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Microsoft "minecraft, my world" announced a ban on NFT and blockchain technology

Time : 17/04/2022 Author : svk5tm Click : + -
        It home reported on July 21 that mojang, a game developer under Microsoft, today updated the minecraft (my world) user guide to prohibit the use of blockchain technology, including NFT. These technologies cannot be integrated into minecraft client and server applications, nor can they be used in any way related to the purchase and sale of in-game content (including world, skin, character items or other modules). There are many reasons behind this decision, but mojang seems to be most concerned about the sale of goods at very high prices. Mojang also worried that NFT would lead to scarcity of goods and a culture of exclusion, which he believed was contrary to minecraft's purpose.
        Although mojang is not interested in allowing the use of blockchain technology at present, it said that it will continue to pay attention to this field and may implement some more inclusive applications of this technology. For users who want to sell in-game items, the company said it will "strive to provide relevant markets" and make its value recognized. Mojang is not the first technology company away from blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency. Vivaldi, a web browser developer, also said that it would not use any of these blockchain technologies in its products. On the other hand, brake and opera have begun to include blockchain technology in browsers to varying degrees.
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