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Zhu Jiaming: the essence of blockchain is cluster

Time : 28/02/2022 Author : fm0j5l Click : + -
        Abstract: on March 23, at the "financial digital innovation, serving the real economy 2019 digital new financial leaders summit", Zhu Jiaming, President of digital assets research institute, delivered a speech with the theme "the essence of blockchain is cluster". He believed that the word "blockchain" could not carry the connotation of blockchain at present. On March 23, at the 2019 digital new finance leaders' summit jointly hosted by Guanghua School of management of Peking University and the Institute of strategic studies of Peking University, Zhu Jiaming, a famous economist and one of the four gentlemen of reform, delivered a speech on the theme of "the essence of blockchain is cluster". Zhu Jiaming said that at present, the term blockchain can no longer carry the connotation of blockchain.
        At present, people pay too much attention to blockchain technology itself, blinded by its development status, ignoring or confusing the differences between "micro" blockchain and "macro" blockchain. Therefore, people need to break through and surpass the concept of "chain" and introduce the concept and thinking of "group", "set", especially "cluster". Blockchain is a non physical infrastructure and a new economic form. Since 2017, the concept of blockchain has been popularized. There are many definitions of this concept. Now is the time for us to re understand what blockchain is and what role it plays in the whole economic ecosystem, especially the financial ecosystem.
        This has become a big problem, so my topic today is "blockchain is essentially a cluster". The first question is why blockchain is a cluster. We can see two aspects. One is that the concept of blockchain is highly internationalized, popularized and even popular. At the same time, different social forces, from the scientific community, industry to the government, are willing to have one kind of relationship with blockchain. On the other hand, people have different understandings of blockchain. Blockchain has many problems, such as difficulties in definition, differences in expectations, and different interest orientations. This is a very obvious current situation.
        Why does this happen to blockchain? We now seem to have three reasons: first, we pay too much attention to blockchain technology itself. We should pay attention to blockchain technology, because without blockchain technology, we can't talk about our understanding of blockchain. But excessive will lead to loss. The third aspect is what I want to emphasize today. At present, people ignore that there are two kinds of blockchains. One is micro blockchain, which I put forward today, and the other is macro blockchain. Last year, we all focused on the structure of a micro blockchain itself, its level, whether public or private.
        But when we discuss blockchain, in fact, we can't help but break away from the micro blockchain. What is the relationship between macro blockchain and micro blockchain? Obviously, a generalized blockchain is by no means the arithmetic addition of a single blockchain. Second, speaking of a linguistic problem, the word blockchain itself can no longer carry the content generated by blockchain. To understand blockchain, you must go beyond the concept of blockchain, which is a kind of Chinese implication in advance. I have been thinking about how to improve our thinking and make breakthroughs for more than a year. I think we should break through and surpass the concept and thinking of chain, and introduce the concept of cluster, especially cluster.
        In this way, we may break away from the shackles of micro chain and understand blockchain as a simple concept of one dimension. I have a traditional dictionary, which explains that a group of the same or similar elements closely converge in a state called cluster. In this sense, blockchain has the characteristics of cluster. It is impossible to understand blockchain without cluster. How can blockchain be embodied as a cluster?. I also emphasized in many places last year that blockchain is first of all science, second blockchain is technology, and blockchain is infrastructure, but in fact, it is more than that. Blockchain is an organization, a law, and an economy. Blockchain is a kind of value, and blockchain is an experiment.
        So what problem do we find? It seems that any simple definition is not enough to summarize such a macro blockchain system with such expansion and rapid complexity. In this case, I say that blockchain is a cluster. What are the characteristics of blockchains in the form of clusters? I don't think anyone simply summarized this in 2017. Last year, it was reluctantly. Today, we put together the whole development practice and experiment of blockchain. I see that blockchain has at least these characteristics. The first is complexity. Let's talk about complex science, a new discipline that is still developing. Blockchain provides a typical case.
        Trying to explain blockchain simply and make a simple generalization ignores the complex nature of blockchain. The third is dynamic. Blockchain has been changing. It's hard to find a time when you can stop it and say: now the blockchain is over. My conclusion emphasizes such a problem, that is, it has been 11 years since the birth of bitcoin in 2008, and it has been 10 years since the birth of the first blockchain. What does the 10-year history tell us? Experience has shown us that blockchain has opened the door of historical transformation. I have proposed two transcendences and two changes. The two transcendences are beyond the usual technological form, breaking the original traditional understanding of science and technology, and beyond any traditional products or services in economic life.
        The two changes are: changing the rules of economic and social operation, especially the rules of competition. Blockchain has changed the market rules, which has greatly changed the past form of competition. When we talk about market competition, you will think of Adam Smith and Keynes. Another saying is that the market itself is not transparent, so there is the possibility of invisible hand operation. When the blockchain is exhausted, when the future industry is supported by blockchain, this rule will be greatly challenged. When the rules of competition are changed, the premise of monopoly will also be affected. So I say that it has changed the operating rules of economy and society, especially the competition rules, and the interaction mechanism of market, country and enterprise.
        Finally, I didn't have time to draw a picture when preparing this ppt. I'll tell you why I put blockchain in this position. Blockchain will have two impacts today. One is to affect the existing established industries, causing them to accept the challenges of blockchain sooner or later. On the other hand, blockchain enables the formation of digital economy, So it will create new industries. The combination of these two industries will lead to the integration of economic digitalization and digital economization, so this is what we call digital economy. Therefore, the role of blockchain in this process is much higher than we imagined. The role of many events and things that have worked in history does not depend on your or our understanding of it. It has vitality.
        Finally, I hope you can attach great importance to the vitality of blockchain itself and integrate your vitality with the vitality of blockchain. This is my hope for all young people. Thank you. (this article exclusively launches the chain to get the app).
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