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Time : 13/08/2021 Author : 571q6t Click : + -
        A full understanding of the concept of sharing economy, combined with the characteristics of blockchain technology &mdash& mdash; Decentralization, point-to-point network, timestamp, tamper proof, consensus mechanism and smart contract &mdash& mdash; We can draw the conclusion of sharing economy and blockchain technology. Is inherent. Common characteristics, a match made in heaven. Blockchain + sharing economy is now quite possible. Point to point settlement: blockchain and sharing economy are essentially a P2P platform. One of the biggest characteristics of blockchain is the independence of each node. The interaction between nodes can be realized independently, and there is no need for three parties to act as the role of information transmitter.
        This is very consistent with the essence of the sharing economy. The real sharing economy is the direct connection of users on the sharing platform. The sharing economy of intermediary services is not a comprehensive sharing economy. Open and transparent data provides credit guarantee: the blockchain itself is a distributed database, and all data and information recorded on the chain are open and transparent. Any node can search information on the blockchain platform through the Internet. No third party institution can modify or revoke the existing information recorded on the blockchain to facilitate public monitoring.
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