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Shenzhen Urban blockchain association has carried out the qualification certification of "blockchain consultant", and registration is now open,Excellent services of blockchain consulting

Time : 24/12/2021 Author : buek8j Click : + -
        In order to send talents to help member enterprises resume work and production, Shenzhen information service industry blockchain association decided to carry out online learning and textual research activities for "blockchain consultants" (primary). Students who need more than online courseware according to their knowledge structure in the "learning materials" column and apply for "blockchain consultant" (primary) line score or above) will be issued a "blockchain consultant" (primary) qualification certificate by Shenzhen information service blockchain Association. The fee is 199 yuan / person, which is paid into the association account by students through transfer. Students are required to complete the examination within 5 working days after signing up for payment. If they fail to pass the first examination, they will be given two make-up opportunities. If they fail to pass three opportunities during this period, they will not be issued with qualification certificates and the examination fee will not be refunded.
        Candidates who fail to pass the first exam need to apply for a make-up exam link. They can get a make-up exam link by sending the keyword "first make-up exam" on the official account of "Shenzhen information service blockchain Association". If they fail the second exam, they will reply "second make-up exam". The qualification certificate is sent to students by the association. If you need relevant bills, please contact Secretary Luo. The relevant information of the students will be included in the block chain human resources database in Shenzhen. The association will continue to follow up the students' career development and growth, and give priority to recommending employment and supporting entrepreneurship. Long press and copy the following text, fill in the complete personal information and send it to the wechat official account of "Shenzhen information service blockchain Association" (the information submitted in the registration will be included in the human resources database of Shenzhen blockchain after issuing the certificate, please fill in it carefully).
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