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Blockchain technology you don't know is rapidly subverting the entire industry system of mankind

Time : 12/11/2021 Author : hvl5ym Click : + -
        Blockchain, subversion. Fundamentally speaking, blockchain is a data storage technology, but this technology is very different from the previous storage mode. In essence, blockchain has not changed the medium of our information storage. However, we still regard blockchain technology as a technological innovation in the information age, and this innovation is mainly reflected in the information storage mode. Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, including distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, smart contract, etc. The essence of blockchain is to connect multiple data blocks with a chain structure. It may not make sense to take out the information of each block alone, but it makes sense to combine these data blocks in a way.
        That is, we store the digital combination X and y as data blocks, but the operation rules are our decryption conditions. In this case, each operation mode represents a kind of data meaning. Blockchain essentially solves the problem of L continuity in the virtual world, thus solving the problem of trust in the virtual world to a great extent. Blockchain technology features include distributed storage, time series, whole chain consensus and smart contracts. It can trace the original source of digital currency and digital assets to prove their authenticity, and all transactions have been verified throughout the network to ensure the uniqueness of transactions. In fact, a careful analysis of the functional coverage of private chain, alliance chain and public chain shows that blockchain technology is shared and derived from a variety of mature technologies, including distributed storage, accounting, timestamp and key.
        Take the insurance industry as an example. At present, blockchain technology is still in the early stage of research and development and water testing. It mainly faces two difficulties: one is the understanding of the meaning of the alliance by insurance companies; the other is the high cost of blockchain technology and high requirements for the system. In the application layer, Internet of things technology generates data accurately and timely, encryption technology ensures the security of user data, and big data technology can effectively mine information; At the infrastructure level, the cloud storage platform provides storage capacity, and the distributed ledger is synchronized on all nodes to form a cloud storage architecture, and the ledger verification process needs to be based on the cloud computing architecture. In terms of retail banking, blockchain applications in data storage, identity recognition, KYC, etc. are being continuously explored.
        Is an important concept of bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database, and it is also the underlying technology of bitcoin. The characteristics of decentralized, self-management and collective maintenance of blockchain have subverted people's way of production and life, diluted the concept of state and regulation, and impacted the current legal arrangements. On November 18, CITIC Securities introduced on the interactive platform that the company has always paid close attention to and actively practiced the implementation of financial technologies including big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and other application scenarios in the securities industry. At present, the company has tried to develop blockchain, is still in the stage of technology tracking and exploration, and has not formed a business scenario implementation plan yet.
        Blockchain technology can solve the problems of trust and rules. It is expected to bring real social value in the medium and long term after going through infrastructure, practical application and industrial reform in turn. It is optimistic about its first application in the fields of finance, judicial administration and digital currency. It is recommended to pay attention to industry leaders, information technology companies and related hardware support companies with certain technical reserves. In the medium and long term, compared with the changes in 4G, new energy vehicles, innovative drugs and other industries, blockchain technology will go through the process of infrastructure construction, practical application and overall industrial change in turn. As the technology gradually advances and goes deep into the infrastructure, it will truly solve the core pain points of cost saving, data anti-counterfeiting, transparency and trust for the society.
        According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, the industry as a whole is still in the period of infrastructure construction, and "industry leaders, information technology companies, and technology giants" that layout blockchain technology are expected to enjoy dividends. The blockchain that returns to the technology itself is the key to ensure its subversion of the Internet. If you regard the development of the blockchain industry as everything from capital return technology, it is too objective. The real decision for the future development of blockchain lies in the implementation and application. The first extreme case is that after people's research and development of blockchain technology, many blockchain players have applied blockchain to digital currency. Issuing coins or ICO is the right way for them after exploration; Another extreme case is that many blockchain players begin to completely break the connection between blockchain applications and digital currency, simply use blockchain technology to transform the operation logic of traditional industries, and regard blockchain technology as an enabling way and means.
        However, fortunately, these large blockchain players can make up for these shortcomings in blockchain landing and application with the help of the Internet Ecosystem they have built. However, if this problem continues to be unsolved, then the so-called blockchain landing and application is still just scratching their boots, and it is difficult to achieve essential butterfly change. Build an ecosystem like the Internet through the landing and application of blockchain, so as to include all people's production and life under such a system. So, where is the future of blockchain?. Blockchain is essentially a decentralized huge distributed ledger database.
