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[illustration] blockchain layout enterprise inventory: not only Alibaba Tencent, but also melatonin

Time : 23/04/2022 Author : w58tqb Click : + -
        At the beginning of 2018, the concept of blockchain has become a "hot pastry" in the business world, and any enterprise connected with blockchain can almost instantly get high attention from the market. Flush data shows that as of January 26, 52 A-share listed companies have announced their involvement in the blockchain concept. So far, the share prices of most blockchain concept stocks have recovered in 2018. In terms of share price growth, the most "bull" blockchain concept stock at present is easy to see (, which increased by more than 40% in 2018, setting a record of 73% increase in 11 trading days. In addition to easy to see shares, Fengfeng Group (, 360 backdoor company Jiangnan Jiajie ( and Hang Seng Electronics ( invested by Jack Ma are also blockchain concept stocks that have attracted much market attention.
        After Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a document "beating" blockchain speculation on January 16, easy to see shares issued an announcement on January 18 that the company was mainly engaged in commercial factoring business in coal, pharmaceutical circulation and other industries, and did not engage in blockchain business as the market believed. However, this announcement did not affect market speculation. On January 29, easy to see shares rose strongly in the afternoon and led the blockchain sector to rebound as a whole. In terms of China concept stocks, Xunlei (xnet.nasdaq), Renren (renn.nyse), paipaidai (ppdf.nyse) and Meitu (Meitu) have successively announced their involvement in the blockchain and experienced a sharp rise in share prices in the following period.
        At present, most of these Chinese concept stocks have "retrenched" the gains brought by the blockchain concept, but the domestic and foreign capital markets continue to pay attention to them. At the beginning of January, netizens revealed that Netease (ntes.nasdaq) also began to lay out the blockchain field, issuing the digital pet "Netease Zhaocai cat" and supporting digital currency payment. On January 15, techweb reported that Netease's caicaimao blockchain project had died prematurely. On January 13, Tencent issued a statement saying that Tencent blockchain has never participated in token issuance or transaction related activities in any form, nor has it cooperated with any institution in this regard. On January 16, Alibaba also issued a statement saying that Alibaba cloud will never issue any virtual currencies such as bitcoin, nor will it provide any so-called "mining platform".
        In September last year, Chinese regulators officially identified the essence of ICO as illegal financing and closed most token trading platforms. In fact, the layout of Alibaba and Tencent in the blockchain field has been advancing in an orderly manner. The blockchain layout of Alibaba and Tencent began in the middle of 2016. Alibaba has now applied blockchain technology to genuine product traceability, medical treatment, public welfare and other fields; Tencent pays more attention to the financial application of blockchain and has reached cooperation with many banks. On January 23, according to the Beijing Morning Post, the melatonin team will introduce blockchain applications in the 2018 Spring Festival market promotion. Through decentralized wechat communities and other Internet tools, more people will be encouraged to participate in the "block" of giving filial piety to their parents during the Spring Festival. Participating users will spread and synchronize their behaviors to their relatives and friends as much as possible through the "family and friend chain", Users who meet the corresponding conditions will receive a new year gift bag of melatonin rewards.
        Wuliangye and Maotai liquor companies have also established links with blockchain. Recently, Maotai Group and Inspur Group held a symposium on the preparation of the joint venture. At the symposium, they proposed to give full play to new technologies such as Inspur cloud computing, big data, blockchain, etc., and with the help of Maotai's brand strength, provide quality services for medium and high-end users, and create a credible whole industry chain ecological service system. On December 27 last year, Wuliangye announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with IBM to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of alcohol and large machinery, large packaging, large logistics, large health, large finance, artificial intelligence, etc. with the help of IBM's leading cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies.
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