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Time : 09/02/2022 Author : 14dosk Click : + -
        On September 14, Didi announced that it would resume the late night travel service as planned from September 15, and would try out the late night operation rules. During the trial operation, the drivers of express trains (including Uber and Youxiang) and special trains need to meet the conditions that the registration time exceeds half a year and the safety service exceeds 1000 orders during the late night (23:00-5:00). In addition, Didi also said that the whole recording has been put into trial operation since September 8, and the recording files are directly encrypted and saved to protect the privacy of drivers and passengers. No travel disputes will be automatically deleted in 7 days. At present, the recording function has covered 78.9% of all orders. Wei Lai automobile, which soared 75% on Thursday, fell on Friday, closing down 14.66%, with an amplitude of more than 30% throughout the day.
        Wei Lai automobile once surged 20% before Friday trading. After opening, it dived and fell, and then dived again after rising. At the same time, Wei Lai automobile welcomed its first short selling report. Hedge fund Bernstein believed that Wei Lai es8 lost one by selling one, the order growth rate fell, the sales channel was narrow, and the market competition was fierce. Therefore, it was rated as "underperforming the market", and the stock price target was only $4.2. On the evening of September 14, Beijing time, Qu Toutiao was listed on NASDAQ. Qu Toutiao was listed today at an opening price of $9.10, up 30% from the issue price of $7. Finally, it closed up 128.43%, during which trading was suspended for five times, with a maximum market value of more than $5.8 billion.
        Wangjingbo, CFO of qutoutiao, said that the sinking market has a population of 1billion and 500 or 600 million mobile Internet users, and the market potential is very large. The "Five Ring Road" users are not the core goal of qutoutiao in the short term. The company may establish UGC content production in the future. The reporter learned that institutional investors reacted positively to the IPO subscription of Huaxing capital. It is reported that PICC, hedge fund coatuemanagement, sunshine insurance, keywisecapital and the famous international long-term fund have confirmed the subscription. At present, there are also Internet giants in negotiation, and it is reported that the international placement has been subscribed several times.
        The Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that it would launch a series of derivatives on the listing day of meituan Dianping (September 20). The futures and options of meituan Dianping will be launched on the same day as the listing date of meituan Dianping on September 20, 2018. At the same time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has informed relevant issuers that relevant derivative warrants can be listed and traded on the listing day of meituan Dianping, because meituan Dianping will be included in the list of qualified derivative warrants. In addition, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said that after meituan was listed on the 20th, it would be included in the list of approved short selling designated securities on the same day. On September 14, in view of the self-examination and self correction of key short video platform enterprises in the special rectification and the prominent copyright problems, the National Copyright Administration interviewed 15 key short video platform enterprises in Beijing, including Tiktok short video, Kwai, watermelon video, volcano small video, meipai, secpai, micro vision, pear video, Xiaoying, 56 video, firefly, fast video, BiliBili, Tudou, and good-looking video.
        The relevant person in charge of the national copyright administration requires that it is not allowed to use the "safe haven" rule to infringe and disseminate others' works in the name of user upload. On September 14, 170 network police units of provincial and municipal public security organs nationwide collectively settled in Tiktok, opened Tiktok's official account, and built a working matrix of the national network police short video platform. Once the content of the platform is reported by the internet police, it will enter the special audit queue at the first time and be handled accordingly according to the highest priority. At the same time, netizens can also actively contact the internet police to patrol the law enforcement account through "private messages", "comments @ internet police" and other ways on Tiktok to report bad content, forming an atmosphere in which the platform, users and internet police work together to purify cyberspace.
        Recently, in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of hungry Yao, Burger King built its 118 square store into a joint flash store of hungry Yao and Burger King. It is reported that Burger King has decided to open up the membership system of both sides with hungry at the end of this month, and the merchant coupons will be common between physical stores and takeout platforms for the first time. In addition, during the 15th anniversary of great John, we will also open up the membership system with hungry Yao and launch exclusive preferential gift packs. According to the documents disclosed by the Shanghai clearing house, Beijing JD Financial Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. has achieved a net profit of 21.4 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, turning from a loss of 2.087 billion yuan at the end of 2017 to a profit.
        On September 14, Mindray medical disclosed its prospectus, proposing to issue 121.6 million shares and raise 5.75 billion yuan, which is expected to exceed the IPO scale of Ningde times of 5.46 billion yuan. Fluent in English, the No. 1 supplement to the prospectus was submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday. It is proposed to issue 5.75 million American depositary receipts through an initial public offering (IPO) at a price of $11.50 to $13.50 per share. Including the over allotment shares that can be subscribed by the underwriter, fluency can raise up to $89.26875 before deducting the issuance fees, commissions and other fees.
