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Is the No. 1 apartment of Shenzhen North Railway Station worth buying? See what professionals say?

Time : 27/04/2022 Author : n978g1 Click : + -
        Under the background of continuous and strict real estate regulation and control policies, Shenzhen property market has gradually returned to the normal track; Shenzhen is already in short supply of room tickets, but some new sites with prices significantly lower than second-hand ones are still sought after. The wind direction of Shenzhen real estate is constantly changing, but what has not changed is that the property in the best location is still favored by the market, especially the scarce property in Longhua!. The strategy of the six headquarters bases is to make Longhua more potential in the industrial new town. Located in the middle of the central axis of Shenzhen, Longhua will continue to help the development of the bay area after it plays the largest role as a high-speed rail hub; Longhua has continuously increased the investment in public resources such as education, of which the cumulative investment in education has exceeded 16 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%.
        In addition, Shenzhen Longhua's gradually improved commercial facilities have become the main engine of Longhua's development. With the opening of Hongshan 6979 and other large commercial centers, it will also maximize the value of the entire Longhua area. We know that Longhua's residential products needless to say, North Station No. 1, jinmaofu and other projects have refreshed Longhua's residential benchmark. Now, Longhua does not need to emphasize the advantage of "adjacent" Futian. With the improvement of planning, supporting facilities and regions, Longhua has already "become a city of its own". Moreover, recently, there are ten major events that are making Longhua more enviable to the whole city! A new, more human settlement value and international fan Longhua is being born!.
        It is precisely because these planning, transportation and commercial supporting facilities are becoming more and more mature that the house price of Longhua has reached the ceiling of 100000 +! Planning led, industry first, industry city integration can make the development of the city more extensible and sustainable. Therefore, the only official headquarters base outside the former customs pass has been given Longhua, namely the north railway station business district &mdash& mdash; The core headquarters base of Shenzhen new city is rising. Under the high-level planning of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area and the upgrading of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to a leading demonstration area of socialism with characteristics, Shenzhen north carries more bright prospects for urban development, while the north railway station business district is a rising new star on the central axis of Shenzhen's development core.
        As an important center connecting the urban agglomeration of Dawan District, Shenzhen North Railway Station Business District, as the regional center of the central axis new city, plays an indispensable core role. Located at the core of the central axis of Shenzhen, the business district of Shenzhen North railway station is adjacent to banxuegang science and Technology City in the East, Xili University City in the west, and about 6 kilometers away from Futian central area in the south. It sits on the largest high-speed rail hub in Shenzhen. The 50 minute living circle in the bay area is gradually formed by the transportation facilities that reach the whole Shenzhen. The super headquarters hub CBD of North railway station has been compared with the world-famous transportation hub business district, such as Tokyo railway station business district in Japan, West Kowloon business district in Hong Kong, etc. The multi center layout and structure trend of Shenzhen city is gradually strengthened, and the north railway station business district is located in the best distance range of the spillover radiation of the central area of the city. Relying on the scarce regional advantages and mature infrastructure, it will build a spillover development base in Shenzhen and form a new Central area in the north of Shenzhen!.
        200 billion, 6.1 square kilometers, 9.6 million square meters, 5.5 million square meters of commercial service construction surface &hellip& hellip; Key figures show that the north railway station business headquarters base has entered the global vision. Due to its strong planning attraction and regional maturity, many senior enterprise headquarters have already gathered here, and many high-tech enterprises such as Shenzhen Tong, meituan technology, Didi network and China Mobile have also settled in Beizhan business district. In terms of the construction of business headquarters base, Shenzhen North railway station has built high-end business office buildings such as OCT chuangxiang building, and a new CBD is ready to emerge. The area also plans to introduce 20-30 large headquarters enterprises and listed companies, which can accommodate 250000 high-end employed people and 110000 residents in the future, and will gather a large number of high-end business people.
