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My world publicly rejects NFT and blockchain players' support: This is the real metauniverse!

Time : 20/06/2022 Author : nwy9ok Click : + -
        G Pang, the founder of V club, made fun of metauniverse in an interview some time ago: "these people certainly haven't played MMO games ‘ Oh, you can customize avatars ’ s. but it's not like" Final Fantasy 14 "can enter La rochea. Isn't this a problem that has been solved ten years ago? It's like they invented something powerful.". If we only take NFT's "artificially created scarcity" as the starting point, the popular sandbox game "my world" seems to meet people's expectations for the meta universe. With the tools in hand, players can build anything in this virtual world.
        Here you can use all kinds of materials to complete "invention and creation". If companies that advocate metauniverse need to find a platform to show themselves, "my world" is obviously a place to meet their demands. However, today, mojangstudios, the developer of my world, has decided to completely block this road. In their latest statement, they pointed out that in order to ensure that players get a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technology must not be integrated into my world client and server applications, and it is not allowed to create NFT from in-game content. Like g Pang, mojangstudios does not recognize NFT, blockchain and other technologies related to the concept of metauniverse.
        The uniqueness advocated by metauniverse is considered to be contrary to the player cooperation and inclusiveness emphasized in my world. If players become utilitarian by "virtual real estate speculation" in my world because of NFT, this is a scene that mojangstudios doesn't want to see. Players and netizens generally supported mojangstudios' response. Even use "false meta universe & real meta universe" to describe games with NFT and blockchain technology and "my world". You know, speculation in virtual land in the meta universe is by no means alarmist. In February this year, CCTV finance and economics channel specially reported relevant content.
        A piece of land in the "downtown" of the virtual world was sold for tens of millions of yuan at that time. In fact, people's experience in this virtual world is not even as good as playing the current common online games on the market. Of course, different game manufacturers have different attitudes towards NFT. For example, Ubisoft and skwell Enix are actively promoting the combination of NFT and game content. What NFT, blockchain and metauniverse will become in the future is not yet decided, but from the perspective of players, most people still don't want to see them too closely connected with the games they are playing.
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