        Fluently speaking, it will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the securities code of "Laix". Recently, some netizens exposed screenshots of tmall's official flagship stores of several international chip giants, which showed that many international chip giants, including cypress, Renesas and STMicro, have quietly settled in tmall. According to people close to Alibaba, the collective settlement of international chip giants is not an accident. Alibaba is likely to announce heavy news at the Hangzhou yunqi conference, which opens on September 19. YC China announced on its official wechat today that the 2019 winter entrepreneurship camp officially began enrollment. Due to the heavy workload, it is expected that the localized YC China project will not be launched until the second half of 2019.
        But at the same time, we hope that Chinese start-ups can participate in YC's projects as soon as possible. Recently, JDB has been out of stock in a large area, which has been difficult to find in many supermarkets and wholesale markets across the country. Some suppliers even complain that they "can't guarantee the arrival of goods". JDB employees said that at present, JDB group has shut down some factories and transferred production tasks to JDB Qingyuan factory. On September 14, Tencent holdings announced that the company would continue to spend HK $23.4 million to repurchase 71000 shares of the company, with a price of HK $328.2~329.8 per share. This is the sixth consecutive trading day that Tencent repurchased the company's shares. In the eyes of Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, it is time for Lenovo, which has survived the winter of transformation, to speed up again. He said that now the most difficult period for Lenovo to lay the foundation has passed.
        On many public occasions, Yang Yuanqing has repeatedly emphasized Lenovo's three wave strategy: the first wave is personal computer business, the second wave is mobile business and data center business, and the third wave is new intelligent devices and "device + cloud" nurturing business. On September 14, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between JD mobile and Dixon was held in Beijing. Chen Ting, President of the communication business department of JD mall, and Du Guohui, President of Dixon signed the cooperation document on behalf of both parties. According to the content of the agreement, JD mobile and Dixon will cooperate in an all-round way in terms of brand, marketing, supply chain and operation, and jointly improve the operational efficiency of both sides through joint procurement and marketing, supply chain complementarity and other forms.
        On September 14, rookie and Yuantong Express jointly announced that the super robot distribution center was officially opened in Yuantong Hangzhou transfer center. According to the introduction, this is the small piece robot distribution center with the fastest average speed and the highest distribution efficiency in the industry. During the peak period, 350 robots operate day and night in a 2000 square meter site, and can sort more than 500000 parcels every day. The three-day driving mileage of the robots is enough to circle the earth. Giant network announced that due to the long duration of major asset restructuring, great changes have taken place in the domestic market environment. Some counterparties have proposed to terminate the original asset purchase agreement and make adjustments and changes to the major asset restructuring plan. The company will negotiate with relevant parties on these matters. It is expected that major changes and adjustments to the major asset restructuring plan will be involved, and the trading of the company's shares will be suspended on September 17.
        Mary Meeker, the "Queen of the Internet", will soon leave kleinerperkins to start her own investment company. Mikel and his partners will continue to operate Capone Huaying's digital growth fund III (US $1billion). More than half of the fund is invested in start-ups. Yesterday, it was reported on the Internet that "ping an asset management, the second largest insurance asset management company in China with a management scale of 2.8 trillion, is about to dissolve its equity Department". Ping an asset management responded by saying that the rumor was false and greatly different from the actual situation. As an important investment field of asset management, the stock market obviously cannot be abandoned.
        It is understood that Ping an asset management stock is currently transforming into intelligent investment and quantitative investment, and the strategy will be adjusted. The interesting headline of zhonggai stock closed up 128.14%, BiliBili (station B) closed up 1.27%, and Netease closed up 0.08%; Alibaba fell 0.48%, Weibo fell 0.67%, Sina fell 1.05%, baidu fell 1.07%, fell 2.34%, Huya fell 4.25%, iqiyi fell 5.71%, pinduoduo fell 12.08%, and Weilai automobile fell 14.66%. According to the new provident fund policy, the loan limit is linked to the deposit period. Many young people who have just worked for a short time have their loan limit reduced from 1.2 million to hundreds of thousands, resulting in "just need to exit the market".
        In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing housing provident fund center explained that from the actual situation, the people who apply for Beijing Provident Fund loans have always been the Post-70s and post-80s, and the post-90s loans account for a small proportion. If the deposited employees have real life difficulties due to serious illness, they can still apply for serious illness withdrawal. The provident fund management center will still support the withdrawal after verifying with the unit and hospital. This week, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange adopted self regulatory measures for 115 abnormal securities trading behaviors, involving abnormal trading situations such as intraday lifting and suppression, false declaration, reverse trading, etc., focused on monitoring high-risk stocks such as "Zhonghong shares" and "LETV", and gave risk tips to 10 accounts involved in speculation.
