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100 second graphic blockchain: how will it subvert the world from sharing the ride to the presidential election?

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        What will happen if blockchain technology is applied? A borrows 100 yuan from B, and this message will be automatically recorded in the respective account books of all people in the city, "a borrowed 100 yuan from B on a certain day of a certain year", so everyone in the city has become the node of this account book. If a wants to default on one day, he will modify the account books of all people in the city, and the content of each person's account book is not modifiable, so it is impossible for a to default. Asymmetric encryption means that encryption and decryption require two keys: a public key and a private key. The public key is public and can be obtained by anyone. The private key is confidential and can only be used by the owner.
        Others use your public key to encrypt information, and then send it to you. You decrypt it with your private key and take out the information. Conversely, you can also encrypt the information with the private key, and others can unlock it with your public key, so as to prove that the information is indeed sent by you and has not been tampered with. This is called digital signature. Suppose the public key encrypts a sum of money instead of ordinary information, what will happen? On the one hand, you can use the private key to unlock the encrypted package and take out the money inside; On the other hand, others can't steal the money because they don't have your private key. Therefore, payment can be successful. This is the principle of bitcoin (and other digital currencies): Asymmetric Encryption ensures the reliability of payment.
        Since the money paid must be taken out through the private key, it doesn't matter who you are, but who owns the private key. Only with the private key can you withdraw the money paid to you. When you collect money from others, just tell them your wallet address and pay to this address. Since whether you have a wallet address is proved by the private key, it is extremely important to protect the private key. Once the private key is stolen, your bitcoin is gone. Others can use your identity and transfer all the money in your wallet. Similarly, when you pay bitcoin to others, you must not write the wallet address of the other party wrong, otherwise your bitcoin will be paid to another person.
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