reduced repeated investigation and loan mortgage links.
        The loan is completely online, and the fastest time for an enterprise to apply for and get approval is only one week. By using the "xiong'an chain", the one button "penetration" management of fund allocation has been realized, which has greatly improved the payment efficiency. At present, 190000 funds have been allocated, with a cumulative amount of nearly 120billion yuan, and there is no fund security problem. Taking administrative approval as an example, the business systems of various departments have been opened up to ensure the interconnection of multiple links in the project approval process and solve the problem of the flow of approval elements; The technical characteristics of multi-point synchronization, leaving traces in the whole process and being tamper proof make the cross department business online and leave certificates on the chain to realize "approval without meeting"; Evaluate the cross department collaboration efficiency of key links, and automatically identify and approve "blocking points".
        According to reports, xiong'an new area has more than a dozen institutions, more than 50 business systems, and more than 150 databases growing on the "xiong'an chain". The platform has gathered nearly 20billion pieces of government and social data, and has exchanged and shared data 70million times. At the same time, blockchain encryption technology is also used to establish a "data safe" for enterprises and individuals. In early April, xiong'an new area launched the road test and demonstration application of intelligent Internet connected vehicles. A total of 18 driverless CMBS participated in the first batch of tests, and this number is expected to increase to 100 within this year. The reporter boarded an driverless minibus and saw that there were 11 seats in the car and a control screen in front of it.
        Liu Yong, a safety officer in charge of road testing, said that he used to drive a large truck. After a week of training, he can work to operate an unmanned car. His main task is emergency disposal. During the test phase, the vehicle travels a fixed route of KM. It is common for people to see electric poles in streets and alleys. However, in xiong'an, smart information poles hide the smart password of the city. In Rongdong District, the first large-scale built-up area, with a total mileage of 153 kilometers, more than 3000 intelligent information poles have been deployed on the digital road, realizing the collection, aggregation and real-time transmission of full traffic data such as image data, radar data and perceptual data. Staff work on the supervision platform of Rongdong urban operation management center in xiong'an New Area (photographed on March 29, 2022).
        Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter zhuxudong. Intelligent travel not only focuses on the ground, but in the delivered Rongdong area, the underground area is about 4.7 square kilometers. Without navigation, the sense of direction will be very poor. Using "5g + Beidou" technology, xiong'an can quickly realize the navigation and positioning of underground space in large areas. What if I forget to bring my ID card? Xiong'an new area will try the new mode of "digital identity" from April 1, and you can scan the code to get the number in xiong'an government service center. Businesses and individuals who forget to bring their ID cards just need to open their mobile phones and scan the QR code they applied for, and the problem will be solved. Now in xiong'an new area, enterprises can apply for five electronic seals free of charge by logging in to the "Zhengtong xiong'an" app, including the official seal of the unit, the name seal of the legal representative, the special seal for invoices, the special seal for contracts, the special seal for finance, and all kinds of electronic documents with electronic seals applied online, such as official documents, licenses, agreements, credentials, circulation notes, have the same legal effect as the paper written materials with physical seals.
        At xiong'an citizen service center, citizens buy drinks in smart self-service vehicles (photographed on May 27, 2022). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter zhuxudong. Local people stay at home and feel different convenience from the "Xiong Anle home" smart platform. People can make feedback and complaints about property services through the platform, and put forward demands for broadband, moving, etc. the platform distributes information, the government intervenes in supervision, and tracks the processing progress. In addition, this is also a "multi meter centralized reading platform". With one interface, you can clearly master all fees and pay with one click. Gao Yang, deputy general manager of digital intelligence innovation Department of China Mobile xiongan information and Communication Technology Co., Ltd., said that building smart xiongan ultimately requires people to have a sense of happiness and gain. Technology continues to iterate and never-ending, and people's needs continue to rise.
        From this perspective, xiong'an still has a long way to go, and the future can be expected.
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