        A total of 5 major matters of listed companies were checked and clues of 6 suspected violations of laws and regulations were reported to the CSRC. Manlan Hotel announced that it had received a strategic investment of 60million yuan, led by Songhe capital and followed by the first asset. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for the scale expansion of Manlan Hotel, brand IP output and the creation of living scenes. Recently, it vocational education platform "laioffer" announced to obtain tens of millions of yuan of a-round financing. The investor is the newly established new Oriental Education and culture industry fund. This round of financing is mainly used to carry out domestic related businesses. Hebei delotong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as delotong) has completed a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by harvest investment.
        This round of financing will be mainly used for subsequent product research and development, market development and daily operations. Recently, gelubo, a supplier of automotive intelligent driving system, completed a round B financing of 40million yuan, and the investor was Dachen venture capital. After the completion of this round of financing, it will be invested in expanding the production of existing products. At the same time, it will increase the development and sales of chassis products controlled by wire, and increase the R & D investment of IBC (integrated brake control). Rubik's cube micro hunt officially announced that the company has received nearly 100 million yuan of b+ round financing led by Xieli investment, followed by quark investment and koala fund. HAOYUNQI, the founder, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for national business expansion, optimizing the big data technology team, and improving the construction of enterprise delivery system.
        A total of startup yellow announced that it had received an investment of US $63 million in the round a financing. Jiyuan capital led the investment, and Brazilian venture capital companies monashees, grishinrobotics, base10partners and Class5 participated in the investment. After this round of financing, the start-up plans to expand to Mexico City, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, and add electric bicycles to its portfolio of micro mobility options. On September 14, tripfactory, a personalized travel service platform, announced that it was raising $100million in round B financing. It was reported that a number of investment companies from Silicon Valley, China and Japan had begun to contact the company.
        Founded three years ago, the company has built a technical solution for travel customer service, travel agents and travelers to help passengers book tickets to more than 100 destinations. On September 14, fresh meat start-up licious announced that it was raising a new round of financing of $25-30 million, and the investors would include a number of new and old investment companies. According to two people familiar with the matter, Bertelsmann India investment company, an investment branch of German media giant Bertelsmann group, will be one of the new investors in this round. On September 14, private equity company kkr& The global infrastructure fund III of co.lp successfully raised a sum of $7.4 billion.
        The fund will mainly invest in OECD countries, and the organization for economic cooperation and development (including most highly developed economies) will help its member countries achieve economic development through research, statistics and other work. At the 2018 Chinatelecom intelligent terminal technology forum held yesterday, luliangjun, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom's marketing department, said that Chinatelecom would start the technical verification of 5g prototypes in September 2018, and the first batch of plans to launch 60 5g prototypes; 5g testing machines were released in March 2019, with a number of more than 1200; In 2019, Q3 released a trial commercial machine, and more than 2500 5g terminals passed the end-to-end network and business tests.
        Recently, BMW motorcycles showed the self driving version of its R1200GS product. This driverless motorcycle can ignite and start by itself, and the subsequent acceleration and oil supply are all off-line. The GS self driving version can even detect the self turning of corners without any external force to intervene in this process. According to the news on September 14, every autumn, major mobile phone manufacturers will compete to release new phones. Not long ago, apple, vivo and glory launched new flagship models respectively, while Huawei, Google and Xiaomi will also announce new phones next month. LG also announced the latest mobile phone news recently, announcing that it will release lgv40 on October 4.
        According to foreign media reports, the mobile phone is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, 6G storage +64g storage space, bangs full screen, and back fingerprint identification. According to PRNewswire, a report from transparencymarketresearch shows that the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach $20billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58.7%. At the same time, financial institutions use blockchain technology to make transactions more transparent and easier to handle. At the same time, it also helps to reduce fraud caused by errors and identity theft, and provides more security for the whole transaction processing.
        By providing convenient digital data access and trading channels, blockchain technology has the potential to benefit other industries such as retail, healthcare and supply chain. According to cryptonews, the Supreme Court of India once again postponed hearing the petition related to the digital currency ban, and the hearing may be postponed to September 18. At present, except for the Reserve Bank of India, which has submitted a reply in court, other respondents have not submitted their opinions. In the plot of the newly released film "anti corruption Storm 3", Hong Kong government officials tried to use bitcoin to commit corruption in order to avoid relevant verification, but they were still caught one by one. Only the role played by Louis Koo used Monroe
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