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Our city is the first to promote the verification of the "Notarization + real estate" government bank blockchain in the province, and vigorously promote the notarization process to "reduce certificates for the convenience of the people"

Time : 23/05/2022 Author : ha0dsb Click : + -
        Jiangmen daily (reporter / correspondent of Lin Lijun / lihuyun) the reporter recently learned from the Municipal Bureau of justice that the "Notarization + real estate" government bank blockchain verification, which is the first one in the province, has been put into trial operation in eight notarial institutions in the city since December 28, 2020. People can provide less than one certificate, run less once, and wait less for a day to apply for relevant public certificates, effectively promoting the implementation of "certificate reduction and convenience" in notarization. Recently, Mr. Wu came to Jiangmen notary office for entrusted notarization and entrusted his wife to sell the house located in Jiangmen City. According to the regulations, the notary office must make substantive verification on the property right of the house sold by Mr. Wu and whether the house is mortgaged or sealed up.
        Through the verification port of real estate registration certificate inquiry (search information) in the big data center of the Municipal Bureau of justice, Jiangmen notary office found that Mr. Wu's house had no restrictions such as sealing up, and immediately handled the entrusted notarization for Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu was exempted from going to the real estate registration Department to carry out the search and certification process. It realized that less than one certificate, less than one run, less than one day, and was highly praised by Mr. Wu. "As a pilot unit, our notary office directly realizes the real-time query (search information) of the real estate registration certificate through the data verification and query application of the big data center of the Municipal Bureau of justice, and confirms the real estate ownership information of the real estate registrant and whether it is sealed up or mortgaged.
        Since the launch of this service, 143 inspections have been completed and have been highly praised by the masses. " Jiangmen notary office staff said. Guided by the principle of "making data run more and people run less", the Municipal Bureau of justice has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Municipal Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of natural resources and Jiangmen branch of China Construction Bank, launched the data verification and query application of the big data center of the Municipal Bureau of justice, and created a "Notarization + real estate" government bank blockchain verification and query mode, It took the lead in realizing real-time docking verification and query of real estate notarization business based on blockchain technology in the province. "The application of data verification and query breaks the data barrier through the government bank blockchain, realizes the mutual trust and interconnection between the notarial business system and other government departments, links the processing process in real time, promotes information sharing and mutual recognition and business process reengineering, and enables the notarial office to obtain relevant information directly through the government department business system, so as to reduce the materials submitted by the masses when handling notarization, and truly realize ‘ certificate reduction and convenience ’.
        ”According to the staff of the Municipal Bureau of justice, at present, the application of blockchain technology can realize rapid certificate processing, safe certificate storage and one click verification, and effectively solve the problems of "running back and forth", "difficult to obtain certificates", "difficult to handle certificates" and so on.
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