        In addition, the business district of the headquarters of the north railway station is also equipped with urban cultural venues such as Shenzhen second library, Shenzhen Art Museum, Performing Arts Museum, and the cultural living standard will also be greatly improved!. Lin Lin's various signs show that the business center of Shenzhen North railway station, as the direct force point of the economic effect of high-speed rail, is reshaping the high-quality "core area" of Shenzhen North railway station. In such a core area with a sharp increase in regional value, Beizhan No. 1, which integrates business office and high-end property, is more representative of an epoch-making era, and its "No. 1 administrative residence" has also promoted the residential value of the area. OCT North Station No. 1 is close to many high-end business districts and industrial planning. The project integrates high-end residential areas, business offices and characteristic businesses, and has become the first high-end business complex in the business district of Shenzhen North Station!.
        While enjoying the surrounding public facilities, the project brings its own 10000 ㎡ platform podium floor business, so that you can easily own the business without leaving home! [Sales Office hotline (official)]. What is extravagance? North Station No. 1 administrative residence matches the international front-line hardcover, which is unique in Longhua. The first-line hardbound standards, such as Siemens kitchen appliances, Weibo smart toilets, hansgeya hardware, Hitachi air conditioners, are all interpreting the low-key and luxury of this house. The comfortable space is equipped with high-end hardbound specifications, which is comparable to the quality of international high-end residential areas. What is out of print? Administrative mansion quality, with a top-level private club with a construction area of about 2400 square meters &mdash& mdash; Huahui hall, a collection of gymnasium, private director meeting room, private banquet hall, boundless swimming pool, spa, book bar, tea room, coffee bar, administrative lounge and other star quality functional areas.
        In addition, the area is equipped with many personal literary venues. Future owners can get out of the North Railway Station headquarters and even the city's business office atmosphere, and can enjoy top-level noble services without leaving home. What is high-end? How can high-end residential areas not have high-end property services. As a high-end property service brand under OCT, huachamberlain will provide excellent living services and professional and intimate high-quality service experience for the owners of North Station No. 1, which can be enjoyed here in Shenzhen North. Of course, there are out of print products unanimously praised by the industry! In addition to the perfect hardware and software services, the transparent and square house type of North Station No. 1 administrative residence has better living comfort. The 90 ㎡ one room apartment allows business people to enjoy the out of print supporting life of North railway station business in the future.
        It has a super large balcony, equipped with Chinese and Western kitchens, so that future owners can enjoy a more flexible experience and easily switch to a comfortable life; The luxurious 110 ㎡ 2-3 room apartment has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the window. It is also equipped with Chinese and Western kitchens, including a landscape balcony, so that the owner can breathe the bustling atmosphere of the city after work. In addition, as the developer of North Railway Station No. 1, OCT has always been a powerful central enterprise focusing on Shenzhen. OCT, which has successively participated in the development of several key projects in Shenzhen, has been praised as a model of central enterprises in the industry. Cultural and tourism projects will be completed in succession to optimize and upgrade the cultural and tourism ecology of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, and boost the development of the bay area from the aspects of industrial layout and economic benefits.
        Under the background of the era of Dawan District, Oct continues to pay attention to Shenzhen, among which the Hongshan 6979 project adjacent to the No. 1 residence of North railway station has been opened, and the No. 1 office building of North Railway Station of the same project has also been completed. The future development of the whole North railway station business district is even stronger!. The benchmark product of the times created by the powerful state-owned enterprise developer OCT Group and the ultimate work of OCT North Station No. 1 is defining the model of Shenzhen human settlement. The quality administrative mansion stands at the top of the region, gathers high-end pure circles, and deduces the ideal comfortable life. The No. 1 administrative residence of the North Station of overseas Chinese town selects international first-line brand hardcover, enjoys the top club privately, and the upgraded version of the quality service of the Chinese housekeeper, so as to create the exclusive top-level business experience of octop and meet the global top elite!.
        Warm reminder: there is no so-called "extension number" on the official 400 phone of the marketing center of the real estate developer. Please carefully identify it before dialing and pay attention to protecting personal privacy! Beware of being cheated!.
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