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Can blockchain games really make money?

Time : 26/10/2021 Author : 1avprz Click : + -
        In the past, if you play games every day but don't work, it must be a counter example of others' education. Playing with things and losing ambition will not be accepted by the world. However, since the rise of the game industry, more and more people have achieved self success in this field. In particular, the rise of live broadcast platforms has created a lot of game anchors, who can earn money by playing games, Although people still don't agree with this industry in the traditional concept, after all, in this era of diversification, no matter how strange the profession is, people can accept it. With the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, the concept of meta universe has also come strongly. Many powerful Internet companies have entered this field, and games and meta universe have a natural fit. Since the release of the first blockchain game cryptokitties, it has detonated the game market, and in recent months, domestic and foreign companies are competing to launch their own chain games, leading to the hot topic of chain games, And many news say that chain games are both fun and profitable, which not only raises people's questions, is this true?.
        In fact, what people really care about is not whether games are fun, but more about whether such games can really make money? At present, blockchain games are very hot, so the profits of the first entry are huge. It is undeniable that a star will spend tens of millions just buying a piece of virtual land. Whether it is for the future layout or really seeing the value of it, blockchain games are standing on the current wind. As long as you are familiar with the rules of this piece, you can still do it by drinking soup. If you want to enter the chain game, you must understand it. The chain game is not a specific game, but just a game method. Participants can make money while playing in the game. This is the basic feature of gamefi. At present, there are hundreds of chain games in the market, which can be summarized into card, cultivation, and mining. On the surface, the chain game looks no different from other games, but due to the blessing of blockchain, So that players can have their own unique digital assets, but also more secure.
        So how to make money while playing? In essence, chain game is actually an investment. First, participants must invest in assets, and then choose pets, machinery and equipment, tokens, etc. This is the threshold to enter chain game. Players' investment in the game is like labor in real society, which can be traded. This is the value of chain game skills. Since it is an investment, there will be profits or losses accordingly. As for how to play the game, so as to avoid losses or maximize profits, it depends on the choice of participants. I have played several popular chain games myself. At this stage, although I can't get rich as I said, I also earn returns within my own cognition. For friends who want to enter this field, we must learn more about chain games, Understand the latest consultation and don't blindly enter the fields you don't know. This is also a little advice.
        Last one: fluctuate up and down by 50%. That's called the next one: the experience of the mining circle. User comments (4) expression 0/300 comment. Listener friend 388251428 this thing has been popular for a long time in 1718, and changed its skin in 21 years to deceive may ago. Introduction: blockchain refers to a technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database through past centralization and de trust.
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