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Build an ecological community of self-discipline and compliance Digital Collections

Time : 06/02/2022 Author : 5u8hmz Click : + -
        The ecological conference and the first trust technology conference were held in Beijing, at which the "code of self-discipline for trusted digital collection program" (hereinafter referred to as the "code") and the list of trusted digital collection platforms were released. With the rapid development of digital technology, the technology of digital rights confirmation, as a representative, has begun to rise in the cultural and creative industry in an all-round way, bringing a new wave of upsurge to China's digital content industry. Since 2021, domestic enterprises and institutions have launched their own digital collection platforms and products. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 700 digital collection platforms in China. However, digital collections are still in the early stage of development, and there are still many unknown problems to be explored in terms of industrial form, financial risks, regulatory compliance and so on. While the market is developing rapidly, there are also some potential risks and problems.
        Therefore, we must build an ecological community of self-discipline and compliance. The "credible promotion plan" has established a digital collection project team, which aims to promote the compliance and sustainable development of the industry through systematic, in-depth and comprehensive research on digital collection technology, industry, policy and other related content. According to Wei Kai, deputy director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the China Academy of information and communications, the code was jointly initiated by the "trusted blockchain promotion plan" and the industry, proposing 10 compliance requirements for digital collections, pointing out the business direction of encouraging development, drawing the bottom line of compliance development, strictly eliminating illegal behaviors, and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the digital collection industry based on blockchain, Jointly maintain a good market order and industry environment.
        At present, 36 units including CCTV and have officially signed the self-discipline code, and said that they will strictly abide by the requirements of the code and the industry bottom line in the subsequent business development process. In order to promote the implementation of the code, the China Academy of information and communications, together with the member units of the digital collection project team of the "trusted blockchain promotion plan", has built a trusted data collection platform. The trusted digital collection platform is a digital collection information display platform launched by the China Academy of information and communications, a data fulcrum of regulatory policies, a carrier of industry dynamic research, and a source of self-discipline community construction. It promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the digital collection industry in four aspects. The first batch of member units of the platform include 19 units such as Xinhuanet and CCTV.
        The main functions of the trusted data collection platform include four modules. Capture the hot information of the industry, summarize the regulatory policies of the competent units in time, study and propose the implementation path of the policies, publicize and guide the implementation practice of the policy documents; The information display section of the distribution platform gathers the basic information of the self disciplined and credible digital collection distribution platform, including the operation subject, underlying technology, self-discipline rules, operation conditions, etc., guides the compliance development of the distribution platform, and explores the interconnection mechanism between platforms; The data collection business information display module integrates the business information issued by the self regulatory issuance platform, including the issuance subject, total issuance amount, issuance price, business type, transfer rules, etc., and provides "one-stop" cross platform data collection business display and query capabilities; The industry situation research and analysis section has multi-dimensional business analysis data to comprehensively display the current situation of the industry, including market size, proportion of different types, platform activity, etc. in combination with regulatory policies, hot information, etc., to study and judge the development trend of the industry and provide reference for the development of the industry.
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