        In terms of payment, different from the traditional "pull" mode, blockchain technology adopts the "push" mode, which greatly improves security, has strong automation, reduces payment costs and shortens processing time. The decentralized and open characteristics are conducive to innovation in the platform. Blockchain superimposed smart contract technology can turn smart devices into independent individuals that can maintain and adjust themselves. These individuals can perform similar functions such as exchanging information or verifying identity with other individuals on the basis of pre-defined or implanted rule contracts. As the limitations of bitcoin began to emerge, the application space of blockchain technology combined with smart contracts opened up, and the advantages began to show. The focus of investment in the industry has shifted from bitcoin mining hardware to blockchain technology related applications.
        At present, the industry has begun to show a trend of development and investment towards the diversified application and in-depth development of blockchain, but it is small and lacks government support from large financial institutions. With the deepening attention of the central bank to blockchain and the spillover effect of the latest foreign scientific and technological progress, coupled with the more mature application of blockchain and the increase of investable bidding, blockchain is expected to become the next hot target after "Internet +". Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. The utility essence of blockchain is exactly the same as the unity of money, words and measures. The difference is that the realization methods are different and the goals are more diverse and complex.
        With the improvement of market transaction efficiency and the reduction of transaction costs, has the logic of social development and our life changed? Therefore, the consensus mechanism is called the core of blockchain, that is, the blockchain rules formulated according to the application needs of blockchain, and the consensus agreed by the whole network. In addition, building machine trust, value delivery and smart contracts on blockchain brings the following features in business: the first feature: close to zero trust cost. Traditional assets that want to be used for trading need to rely heavily on third parties, investment banks, banks, securities exchanges, etc. to package and endorse, and the cost and threshold are very high. This new business rule is different from the tradition, because it allows commercial institutions of any size to create a completely credible and fully implemented rule system, flattening the ability gap between large and small institutions to construct business trust.
        Xu Mingxing mentioned that decentralization is actually the removal of intermediate links. Blockchain is a technology. The distributed ledger can be used as an underlying shared database, which is encrypted and does not belong to anyone, but can be completely managed through the super private key. Huang Qifan, vice president of the China Center for international economic exchanges, said in his speech at the first Bund financial summit today that he did not believe that Libra would succeed. For sovereign countries, the best way to exercise the issuance right of currency countries is for the government and the central bank to issue sovereign digital currencies. With the help of blockchain technology, the basic functions and applications of the digital platform will be subversively transformed, thus generating a stronger driving force for the economy and society.
        On October 28, at the first Bund financial summit jointly launched by the China Financial 40 forum and other institutions, Huang Qifan, CF40 academic consultant and vice president of the China Center for international economic exchange, said that blockchain technology, like more advanced "genetic modification technology", significantly improves brain response speed, bone robustness and limb manipulation flexibility from the basic level. The so-called "full airspace" refers to breaking regional and spatial barriers, and connecting them from heaven to earth, from the ground to underwater, and from domestic to international. The so-called "whole process" refers to the continuous accumulation of information 24 hours a day at every point in all human production and life processes; The so-called "whole scene" refers to: cross industry sectors and connect all human behavior scenes in life and work; The so-called "full analysis" refers to: through the collection, analysis and judgment of artificial intelligence (AI), predict all human behavior information, and produce new cognition, new behavior and new value different from the traditional; The so-called "full value" refers to breaking the closure of a single value system, penetrating all value systems, and integrating and creating an unprecedented and huge value chain.
        After the establishment of UnionPay, it independently built a bank card inter-bank transaction clearing system, promoted the unified RMB bank card standard, developed rapidly in the field of traditional payment, and promoted the continuous economic and social progress. Driven by big data platform and blockchain technology, building a new clearing and settlement network has become the consensus of many countries. At present, the digital currency (DCEP) launched by the Central Bank of China is a new encrypted electronic currency system based on blockchain technology. Today's era is a digital era. The comprehensive rise of technological innovation and digital economy has transformed science and technology from the initial tool role into the backbone driving financial reform.
        The continuous collision and integration of digital five genes and the financial industry has not only changed the settlement methods and sovereign currency issuance mechanism among individuals, enterprises and countries, but also greatly improved the operation efficiency of the industrial chain, and brought the development of the whole economy and society and human progress.
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