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Blockchain community,Blockchain, IPv6, and treasure project will affect future communities,!

Time : 01/11/2021 Author : arptf0 Click : + -
        In early July 2022, user kenshishido transcribed a relevant clip about IPv6 and blockchain from an interview with latifladid, the founder and President of IPv6 forum. The report card provides some insights into changes that affect everyone except mainstream omissions:. As early as 1999, when the IPv6 working group of ITF (internettaskforce) released the IPv6 RFC (requestforcomments) 2460 draft, I started the IPv6 forum. Back in December, 1998, the group had to be disbanded because the work had been completed.
        Therefore, the best way to continue this work is to launch the IPv6 forum in order to spread and promote IPv6 deployment worldwide. However, there are still some registration authorities and ISPs, so they can still use it so far, but at the same time, we have now deployed IPv6 worldwide. About 45% of people in the world use it without knowing it. This is its purpose. We have major organizations and ISPs, and some governments are now promoting IPv6, mainly the U.S. government or the U.S. government network by 2025. They hope to achieve a goal similar to 80ipv6 by 2025.
        We know that the address space in 1992 will soon run out, because AlGore opened the Internet in 1991. He basically opened the NFS network, which became the first Internet. At that time, we already knew that the IPv4 address space was exhausted by 40. Therefore, ITF made a call for a new agreement through RFC. Then it puts forward many suggestions, such as IPv6, ipv7, ipv8 and IPv9. After five years of efforts, we chose IPv6, and then we began to promote the IPA part. The first killer application is basically 3G. Ten years later, the IPv4 address space was exhausted in 2011.
        In fact, on February 2, 2011, we have run out of central address space since then. IPv6 has completely restored it for applications such as blockchain, because it requires an end-to-end model, so you can do better than just being an application by using an end-to-end model. In this case, using the IPv6 addresses of both sides, you can route between them, and you don't need anyone to tell you what you are doing between them. After the first inflection point of 3g4g5g, blockchain is the next largest inflection point. Basically, blockchain is designed for IPv6, even though people didn't know it from the beginning.
        This is an end-to-end solution. There are not many end-to-end solutions on this planet. So some people will think that you know this is a peer-to-peer application. This goes beyond point-to-point applications. Therefore, by using the address space as the source and target, you have the best Internet model. This is how the Internet starts as an end-to-end model. Basically, we use nat (network address translation) to destroy the end-to-end model and turn the telecommunications world into the telecommunications Internet. Because blockchain is not a single solution, you have so many competing solutions today, and everyone is claiming victory, etc.
        This field is a little chaotic. We just want to support the one who will be the winner of IPv6. I think BSV blockchain is a good blockchain. Blockchain will increase the basic method of how the Internet should operate. It can also make a small amount of money, which can be accumulated for many people who trade on the Internet. Payment options were not originally included in the Internet. I think blockchain with BSV is a kind of recovery that did not happen on the Internet at first. However, we still have a lot of work to do to educate and obtain best practices, and convey the correct information to governments, regulators, ISPs and other industries.
        BSV association is very important for your education. We must explain what BSV and blockchain are according to our common terms, because as I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of education, because confusion has occurred. Therefore, we must separate BSV blockchain from all cryptocurrencies. We don't want to support Casino Royale on the whole planet. This is not the purpose of this work. We want everyone involved. ⑩. After the launch of pancakeswap, the permissions are discarded, the LP is locked, the pattern is big, the courage is great, 15 addresses are publicly available, and the whole network is supervised. 1.1. Need Genesis NFT: prepare 13 addresses, and prepare 0.01bnb service charge for each address, then deposit 300u (100uido + pledge 200u partner) with one as the main address, and deposit 100u with each other address, and obtain 1300ido quota + a Genesis collector NFT medal, and get the medal pledge 200u, which will be automatically returned to the account.
        2. Participation of the general team leader: apply for a main address: subscribe for 100uido + pledge 200u partners, then recommend 12 Deputy addresses, and finally obtain 100uido quota + a founding collector NFT medal. 2.1. Participation of the group leader: apply for two addresses, one for the main address and one for the Deputy address, subscribe 100uido+ pledge 200u partners at the main address, and the Deputy address is 100uido. After completing the NFT task with 11 other deputy addresses recommended, continue to use their own Deputy addresses to continue to arrange the network according to the process, so that they can obtain multiple NFT and hierarchical benefits according to their own team size. Treasure project treasure plan has officially launched Ido, with unprecedented popularity. Watch TPC show in July!!! Return to Sohu to see more.
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