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Cryptocurrency queen swept away 40 billion people and evaporated! Cheat hard-earned money and become the most wanted person!

Time : 24/08/2021 Author : c2fh1y Click : + -
        She is not a sports star who comes to the competition, nor a diva who comes to the concert, but Dr. rujaignatova, who is known as the "Queen of cryptocurrency", comes to the publicity meeting. She was the CEO of the cryptocurrency "onecoin" (Chinese official name "Vicat coin"), which was the second largest cryptocurrency in the world at that time, and she was the most beautiful woman in the world. But on the last day of June 2022, rujaignatova was listed as one of the most wanted criminals by the FBI, with a maximum reward of $100000. It turned out that rujaignatova, a rich scholar who wandered in the upper class, was a liar to the letter. The Vika coin she founded was proved to be one of the biggest scams in history.
        Ignatova swindled 40 billion yuan of investment from around the world. In China alone, it defrauded 15 billion yuan, resulting in the death of countless families. She always wears gold and silver when attending activities, with exquisite makeup and bright clothes. In fact, she was born in a working-class family in Bulgaria and immigrated to Germany with her parents at the age of 10. Her classmates recalled that ignatova had a deep attachment to the high-class and luxurious life. Even if she was not rich at that time, she would pretend to be the eldest daughter of a rich family, spend money on cosmetics and manicures, and would never appear in front of people without makeup. But the first step of her deception is to give Suzanne a perfect and convincing background.
        So she entered many universities and graduated from Konstanz University in Bulgaria, Oxford University and Konstanz university to study economics and law. Her excellent education experience gave her a chance to climb up quickly, and she once became the CEO and CFO of Bulgaria's largest fund management company. If you follow this path, she must be a typical heroine of inspirational stories. In 2012, she plundered the assets of a bankrupt company with her father, and then whitewashed it and sold it again. This illegal operation led to her and her father being sentenced to fraud and suspended for two years. The revelation of the fraud did not make ignatova a man.
        At the beginning of 2010, the concept of virtual currency swept the world for the first time, and she saw business opportunities from it. At that time, blockchain was just emerging, and the transaction price of bitcoin was only more than $500. Investors who missed making their first pot of gold by bitcoin were all focused on the cryptocurrency market, waiting for a second chance to make money. Ignatova created the concept of Vika coins with Greenwood, a veteran of pyramid selling, and her brother. It tells people that Vicat will become a "more profitable bitcoin", which will certainly change the way of global payment in the future. She claimed that Vika coins use blockchain technology, so they are safe to trade, easy to use, can make money sitting at home, and are sold in limited quantities, cannot be forged, and will not be affected by inflation.
        At that time, there were different cryptocurrencies such as Wright coin on the market, but no one had such a "spokesperson" who was good at deception and had a gorgeous resume as ignatova. She marketed her doctoral identity and emphasized that she was a charming woman who had owned a top consulting company. It can be seen that most investors do not understand the operation logic of cryptocurrency and what blockchain technology is, so how dare they invest money in ignatova?. Ignatova has long thought about this. In order to break people's mistrust of Vika coins, she also repeatedly stressed the importance of receiving virtual currency Education: "don't buy cryptocurrencies without understanding them. You should learn them first, understand them, and then start.".
        Hearing this, everyone was certainly moved, thinking that ignatova was an honest businessman who thought of everyone and prevented follow-up investment. Who knows that ignatova has been in the atmosphere for a long time. She has made a set of paid textbooks and courses, and interested people will pay for classes from her. They who know nothing about cryptocurrency will think that they know everything after class, but will spend more money on Vicat money with more recklessness. Her courses are not cheap, and there is no price cap at all. Selling classes and money makes money, and consumers don't know what they have done. In the eyes of investors, they did make a profit after buying Vicat.
        When ignatova appeared at Wembley Stadium, the market value of Vicat was more than 50% of that of bitcoin. However, people did not notice the most terrible problem &mdash& mdash; Vika coin is not cryptocurrency at all!. The reason why cryptocurrencies are unique and can be traded is that these virtual currencies are subject to complex encryption, just like every paper currency has its own anti-counterfeiting logo and number. However, Vicat is a Ponzi scheme from beginning to end. Although the website looks like that, there is no so-called blockchain encryption technology behind Vicat, and there are only the most common sql service system, so Vicat is completely a fictional product.
        However, in order to prevent users from exposing the scam too early, Vika coins can be used on some occasions. For example, in those days, a restaurant accepted diners to pay with Vika coins. A couple who worked as managers in ignatova also invested in Vicat and earned 90000 euros in nominal terms in the first month. Therefore, they also worked harder to promote Vicat and even made plans for themselves to become billionaires with Vicat. They didn't realize that their money had already entered ignatova's pockets. Countless people like them are immersed in false happiness, and ignatova is the only one who enjoys real prosperity.
        According to statistics, the income of Vicat in 2016 has reached nine figures for several consecutive quarters. Ignatova took the money to buy a luxury house in Kensington, London, and got married and had children. At the same time, the victims were destroyed. Jenmcadam's family and friends in Britain invested nearly 250000 pounds in Vicat coins. She slowly felt that things were wrong and found out the truth of Vicat coins after investigation. But when jenmcadam exposed these things on the Internet, he was wildly abused by ignatova fans, some of whom even threatened to kill her or commit sexual violence against her.
        This is because ignatova not only continues to "guarantee" Vika coins with its successful image, but also establishes an almost money speculation community. She also stressed that people should not believe the "rumors" about Vicat on Google. In the long run, the Vika coin circle has the craziest "rice circle", and any victim who comes out to complain will be abused. Her men carry out online pyramid selling of Vicat coins in China, and stipulate that if you want to buy Vicat coins, you must become a website member and develop offline, and you can't refund after joining the club, which makes ignatova directly absorb a lot of funds. In this way, Vika coins have spread across more than 20 provinces in China, and 1.4 million registered accounts have been cheated, with the amount involved reaching 15billion yuan.
        However, most Chinese investors have lost their money. Statistics show that most of ignatova's 40billion net income comes from victims in China. In 2017, ignatova, who created the illusion of Vika coins, did not attend the onecoin sponsors' conference held in Lisbon, which aroused more investors' doubts. At that time, the matter had become serious, and the police began to conduct in-depth investigations of Vika coin websites, including central banks in Croatia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Germany and other countries, warning people to stop trading with Vika coin websites. In 2018 and 2019, her brother and another accomplice were arrested, but no one could tell the police where rujaignatova, who took away 40 billion yuan, was.
        Some say she is in Russia, some say she is in Ukraine, some say she is in Dubai and Frankfurt, some say she participated in a beauty contest of virtual currency organization after cosmetic surgery and changing her name, but the information is vague and lack of evidence. In 2019, Vika coins were finally banned, but rujaignatova, which has disappeared for five years, has not been punished, which is the most unacceptable thing for countless victims. The story of rujaignatova is also a wake-up call for people who are overwhelmed by the trend of speculation. Pie will not fall from the sky, and investment must be cautious.
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